Final virtuality presents 2007


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Final virtuality presents 2007

  1. 1. Virtuality presents
  2. 2. Gallery description•The gallery will be designed accordingto the client’s criteria and needs•It will allow a virtual tour with a 3Dcharacter which represents the guest.
  3. 3. Conectivity and workingenviromentThe platform will function using differentfeatures from Facebook allowing these newfeatures:1. Login using your Facebook profile.2. All guests walking around the gallerywill be accompanied by the Facebookprofile picture – gives a personaltouch.3. The guest will be able to know who is logged into the gallery at any given moment usinga menu which has 3 different filters:• Full guest list.• List of guests in a specific space inside the gallery.• Friend list imported from Facebook.
  4. 4. The product allows multiple entrances of different guests on the same time (Fully functioningmulti-player environment).The guests will be able to communicate with each other using a chat window.
  5. 5. 4. The guest will be able to invite friends from Facebook to the gallery. If a friendaccepts the personal invitation he will login in to your current location insidethe gallery.5. Share and like functions in any part of the gallery will be posted on the users’Facebook wall.
  6. 6. The guests will experience a unique tour while viewing the art presented in the gallery. The gallerywill showcase different types of art (sculpture, paintings, video art, photography, etc.)
  7. 7. The use of 3D characters and 3D environments gives the end user a better understanding of the artshowcased inside the gallery compared to real life. (Better understanding of proportions contraryto looking at an artwork)
  8. 8. Information layers will accompany each piece of art, and will be available to the end user with aclick of mouse. Each piece of art will have information about itself, text information about theartist, other artworks the artist created, and video interviews with the artist.
  9. 9. The end user will be able to purchase artworks using credit card or Paypal.
  10. 10. The virtual gallery will reside in the website of the real gallery
  11. 11. Virtuality brings the most current virtual innovations to the world of art, allowing easyaccess to anyone anywhere. There is no need for high computer skills, special softwareor long download of a client module.The innovation of Virtuality
  12. 12. • The virtual tour is done by simply pushing buttons.• Short lead time to build a custom made virtual gallery (approx 3-4 months)• Archive of past exhibits enabling guest to see past exhibitionsThe innovation of Virtuality
  13. 13. A friendly user platform which gives the clientfull independence of filling up information oradding art etc. No need of software skills orsoftware developers.
  14. 14. This is our dreamCome and share it with us
  15. 15. Thank you