Magazine Analysis


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Magazine Analysis

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Publisher: ipc- this is the only music magazine ipc publish i think that this is important because i think that this magazine is aimed at a specific audience and i think that the publisher shows this well, the layout of the front cover is very well thought and they have made sure that it pleases the audience.<br />Colour scheme: the colour scheme of this front cover is good. As it has used blue white and yellow, using this colour scheme kind of metaphorically works as the dark blue and most of the white as the water and the yellow as the sunshine and i think that this is quite clever.<br />Photography: the image is a posed studio image. Well it is photographed in a swimming pool. This image fits in well to the slogan about the article that she is going to be included in ‘in at the deep end’ i think this is quite clever as it is an image of her in the pool. <br />Fonts: the fonts are bold and stand out. Although the fonts are very plain and neat I think that this works well for this specific cover because the image of the woman on the front cover is a statement enough it doesn’t need a fancy font. <br />Text/ picture ratio: the image takes up 2/3’s of the front cover. I think that this is important for the front cover because it is the first thing people look at when they pick the magazine up. With it being an interesting picture with an interesting pose it would make people wants to buy it by just looking at the image. There is very little text and the band names are in bold. <br />Writing style: the writing style is brief as it is a front cover. As it is brief it is better for the audience as it is just a couple of words and the band names/artists are meant to be what draws you into reading the magazine. It is quite informal using colloquial language like tacky, as it is not a word which would be a formal way to describe something. <br />Overall look: the impression of the magazine would give the reader that this woman is quite confident. The writing is bold and neat ans stands out on the cover. I think the metaphor of the sun being at the top in yellow text. With the blue and white text i think that this represents the waves of blue and white. Courtney love is also covering the E on the front cover which means that this is a very well known magazine as we still know what it is called.<br />
  3. 3. Publisher: the publisher has connected with the audience well and has thought about all aspects of what the audience would enjoy.<br />Colour scheme: the front cover uses bright colours using the contrast of the yellow, red and white. This makes it stand out over her because she is dark and the writing is very bold and stand out to the reader. The writing has stuck to a colour scheme of red and white these are the only colours they have used i think that this is important because it makes it look neater.<br />Fonts: all the fonts are bold which makes it easier to read and they stand out on the page, they haven’t just used black which would blend with the background. Some of the fonts are slanted I think that they have done this as they have used such a plain font that if some are slanted it makes it look a bit more interesting but it is still very bold and still easy for the reader to see. <br />Photography: this is a posed studio image this has been posed to show that she is in an American taxi to show something stereotypical of America. It has been made to look like it’s a paparazzi image but still made to look beautiful and make her stand out to her specific genre.<br />Text/ picture ratio: the main image takes up at 2/3 of the magazine I think it is better to be like this because it is the first thing the reader looks at when they pick it up. There is little writing on the front cover this is because we would not want the whole article to be on the front cover, they just want a taste of some of the articles.<br />Writing style: all the writing is short snappy and catchy. This is so that the writing is not boring and long. It wants to interest the read for the minute they look at it, by doing this is makes it suitable for the audience. Also at the bottom of the front cover it has a list of bands i think that this is a good idea because it gives the reader an idea of what bands are going to be in this magazine. There is also a smaller posed image of Pete Doherty this has been shown i think to show the readers that on the little bit of text underneath it refers to him at Pete and I think it is just to show the readers, that this is quite colloquial and acts as if ‘we personally know’ Pete.<br />Overall look: the magazine gives the impression that it is quite a light magazine with little text. The NME logo is half covered by Florence’s head, this shows that this is a well known magazine and by covering the E we still recognise the magazine. The magazine looks quite up to date with the woman wearing fashionable clothes. I think that this magazine would appeal to the audience.<br />
  4. 4. Photography: the photography is a posed studio image. I think that they have done this to emphasise the background. As people know who they are so it’s just a simple posed image but has the American flag in the background. This makes their nationality and what the DPS is partly going to be about stand out. They’ve brought the lead signer closer to the camera, maybe this is because we know what he looks like more than the rest of the band so it makes it eye-catching to the reader.<br />Colour scheme: Bright colours, American flag colours, show their nationality. Bold colours which make it stand out and fit in with the genre of the band. The background being stripy red and white background, with the blue nme master head make it look like the American flag. <br />Writing style: the writing style on the front cover is very minimalistic. I think that this is quite important to the magazine because if there was loads of writing and big paragraphs it would not appeal to its target audience. There are quite a few band names on the front cover, I think this works well so it tells us the genre of the magazine but does not bore us. <br />Overall look: the overall look is quite new and fresh. I think it fits in well with its genre and the date of the magazine. It’s thought about the colours and the image and the fonts. Even the bordered writing has used red stars to follow the theme of the American flag. The colours are bright and stand out which would catch the reader’s eye which would make them more interested.<br />Fonts: the font has not been focused on in this front cover as we are more focused on the image and the background. So the text is minimalistic with the writing being bold and simple. Although there is little text it has been made to stand out so it is kept simple and bold. <br />Text/picture ratio: the images of the magazine take up 2/3 of the front cover. I think on a front cover we don’t need a lot of text and very little imagery. The main image is the first thing a reader is looking for, before they read it. I think that because the main image on the front cover is so bold and stands out we need a text which is minimalistic but is striking to the reader as the image has been more important on the front cover. <br />
