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  1. 1. How to keep your adultchildren safe on the Internetand still give them their space Kathy Schrock kathy@kathyschrock.net
  2. 2. Itinerary• Overview of concerns• Up to speed• Practical ideas to help• Monitoring• Support links• Questions and comments
  3. 3. Overview of concerns• Revealing too much personal information• Sharing passwords and other information• Bullying• Social relationships online• Meeting up in person• Scammers and phishing
  4. 4. Some other concerns• The discernment skills to be able to determine whether or not to friend someone• Knowledge and skills to get out of a sticky situation• Being able to interpret the rules and expectations
  5. 5. Get yourself up to speed
  6. 6. Get yourself up to speed• Sign up for a Facebook account• Start using Twitter• Get a Google+ account• Practice online chat with others
  7. 7. FacebookUpper right-hand cornerUnder the arrow
  8. 8. FB privacy settings
  9. 9. FB privacy settings:
  10. 10. Twitter• Cross between IM and text messaging• 140 characters• Posts are public unless you set them otherwise• Private conversations are possible
  11. 11. What others see
  12. 12. What I see
  13. 13. Twitter settings
  14. 14. Google+
  15. 15. Google+ Hangouts
  16. 16. Chat/Instant Messaging
  17. 17. Aggregate chat/IM accounts• Talk.to• Digsby.com• Apple Messages• chat.zoho.com
  18. 18. Phishing
  19. 19. Phishing quiz 1
  20. 20. Phishing quiz 1 answe r
  21. 21. Phishing quiz 2
  22. 22. Phishing quiz answer 2
  23. 23. Phishing tips• Phishing emails: don’t click on link• Pop-up screens: don’t use• Anti-virus and malware protection• Contact the real company
  24. 24. Snopes.com
  25. 25. Practical ideas
  26. 26. Practical ideas: passwords• Passwords need to remain private• Passwords should be changed often• Use different passwords• Write down all the passwords together
  27. 27. Practical ideas: checker friendHave your adult child make you their“checker friend”A checker friend is:• Someone you go to• Someone who will check on you• Someone who is your “friend”
  28. 28. Practical ideas: privacy settings• Social networks often change their privacy setting options• Check privacy settings regularly
  29. 29. Practical ideas: social time• Remind your adult child the Internet is just one part of their life• Set time limits on online time• Real world social interactions• Friends respect the time limit
  30. 30. Practical ideas: just say no• Easy to “un-friend” or “un-follow” someone• Only friend those they know• It is fine to say “no”
  31. 31. Practical ideas: look• Never click on an attachment from anyone or one you are not expecting• Have their “checker friend” look at a link before clicking on it
  32. 32. Practical ideas: think• Never post an embarrassing or inappropriate picture• Never giving out personal information• Re-read everything before sharing
  33. 33. Practical ideas: personal thingsHave a discussion with your adult child and talkabout things that should never be posted online - Banking information - Home or work address - Social Security number - Phone numbers - Medical or physical information - Anything someone can use against them
  34. 34. 1. Talk only with friends. 2. Keep address, phone number, social security #, and banking information secret. 3. Talk to Mom/Dad when someone you do not know tries to talk to you.Final practical idea
  35. 35. I Can Be Safe Online
  36. 36. NSTeens
  37. 37. Monitoring options
  38. 38. Monitoring options• Be a friend or follower on social networks• iOS options• Computer options
  39. 39. Setting iOS restrictions
  40. 40. iWonder Surf
  41. 41. iWonder Surf
  42. 42. $6-$13 per monthStealth Genie
  43. 43. Stealth Genie
  44. 44. $70 per yearPeekTab
  45. 45. Software solutions For Windows/Mac For Windows only Spector Pro $100 WebWatcher $100 For Windows only For iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad $29.95 K-9 Web Protection Free
  46. 46. Links
  47. 47. Links (clickable in PDF) PDF Version of this Presentation http://linkyy.com/esoSnopes Internet Rumors http://snopes.com Phishing Quiz http://linkyy.com/esh Handout to share with your child http://linkyy.com/esi I Can Be Safe Online http://linkyy.com/esj LD Online Internet Safety Articles http://linkyy.com/esk Online Safety for Teens with Intellectual Disabilities http://linkyy.com/esl Internet Safety for those with Asperger’s and Autism http://linkyy.com/esm FTC Identity Theft or Fraud Reporting http://linkyy.com/esnNSTeens Videos http://linkyy.com/esE Software Monitoring Solutions http://linkyy.com/parentguide
  48. 48. Questions? Comments?
  49. 49. Kathy Schrockkathy@kathyschrock.nethttp://kathyschrock.netTwitter: @kathyschrock