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How to use social media to create your online brand

How to use social media to create your online brand

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  • 1. Tip: Visit for more information on this presentation.
  • 2. Benefits What are the benefits of social networking? • Add a human element (you) to your service or product • Engage with customers directly • Get traffic to your website • Create buzz about your brands’ product or service • Create inbound link opportunities • Create brand loyalty and trust • Economical Marketing Tactic Tip: Don’t just create a social media page, be an active user!
  • 3. • Increase Sales • Create Brand Awareness • Promote a Product or Service • Generate Leads Create a Plan Define the goals & message • Customer Service • Attract Employees • Gain Customer Feedback • Share Expertise Tip: Use your social media page to your advantage.
  • 4. Define the Target Audience Tip: Customize your page to your target audiences’ needs. • Who are you targeting? • What do they want to hear? • How frequent?
  • 5. Tip: Leave them wanting more… • Highlight a product or service • Provide general information on your company • Share Information - Links to articles, blogs, etc. that relate to your company, product or service • Expertise - Share what you know • A place to share feedback Define the Message(s)
  • 6. Tip: Following these rules will give your page credibility. • Be nice • Don’t auto message • Use moderation • Don’t direct sell • Be responsive • Share Rules of Social Networking…
  • 7. • Should there be an oversight committee? • Should employees disclose or hide their affiliation? • Can employees participate in social media during company time? • Are employees allowed to disclose personal company information? • Do you want your employees to use their personal sites? Establish Best Practices & Corporate Guidelines Questions to Ask Yourself Tip: Most importantly, if you question it, don’t do it.
  • 8. Designate an employee(s) • This person is in charge of maintaining & updating all company social networking sites and has full control over what is posted & answered. • Have staff contribute information to your designated employee. Who Manages the Account? Tip: Create a schedule to stay on track.
  • 9. The Plan Tip: Decide on a social media strategy first.
  • 10. The Plan Tip: Extend your strategy to multiple social media sites.
  • 11. The Plan Tip: Feed information from one site throughout all your networks.
  • 12. Daily: Update status Daily: Review connections’ statuses & comment on at least one Twice a Week: Engage in conversations Weekly: Ask a question to a group Weekly: Send one referral, ask for one referral How Much Time Do I Spend On Social Networking? Tip: Staying active will help increase your connections.
  • 13. Daily: Re-tweet at least one good idea Daily: Respond to at least one different person Daily: Look for relevant conversations Twice a Week: Review new followers & follow active Tweeters How Much Time Do I Spend On Social Networking? Tip: Link shorteners will help condense longer tweets.
  • 14. Daily: Update status Daily: Review friends’ status & comment on at least one Weekly: Become a fan of something, answer a survey How Much Time do I Spend On Social Networking? Tip: Group/fan pages are perfect for your business.
  • 15. Monthly: Review your videos Monthly: Review your competitors’ videos When Available: Add video to your blog How Much Time do I Spend On Social Networking? Tip: Group/fan pages are perfect for your business.
  • 16. Daily: Respond to comments Daily: Write 1-5 comments on other people’s blogs Monthly: Write at least 2 blog entries Tip: Keep your blog entries short and to the point. How Much Time Do I Spend On Social Networking?
  • 17. Tactics (I’m on LinkedIn, now what?) Tip: Visit to get started.
    • Business oriented social networking site used primarily for professional networking. LinkedIn has over 43 million members.
    • What is LinkedIn for you?
    • Manage information that is publicly available about you
    • Find and be Found: Get introduced to potential Clients, Partners, Vendors and Prospects
  • 18. Tactics (Your Profile - Put Your Best Face Forward) Tip: Using a professional photo will give you more credibility. VS.
  • 19. Tactics (Your Profile) Tip: A completed profile will help market you and your company. Add a Headline That Will Draw Attention Add a Geographic Area You Serve Build Your Connections Create a Vanity URL
  • 20. Tactics (Your Profile - Summary) Tip: The more specialties you list, the better chance you have of being found. Be Creative & Interesting • This is your elevator speech • Sprinkle your summary with search terms Add Specialties • People search for this
  • 21. Tactics (Your Profile - Applications) Tip: Use applications to boost brand awareness.