  5. 5. Colour scheme: the colour scheme is kept very plain and bold. Just using a bit of red, this fits in with the article about Florence going to America. I think that keeping it plain makes the reader look at the image but not get distracted by the image. Also the writing has just been kept black I think this is so it is easy to read.<br />Text/picture ratio: as it is the introduction to the article it has about 2/3 of imagery as the photograph has taken up the whole side of the one of the pages and the title of the article. The article writing is very small but there is quite a lot of text on the right hand side but it is just kept smaller so it looks like there is less then there is so people can just pick it up and quickly read it. <br />Photography: the image is a posed studio image. They have carried on the theme of the article to the imagery. I think that this has been done so that she is kept plain by just wearing black but she is sat on an American flag which makes the flag stand out. I think the pose of the woman makes her look cool and confident. I think that the pose is important because to be a singer you need confidence. The pose is also <br />Writing style: the writing style is quite humorous as it is quite a light magazine. Saying it is a light magazine is so that it engages the target audience. So adding light humour and sarcasm, the target audience can relate to, as it is not a completely serious magazine, as it is to entertain.<br />Overall look: the overall look has fit in with a theme of what the articles about. They have done a play on words of the title of the article ‘USA got the love’ as she is visiting the USA and then about you’ve got the love. I think that it stands out and makes a bold statement with the red black white and grey. Making the colour of her hair and the flag stand out. <br />Fonts: the USA is the largest text on the article and stands out because it is bold and thick. Then the ‘got the love’ is in a slanted font and placed over the USA font. I think this adds a bit of femininity to the DPS because its pretty and flows and fits in with who the article is about. The article is in a much smaller font and is just kept neat and small so that it is easy to read and not too fussy. Although the start of the article starts with a bold slanted ‘D’ which makes it stand out and still look stylish. <br />
  6. 6. Fonts: the fonts have been kept quite plain and simple I think keeping it plain and simple makes it easier for the reader to understand as people would not want to read it. There is a red dripping for the n which adds to the font it looks like it’s a part of the writing so it makes it fit it more with the genre of the music magazine. It seems like the font has not been as thought of as much as the photography and the layout of the DPS.<br />Colour scheme: the colour scheme that they have used is red black and white. This is a bold colour scheme and works well for these two bands as they are quite rocky and grungy which means they would wear this sort of colour, with the red being a colour they would also wear used for the title. The white just helps the writing and the photography stand out. <br />Photography: the photography is of two different bands going ‘head to head’ in a tug of war and this shows the strength of the two bands and shows that they are stereotypically quite masculine. This image also reflects the two bands as they are both quite strong grungy rock, both bands look quite aggressive which is like their music. This is a posed studio image and it shows the type of music they play by looking at they are wearing and how there hair is and some are quite heavily tattooed I think this Is quite important for the image. <br />Text/picture ratio: I would say that the text to picture ratio is about 50/50. although there is a lot of text, readers do not want to see a lot of text as it might be quite overwhelming. So the text has been made very small and the image much larger. Which also makes it stand out when people open the magazine see the bands they will know who they are immediately and want to read the article.<br />Overall look: the overall look is quite grungy and is to fit in with the genre of music of both the bands. I think that this has worked really well because it is about the text on the page but it has been made more exciting using the photography is a main thing. Using the white background on the photograph it has made it easier for the text to stand out on the page being red and black I think that this has been thought out well. The colour scheme fits in with the band well and the mise en scene of the band fits in well with the magazine. <br />Writing style: the style of writing for this DPS is quit light and humorous as we refer to the target audience being males around 15-20 which makes the writer, write the article in a way which would appeal to the audience. Also in the heading says “pull together” which is a clever pun on the photography on this DPS as they are going head-to-head doing a tug of war which is what the article is about so it is quite clever. <br />
  7. 7. Colour scheme: the colourscheme is kept simple. I think that it is kept simple because it is a more adult based magazine. The colour scheme is black white and red. Which makes the colours more neutral to show that the article is not just for a female audience men can also enjoy the article. The photography is also the main thing with her hair standing out. <br />Fonts: the fonts are kept plain and simple. This is a completely different layout to the other DPS’s. I think that it being a different genre of music is has used plain simple fonts and kept the layout more interesting and the photography stand out more. <br />Overall look: the overall look uses a lot of box and square and sections, which makes it look more edgy pop. I think splitting it into sections with the live images with a box around them makes <br />Writing style: the writing style is quite friendly and more of a chatty tone rather than a intellectual tone as it is just writing about lady gaga’s concert that she recently performed. I think that this is important because if it was very intellectual people wouldn’t want to read it. <br />Text/picture ratio: I think that the text to picture ratio is about 70% imagery and 30% text. Although there is a lot of text it has been made a lot smaller and the main focus is on the images. I think that the main focus being on the images shows that perhaps its just a review and when people pick up the magazine and flick through and when they see this and they see the larger text saying ‘lady gaga’ fans would automatically want to read this!<br />Photography: the photography is live imagery from one of lady gaga’s concerts. I think showing these three different images which are all from the same performance which makes the images more interesting because she has changed her outfit more then once. The way the main photograph has been shot is good and shows off her personality quite well showing she is quite a loud flamboyant person. Also the fact she is quite scantily clad shows she is not being very elegant and lady like. <br />
