How brands can achieve #instagreatness


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Best practices for brands on Instagram. This presentation explores how brands are currently using this image based social network and what we can learn from their efforts.

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How brands can achieve #instagreatness

  1. 1. presented by: how brands can achieve: #instagreatness katie chapin (@chapes),digital strategist @pattsmelbourne
  2. 2. can we do it, you ask?
  3. 3. well... @barackobama is doing it.
  4. 4. ...these awesome brands are doing it.WARBY PARKER PLAYBOY BURBERRY RED BULL PUMA STARBUCKS
  5. 5. and most importantly,“boo” the dog is doing it.
  6. 6. sadly, everyone isn’t: as famous as Obama as extreme as Red Bullor as cute & cuddly as boo
  7. 7. but don’t fret,that just means you havesome learning to do. get ready to write this down!
  8. 8. our field notes for brandswho want to become instagram worthy: 1. pictures are stories. tell a good one. 2. augme nt their curre nt view of you 3. post regularly 4. embrace the #hashtag
  9. 9. think about your favouriteone: stories, they do things like:pictures are entertainstories. tell a mystify really reallygood one. inspire good stories challenge
  10. 10. they have: characters setting plot twists
  11. 11. they are not:a snooze fest mundane poor quality
  12. 12. super star example: @tiffanyandco a jewelry brand captures falling in love #trueloveinpictures
  13. 13. super star example: @freepeople a fashion brand’s take on Pitchfork Music Festival
  14. 14. 1 1 1 1 1 1two: 1 + 1 = 2 111 11 1 1 1 1 1 1augment 1their currentview of you. what can you add to what they’ve already seen?
  15. 15. get go behind practice what creative the scenes you preach
  16. 16. avoid branding overload, it’s not all about you!
  17. 17. your instagram content should be: t en o nm vir n staff experie nces e re stoa little bit new uses motivation your of this fans g your capturin s s product/ emotion eve nt brand celebrat creatio ions n proc ess s your in spiration adv lifestyle e nt e ure ltur s n t cu releva a lot of this
  18. 18. super star example: @sharpie bold drawings that show the possibilities that exist when you pick up a sharpie
  19. 19. super star example: @newbelgiuma beer brand that shares the jams they’re playing on Saturday mornings
  20. 20. create a content calendar!three:post sun mon tues wed thurs fri satregularly.
  21. 21. don’t go missingin action! .. no one likes long waits for new content
  22. 22. followed by a short burst of activity
  23. 23. be consistent.
  24. 24. #hashtags bringfour: people together and unite them under a common purpose.embrace the#hashtag. # # #
  25. 25. a few #hashtags options: create a use a popular join in an unique # existing # event #
  26. 26. #watch out:unique #hashtags allow people toattach both positive and negative commentary to your brand.
  27. 27. #hashtags are good for:*inviting participation*contests*promoting campaigns*organizing content
  28. 28. super star example: @benandjerryscelebrating their fans with #FanFotoFriday
  29. 29. super star example: @nikeinspiring athletes to push themselves #gameonworld
  30. 30. the bottom line: keep learning build up your contentfind what works best for your brand #instagreatness is achievable
  31. 31. who am I? I’m @chapes, digital strategist at @pattsmelbourne