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Ask an Expert: Set Up Profile

  1. 1. ASK AN EXPERT INTRODUCTION Part I: How to Set up Your Expert Profile Healthy Food Choices in Schools Community of Practice
  2. 2. What it is? Ask an Expert is a service provided by our CoP to all viewers/members. Through this service, viewers and members can submit questions related to the various topics within the CoP subject-matter and predetermined experts will supply brief answers in a timely manner.
  3. 3. Commitments and Responsibilities The time commitment will vary based on rate and variety of questions, however, we estimate a maximum of 30 minutes spent answering questions weekly By volunteering to be an “Expert,” you are responsible for: – Responding to any question assigned to you within 48 hours (24 hours is preferable) – Responding to questions in an appropriate manner with research/evidence based information – Reassigning questions you are unable to answer to the group’s question wrangler, Katherine Baildon
  4. 4. What it looks like: Public Page
  5. 5. Here is an example of an Expert Profile BIO Tags
  6. 6. How Sign up to be an “Expert” 1. Go to and click “sign in” in the top right hand corner. 2. Then, click sign in with your eXtension log in.
  7. 7. My Settings After you have signed in, your name will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen. Click the arrow to the right of your name to see a drop down menu. Select “My Settings”
  8. 8. My Settings: General • Write a unique bio highlighting your relevant expertise. Make it brief and fun but professional. About 50 words or less is appropriate. It should emphasize that you are an authority! • Your name, email and primary location are automatically added from your eXtension profile • Type your name how you would like it to appear to the public • Profile avatar/picture is optional First, select the “general” settings tab Don’t forget to save your changes!
  9. 9. My Settings: Location You may add your location if you wish, however, because it is our CoP’s mission to provide information of nation wide relevance, question assignments will not be restricted by location. Next, click “locations”
  10. 10. Settings: Tags (Areas of Expertise) This step is very important! Your tags will dictate the community tags. We can only cover topics for which members are willing and able to answer questions. You should have about 5-10 tags total. Please start by selecting at least one of the following: • Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy Foods • The Business of School Food • Develop Healthy Eating Dialogues • Additional School Food Initiatives
  11. 11. Settings: Tags (Areas of Expertise) Continued • Academic Benefits of Good Nutrition • Afterschool Programs • Alliance for a Healthier Generation • Behavioral Economics • Branding • Breakfast First Campaign • Breakfast in the Classroom • Capitalize on Choice • Chefs Move to Schools • Childhood obesity • Choice Preservation • Choose My Plate • Community food systems • Community nutrition • Competitive Foods • Cost Neutral Solutions • Create Enthusiasm • Creating healthy communities • Curriculum • Discipline • Discover Additional School Food Opportunities • Early Childhood • Eat Smart NY • Employ Healthy Fundraising Ideas • Enjoy more fruits and vegetables • Farm to School • Find Funding Opportunities • Food Allergies • Food Psychology • Food Safety • Food security • Food service • Food service directors • Food systems • Foster Entrepreneurship in the Lunchroom • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program • Fruit Consumption • Generate Stakeholder Buy-in • Get the Word Out • Health • Health Care Professionals • Highlight Nutrition Education • HUSSC • Implement Low-Cost/No-Cost Solutions • Implement School Wellness Policies • In the classroom • In the Lunchroom • Increase Participation • Institute for America’s Health • Integrate Healthy Food into Curriculum • Leadership • Learn About USDA Food Programs • Let’s Go • Local food systems • Low income nutrition education • Maintain Revenue • Meals at home • National School Lunch Program • Nudge Nutritious Food Choices • nutrition • obesity prevention • Packed Lunches • Parenting • Parents of School Aged children • Partner With Extension • Pre-Ordering • Promote Child Parent Nutrition Dialogues • Promote School Parent Communication • PTO/PTA • REAL School Food Initiative • Reduce Food Waste • Regional Food systems • Reimbursable Meals • School administrators • School Breakfast Program • School Gardens • School Teachers • School Wellness Committees • Science for youth • See School Food Programs in Action • Share our Strength • Smarter Lunchrooms Movement • Snacking • Snap-ed • Strong and Healthy Oklahoma • Student Nutrition Action Committee • Students • Sustainable food • Team Nutrition • Teen leadership • Testimonial • Tray Waste • Vegetable consumption • Whole Grain foods Choose the remainder of your tags from the following list (if you have additional tag ideas contact Katie
  12. 12. Here is an example of an Expert Profile BIO Tags
  13. 13. Settings: Answering When you are away or unable to answer questions please remember to check this box Because our CoP’s objective is to provide information across the nation, please select “my groups can assign me a question from anywhere” Questions for this CoP will be assigned manually so you do not need to check this box Click the “answering” tab Save your changes Type the signature that you would like to appear at the end of your answer. You may include your institution and/or position to help validate your expertise. Your signature can be customized for individual answers
  14. 14. Join the Healthy Food Choices in Schools Group The final step is to join Healthy Food Choices in Schools Ask an Expert group. Type “healthy food choices in schools” in the search box, and search. Next click the “Groups” tab and you will see: Click Here
  15. 15. Join the Healthy Food Choices in Schools Group Continued Click Here and your done!
  16. 16. For More Information • Refer to the Ask an Expert How-to Workbook: to-Workbook_2013_FINAL.pdf • Direct additional questions to Katie at