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Compliments International Chalk Talk

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C I Chalk Talk Managed Account

  1. 1. Compliments International SEO Chalk Talk! Managed Account Overview of Joint SEO & Marketing Strategies
  3. 3. Time or Money People who subscribe to Compliments Managed Marketing Plans, typically have little time to invest in their online marketing success.
  4. 4. Range of Marketing Services     Packages range from $250.00 - $7,500.00 Per Month Marketing techniques and tasks may included: 1. Meetings, Phone Calls, Email, Tickets and Support 2. Submissions of your posts to social media networks.   3. Key Word Research, Competitor Research, Report Eval. 4. SEO: Research, Key Words, Page Titles, Descriptions. 5. Backlinks: Submissions to Bookmarking & Article Sites.  Compliments average hourly rate is $185.  This is a good estimate to use.  Depending on the resources used, the rate  average goes up or down.  I.e. If you were going to break down time/value: Time with CEO, President or Custom Developer is much higher than with SEO Engineer, Graphics Designer  or Project Manager.  Graphics Designer, Project Manager or SEO Engineer is much higher rate than working with an admin, social media submissions or directory submission manager.  You will receive the biggest bang for your time with social media marketing. Depending on the volume of tickets you submit, and the type of tickets, we may focus on one area more than another each month.  The more content you add to the site, the more work you get from us that is not counted on any hourly tab (our agreement is unlimited submissions).
  5. 5. Range of Marketing Services ------- SEO is only as good as the Content provided -------- $ = Basic SEO and Social Media Marketing  $$ = Standard SEO - Eval and Implement. Social Plan $$$ = Moderately Agressive SEO & Social Media Plan --------- Content is now being modified for SEO ----------- $$$$$ = Agressive SEO and Social Media Strategy $$$$$$ = Multi Site - Semi Agressive Strategy ------ Content is being created by CI SEO & Writer -------- $$$$$$$ = Multi Site - Aggressive Strategy through SEO, Content Management and Social Media Marketing To really be effective businesses need to have at least one experienced FTE (Full Time Employee) , but we realize that is not practical or managable... That's why were here.
  6. 6. SEO / SMM Outsource Advantages The benefits of working with Compliments Managed Marketing Program vs. hiring in house, is you have access to a pool of talent not found in one employee, we have access to technology that makes us faster and employee costs are obsorbed by Compliments Intl. - Including:  Programmer,  Graphics Designer,  SEO Expert,  Marketing Expert,  Social Media Expert,  Content Expert,  Administrative Support,  Training - R&D Expert, etc.
  7. 7. Pay-Per-Click is Temporary Organic Search Engine rankings is permanent.  It might take more time, money and resources up front, but in the end.... you are a 100 times more profitable!
  8. 8. SEO Math- Google's Algorythm... 1. Page Rank - Domain Age and Time to Expire 2. Indexed Pages: New Content Additions. Daily-Weekly 3. Effectiveness of Content for SEO. Relevance. 4. Base SEO - Content Page Titles, Permalinks, Titles, Descriptions and Key Words. 5. Back Links: Done through Social Media Submissions, Bookmarking and Article Sites, Cross Linking, Comment Threads. Quality of backlinks matters. 6. Social Networking Integration - Submissions 7. Directory Listings - Valid and Accurate 8. Contact Us Forms (Conversion Forms) 9. Blog Ranking 10. 404 Errors, W3Standards, Valid Code, XHTML, Etc.
  9. 9. CHEAT!!!  It works! Your domain name is the most important factor to a search result... i.e. it takes 6 months to get the URL www. websitedesignerindallas.com to come up on page one vs. 36 months to get www.complimentsintl.com to show up on page one for the search term "web designer, dallas". You can "cheat" with a multi site strategy.  This is especially worthwhile in a localized marketing strategy - i.e. www.lawncareplano.com, www.lawncaredallas.com, www. lawncareseattle.com, etc.  A location with an excellent choice of highly searched terms will climb faster! Note: Forwards do nothing (must be a new site with new content based on your target market for that website). Each website needs new content, posts, submissions, SEO, etc.  They have to be managed and SEO'd for their target geo/demo graphic.