  • 22. Tactics (Your Profile - Groups) Tip: Joining groups increases your connections. Join Groups • Local Networking • Industry Related • Your Customers are In • Your Competitors • You Add/Receive Value
  • 23. Search People Borrow Ideas • Peter Newfield • Deb Dib • Barbara Safani • Guy Kawasaki Tactics Great Profiles Tip: When updating your profile, search competitors in your industry.
  • 24. • Monitor, update and regularly improve your online reputation • Accept any invitations that make sense • When collecting business cards at networking events, invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn • Pre-connect before attending events • Use InMail vs. eMail Tactics What’s Next? Tip: The more involved you become, the more visibility you’ll gain.
  • 25. Tactics What’s Next? Tip: Keep your profile current to accurately promote yourself. • Add your LinkedIn public profile URL to your email signature • Drop into Q&A or Groups and see if you can volunteer answers • Select 3 people in your network and write them a recommendation with detailed characteristics and specific achievements • Add any relevant slide decks to the SlideShare application or add books to the Amazon bookshelf
  • 26. How do we use LinkedIn? • Grow our contact list • Position ourselves as experts in the marketing field • Engage in discussions in both our own and our affiliation's discussions • Ask questions to gain industry insight/feedback • Utilize LinkedIn as a communication tool Success (I’m on LinkedIn, now what?) Tip: Push people to your LinkedIn profile. Case Study: Desert Rose Design
  • 27.
    • Measure
    • What & How To Measure
    Tactics (I’m on LinkedIn, now what?) Tip: Measuring will help you decide what’s working.
      • Activity • Number of posts in a discussion group
      • Traffic • Number of people who connect to you
      • • The number of connections will determine the size of your potential prospect group
      • Opportunity • Track close ratios from connections made
  • 28. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Visit to get started. • Originally created to let friends know what you are up to • Now it’s about bringing value to others
  • 29. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?)
    • Tweet
      • Communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one very simple question:
      • What are you doing? Answers (known as tweets) must be under 140 characters
      • in length and can be sent via instant message, mobile
      • texting or the web.
    Tip: Posting daily tweets will keep your followers engaged.
  • 30. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Know why you are using Twitter. What to tweet? How do I bring value to others? • Instead of answering the question, ask a question. • Tweet about what others are doing, charitable acts, etc. • When promoting a blog or link, explain what it offers instead of just listing a URL. • When you do talk about yourself, make it useful by giving advice, share valuable information or offer incentives. • Share the human side of your company.
  • 31. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Create a special only for your Twitter followers Health/Wellness Companies • Daily/weekly/monthly specials • Coupons • Beauty/health tips • New products/services
  • 32. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Visit
  • 33. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Keep people up to date on what you can provide. Financial Companies • Current rates • Financial tips • Services/plans (Roth IRAs, CDs, bonds, etc.) • News (i.e., tax credits)
  • 34. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Visit
  • 35. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Provide your followers with information they can use. Insurance Companies • Insurance tips • Insurance products available • Links to get a quote • Medical equipment sources
  • 36. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Include links to direct followers to more information.
  • 37. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Tweet on a regular basis to keep customers engaged. Restaurant/Retail Companies • Daily specials • Current sales • Coupons/promo codes • Celebrity visits • Events
  • 38. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Visit
  • 39. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Twitter expands your customer base.
    • Maggiano’s held a Twitter contest to increase its social media following by offering gift certificates as prizes for a few lucky winners.
    • How has Twitter helped their business?
      • Increased followers by thousands - Promote specials & events
    “ Small businesses typically get more than half of their customers through word of mouth, and Twitter is the digital manifestation of that.” – Greg Sterling Case Study: Maggiano’s
  • 40. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Use Twitter measurement tools when applicable.
    • Measure
    • • What & How To Measure
      • • Traffic • Click through rates • Followers
      • • Activity • Re-tweets • Discussions • Event attendance
    • Sales • Promo codes • Coupons • Incentives
  • 41. Tactics (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Using link shorteners will maximize your tweets. Helpful Tools • Twittermeter ( • ( • Twit pic ( • Future tweets ( • Twitter Grader ( Grader
  • 42. Twitter for Business (I’m on Twitter, now what?) Tip: Visit • List Services • Promote Events • Promote Clients
  • 43. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Tip: Visit to get started. Originally created for Harvard college students. Now one of the fastest growing Internet sites for both social and business contacts. Reaches over 200,000,000 people. Connects: • Friends • Family • Coworkers • Classmates • Neighbors • Existing Customers • Potential Customers
  • 44. Top 10 Business Benefits • Visibility & Branding • Viral Marketing • Drive Traffic to Your Website • Manage Your Reputation • Reach Target Audience • Generate Leads • Promotions & Incentives • Customer Retention • Case Studies • Gain Feedback Tip: Review feedback to see what areas need improvement.
