The story of one year.
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  • Katie, I miss you already! Please come lend your talents to our project once again. And enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your time in Australia!
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  • 1. is for lucky me.
  • 2. one year is not a long time on the job
  • 3. but it’s enough time to learn a lesson (or two)
  • 4. a few things about business
  • 5. like how to balance a budgetwhat constitutes a smart presentation when to speak up when to shut up how to write a proposal and my personal favorite* how to ask a client for more money *ok, you got me, still kissing up to finance. love you Jo!
  • 6. but who wants to hear about that boring ole’ stuff? (well, besides my grandma. she loves me. a lot.)
  • 7. here’s what I really learned this year cue the cliche sentimental throw back song: ‘Good Riddance’ by Green Day
  • 8. the early candy bowl bird gets the gobstoppers
  • 9. Bonjour is meant for cat gifs (preferably ones that also involve justin bieber)
  • 10. moving bins work better as racing vehicles
  • 11. tequila should not be served at the office
  • 12. the Frenchman secretly loves us, every one
  • 13. there’s a simple answer to almost any technology problem you can imagine: James.
  • 14. word clouds are magical
  • 15. #Lndr and tweeting are a match made in heaven
  • 16. romance novels win friends
  • 17. and last but not least
  • 18. goodbyes suck (unless you’re a Von Trapp. they look so damn happy.)
  • 19. because you all rock
  • 20. let’s be gchat
  • 21. is for later alligator.