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Multimedia job powerpoint
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Multimedia job powerpoint

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  • 1. How to Land Your Dream Job OBJECTIVES
  • 2. How to create a job- getting resume. How to dress professional to make a great first impression. How to succeed in an interview.Main Menu
  • 3. How to Land Your Dream Job Create a Resume Dress for Success Interview Tips Exit
  • 4. Create a Resume Step 1: Eye-Catching Header Step 2: Objective Step 3: Work Experience Step 4: Education Step 5: Additional Information Step 6: LengthSample Resumes Step 7: References Main Menu
  • 5. Step 1:Eye-Catching Header Katie Strayhorn 15 Main Street Beebe, AR 72012 kds@email.com 501-555-5555 501 KATIE STRAYHORN 555.5555 BEEBE.ARKANSAS KDS@EMAIL.COM BACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 6. Step 2: EXAMPLES:Objective  Obtain a position at XYZ Company where I can maximize my management skills, quality assurance, program development, and training experience.  Experienced HR Coordinator who enjoys challenge seeking opportunity to learn and improve skills.  Create integrated strategies to develop and expand existing customer sales, brand/product evolution, and media endorsement.BACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 7. Step 3: WorkExperience January 2007-July 2007 August 2007-Present February 2006- December 2006 BACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 8. Step 4:Education Associate of General Studies- December 2008 Associate of Arts-July 2009 Bachelor of Arts in Criminology-August 2011BACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 9. Step 5: AdditionalInformation Conferences Presentations BACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 10. Step 6:LengthBACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 11. Step 7: Katie Strayhorn 15 Main StreetReferences Beebe, AR 72012 501-555-5555 kds@email.com · REFERENCES · Mr. Curious George Director of Operations-Banana World 110 Monkey Lane Big City, New York 26457 999-999-9999 Mr. Bugs Bunny, Ph.D Call Center Supervisor-Space Jam 808 Hoppy Cove Big Ears, Florida 33654 999-999-9999 Ms. Junie B. Jones Office Manager-JBJ Jewelry 677 Imagination Circle DreamLand, New Jersey 36598 999-999-9999 Ms. Amelia Bedelia Owner-Fantastic Pies 855 French Court Cameroon, Maryland 32545 999-999-9999 BACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 12. SampleResumes Sample Resume 1 Sample Resume 2 Sample Resume 3 Sample Resume 4BACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 13. Dress for Success Interview Attire for Women DO’S DON’TS Interview Attire for Men DO’S DON’TSBACK Main Menu
  • 14. Interview Attire forWomen-DO’S Short Heels Minimal Jewelry BACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 15. InterviewAttire for Lots of Jewelry Women- DON’TS Jeans or Shorts Tennis Shoes or Tall HeelsBACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 16. Interview DressyAttire for ShoesMen-DO’SBACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 17. Interview Attire forMen-DON’TS Tennis Shoes or Sandals BACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 18. Interview Tips Be on time Practice Dress appropriately No cell phoneBACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 19. Interview Tips Bring a Research notepad Ask questions Eye contactBACK Main Menu NEXT
  • 20. Interview Tips Stay calm Follow up <=> Less equals moreBACK Main Menu
  • 21. To exit this module, press ‘Escape’ on your keyboard.