  • 45. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Financial Companies • Grow Your Network • Promote Services • Events/Seminars • Solicit Testimonials Tip: Search other companies in your industry to see how they’re using Facebook.
  • 46. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Tip: Use all the features of Facebook to build awareness.
  • 47. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Insurance Companies • Events • Promotions • Current News • Solicit Testimonials Tip: Tying in your services with current news gives credibility to your company.
  • 48. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Tip: Allowing customers to post comments on your wall provides testimonials.
  • 49. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Restaurant/Retail Companies • Events • Provide Specials/Incentives • Current News • Solicit Stories/Testimonials Tip: Post pictures from events on Facebook.
  • 50. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Tip: Post a question.
  • 51. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Health/Wellness Companies • Promote services • Promote upcoming events • Tips on a healthy lifestyle • Solicit testimonials • Promote new technology • Promote incentives/offers Tip: Engage the community to take an action.
  • 52. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Tip: Post openings to fill your schedule.
  • 53. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Case Study: Dustin Meyer Photography
    • How does Dustin Meyer Photography use Facebook?
      • • Sends gift cards on birthdays
      • • Displays portraits / photos taken
      • • Posts wedding & engagement video montages
      • • Posts fees for services to qualify leads
      • Results • 100% of his senior portrait clientele is from Facebook
      • • No need for direct mailers or search ads for business
    Tip: Facebook may reduce your expenditure on other advertising.
  • 54. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Tip: Post pictures/information your viewers are interested in.
  • 55. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Tip: Use Google Analytics to help measure. Measure • What & How To Measure
      • • Activity • Event attendance
        • • Wall posts/discussions
    • • Redistribution of your content
    • • Customers
      • • Traffic • click-through rates • Join group/become a fan
  • 56. Tactics (I’m on Facebook, now what?) Tip: Use Google Analytics to help measure. Helpful Tools • Google Analytics • Facebook Grader
  • 57. Tactics (I’m on YouTube, now what?) Benefits • Provide tours of your facility • Provide online demonstrations • Post commercials • Highlight events • “ How To” videos Tip: Visit to get started.
  • 58. Tactics (I’m on YouTube, now what?) Helpful Tools TubeMogul/ VidMetrix - Track views /comments/ratings on each individual video Google - Tag your video with relevant keywords, it will help boost your ranking with search engines. Link Posts - Broadcast your video through all your social networking sites. Tip: YouTube has special offers for non-profit organizations.
  • 59. Tactics (I’m on YouTube, now what?) How does Mayhem use YouTube? • Broadcast the fights • Each fight is showcased as its own individual clip • Provides video blog posts from fighters/employees • Embed the videos on their website through YouTube How has You Tube and social media helped their business? • Increased ticket sales • Provides previews to customers of what to expect Case Study: Mayhem Promotions Tip: Visit
  • 60. Tactics (I have a blog, now what?) Benefits • Get your name out there and market yourself as an expert in your field • Develop a loyal following of people who religiously read your blog Tip: Visit to get started.
  • 61. Tactics (I have a blog, now what?) Helpful Tips Central Hub - Use it as your central depository and then feed it through your other social networking sites. AideRSS - Enter a feed URL for statistics about the frequency of your blog postings within other social networking sites. Tip: Use RSS feeds to help redistribute your content.
  • 62. Tactics (I have a blog, now what?) How do professional women use a blog? • Share expertise in certain fields • Share feedback on certain products • Provide links or book titles for readers to find more information on topics • Answer questions Case Study: Professional Women Bloggers Tip: Push your blog content through your other social media sites.
  • 63. What’s the Takeaway?
    • What is the Next Step?
    • Create a Manageable Plan • Social media management takes time • Build your network
    • Connect with DPWN on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
    • Join the conversation
      • • Who, what, when, how can you help?
    • Measure those results
      • • Fine-tune plans as needed
    Tip: Use networking events to gain followers, connections or fans.
  • 64. Questions? Thank You DPWN!