  8. 8. Fonts: the fonts vary between small bold and italic. I think that it varying between these different fonts it can use the bold for the titles or quotes used the smaller writing to tell us about the article and the italic for the date and other quotes etc. I think this makes it look more interesting but still varying between simple fonts.<br />Colour scheme: the colour scheme is just black text with a plain white background and black line to separate the images. I think that this is quite a boring colour scheme because its just meant to be a page telling you whether everything is,. I don’t think it needs to be bright I think keeping it plain and simple just keep for the reader to just pick out the bits they want. s right <br />Text/picture ratio: i would say that images take up to 50% of the page and the rest is text I think that this is done because if it includes the images people can look at the band or artist and then they may want to read the article based on the seeing the picture and not reading through all the text.<br />Photography: a range of different bands/artists photography styles are used, as some of the images are posed and the others are live. I think that this works well for the magazine because showing different variety shows that they cover all aspects of the bands and they don’t just write about them they also include reviews. <br />Writing style: the writing style is minimalistic, with quotes included. Using quotes from the articles about that specific artist/ band kind of makes the magazine feel more personal as if the person is talking to the reader, telling them about the article. It also does not include all of the pages in the content page; I think that this works well for the magazine because it picks out the most important/popular texts which the majority of the readers enjoy. It also includes the page number on the images which makes it easier for us as it stands out on the image but does not cover or spoil the image.<br />Overall look: i think that the lines break up the images and the text I think that this makes it look neater and makes it easier for the reader to see so its not all jumbled all over the page. The pages are in sections and are made very clear.<br />
  9. 9. Colour scheme: the colour scheme is kept simple at red white and black to keep it neutral for women and men. I think that this is important because it wont make the reader think they favor either sex and have choose a colour scheme that is simple but bold also. <br />Overall look: the overall look is quite a manly, indie magazine which makes it feel like women cant read this magazine. Although I think Q magazine has tried to keep it as simple as possible and just use a large image to make it slightly more interesting. But I think keeping it plain and simple is important. <br />Photography: the photography on this contents page on both images are both posed images I think that having posed images In the opening page of the magazine work well because the posed images are bold and strong. The men look in control and strong. This makes the page stand out more.<br />Fonts: the ‘Q’ for the name of the magazine is kept in its traditional font compared to the rest of the text this is to ensure that the ‘Q’ stands out. The font is very plain and isn’t very exciting as its just to tell us what the magazine includes. <br />Writing style: there is not much writing on this page at all as it is not used for a lot of writing. There is a page number, a name of the page and then a sentence about the page. So the writing is kept very minimal as this page isn’t used for a lot of text. <br />text/picture ratio: the photography is large which makes it look 60% imagery and 40% text. The text is not a lot it is very minimal but is larger so when the reader opens the page they can see the larger titles of the pages, which makes it easier for the reader to find. <br />
  10. 10. Overall look: I think that the overall look for this magazine works very very well for the audience of the magazine. As it has been kept bold, bright, interesting, minimal text. The bold star shape telling us we can win something draws us in and want to have a look because it is bright and stands out. <br />Text/picture ratio: the text to picture ratio is different to the other contents pages ive looked at as it uses a lot of smaller images that take up about 90% of the page. And 10% text I think this works the best because the text looks easier to read and the sections are easier. <br />Photography: there is a lot of different images on here both live images and posed images and also an album cover I think that this works very well because it shows the range of bands and artists used in this magazine. The images are all quite different I think that they are all different because it shows the ranges of music it uses in the magazine from metal music to alternative to pop punk. I think that this is important so when the reader opens this page they can see that they would like all the bands in the magazine. <br />Colour scheme: the colour scheme have stuck to yellow black and white this is also different. I think that these colours work well because the yellow is very bright and works well against the black. These colours are also kept quite neutral although the magazine may be more based around a male audience it has still been kept neutral for female readers. <br />Writing style: the writing style is different to the other contents pages and I think that this is because the audience is different to the other magazines I think that this makes a big difference because the magazine is for a younger audience, the text is kept to one or two words for each page number which I think works well. <br />Fonts: they have used a lot of different fonts on this page and I think using different fonts makes it more interesting I think making it more interesting makes it so the reader wants to look at this page and enjoy it. The have tried to use a range of different fonts from tall and skinny to thick and thin. I think that this represents the grunge of the magazine well.<br />