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  • 1. Katie Cartnal
    Period 4
  • 2. Should We Even Care?
    This lifestyle integrated many ideas of: peace, love, harmony, music, mysticism, and religions outside the Judeo-Christian tradition.
    It also contributed to changes in American culture:
    Wiliness to challenge authority.
    Greater social tolerance.
    The sense politics are personal.
    Environmental awareness.
    Changes in attitudes about gender roles and marriage.
  • 3. When did this occur?
    During the 1960’s.
    The 60’s is most known for the hippies and it’s music.
  • Movies?
    To Kill A Mockingbird
    Bonnie and Clyde
    The Birds
    Rosemary’s Baby
    Breakfast At Tiffany’s
    Mary Poppins
    Romeo and Juliet
    From Russia With Love
  • 12. Pictures
  • 13. Who were the main leaders and what’d they do?
    John Sinclair
    Timothy Leary
    Sinclair was the main leader of the Counterculture Movement. Most of the hippies of the time looked up to him as an ideal. He even got arrested for procession of marijuana.
    Leary was most known as the one who favored the drug, LSD (which, was one of the two most popular drugs that the hippies preferred to take. Other then marijuana) and the therapeutical, spiritual, and emotional benefits from it.
  • 14. What happened?
    Basically the Counterculture Movement was were people would challenge the politics. Many people felt as if the Counterculture Movement was a way to express their social and political beliefs. They would grow their hair out really long, wear tie die, do drugs, and protest out against the war.
    It also:
    Ended the idea that women are second class citizens.
    The issue about the environment could no longer be avoided.
    It didn’t end racism but it did end legal segregation.
  • 15. Cartoon
    This cartoon is saying that society today is taking things for granted. And that hippies are right because we’re not appreciating core things such as love.
  • 16. Video about the Counterculture Movement
  • 17. Questions?
    What was the counterculture movement?
    Why do you think that hippies came around during this time?
    Why was this so important?
  • 18. Song about the Counterculture Movement
  • 19. Web page that best represents the Counterculture Movement