  10. 10. The 13 Biggest Website Mistakes 1. Not learning how to handle your website 2. Not creating new content on your website (Stale website) 3. Not submitting to referring websites (Gotta Give to Get!) 4. If noone links to you, Google doesn't like you. 5. Not naming your images with alt text and descriptions. 6. Not extending your domain age past 2 years. 7. Not making your website interactive with conversation points. 8. Not engaging visitors quickly. 9. Not taking time to properly write your content. 10. Not engaging in your social media marketing plan and building. 11. Not attending training to stay informed of new tips and tricks. 12. Wanting to see results with no efforts or inconsistent efforts. 13. Not using your website to increase customer interaction and referrals while it is in the building phases for marketing.  
  11. 11. Don't believe the Hype! Everyone will give you advice that will divert you from your mission!  Don't believe the hype! Check their results before you listen... Visit www.websitegrader.com and verify performance on line.  Check a few sites... not just their own... It's like asking for references, but with real data!
  12. 12. Your Website Timeline 3 Months:  It takes approximately 3 months for google to "get aquainted", start indexing pages, and get you on the Crawl List  Don't forget to add new content - do this weekly!   6 Months = Your website now has all pages indexed and Google is looking for Backlinks to gain trust and rapport. Need Consistent Growth in Backlinks and Indexed Pages or Growth will be Slow 12 - 18 Months = Increased page rank and traffic. With fresh content, backlinks, consistent monitoring and altering of SEO, Google should now trust your site as a source of information for your category.
  13. 13. Key Performance Indicators 1. OnPage SEO (No warnings or Errors) 2. Images (Alt Text on All Images) 3. Google Page Rank 0 - 10 (heavily based on time and trust) 4. Indexed Pages - Keep it growing... hundreds to thousands! 5. Inbound Links - Keep it growing... hundreds to thousands! 6. Traffic Rank - Keep it growing... with the right amount of new content and Compliments marketing strategies, you can make it into the top 10% in 9 - 12 months. 7. Conversions - Convert visitors to Calls, Email Signups or Contact Forms... Then carefully convert to client.
  14. 14. Over Expectation Leads to Dissapointment If you think you will find your name on the first page of Google by spending $200 per month, remember, there are a thousand companies out there spending $20,000 per month! If you are not unique, then you are just like everyone else and you will be lost in the Search Engines amidst the sea of mediocrity. Being found on Google is not always the answer (unless you are a fortune 500 company or extremely unique). While you build SEO and Google rankings, you want to be found by people that will refer you to other people.  A strong social media marketing strategy will get you there! Pay-Per-Click, Yellow Pages, Reach Local, City Search... is temporary. Building a social network of supporters and buyers is
  15. 15. People don't visit your website... phones not ringing.
  16. 16. What if?? I do not add new content? I do not participate in growing links through social media? My content is not following Google Guidelines? I do not attend training or implement any strategies? ------------------ Then What does CI Do -------------------- Managed account websites will be submitted to bookmarking engines and article submission sites creating backlinks.  Analytics are reviewed monthly.  Modifications to Keywords, Descriptions and Titles will occur based on findings. SEO strategies will continue... but will produce results much much slower than with Client Participation.
  17. 17. CLIENT BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Learn how to Edit Your Website: Click Here to Learn 2. Write 4-8 New Posts (GOOD CONTENT) Per Month - I.e. Industry Articles, White Papers, Tips and Tricks, News, Etc.  MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE "CI How to write a post" Guideline. 3. Review Requests and Participate on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube Accounts.   That's it... Compliments does the rest!!!
  18. 18. CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 1. Attend Classroom Style Training if Possible - The best results will occur from Continued Education! 2. Learn about Inbound Marketing - Click Here 3. Select the Right KeyWords - Click Here to see How 4. Build Trust on Your Website - Click Here to Learn How 5. Increase Conversion Rates - Click Here to Learn How 6. Make your Website a Watering Hole - Click Here 7. Set up a Free Listing on Google - Click Here to Start 8. Set up a Free DMOZ Listing - Click Here to Start 9. Set up a FREE Zoom Info Listing - Click Here to Start 10. Use Gmail (Merge business account on Gmail - Click 
  19. 19. CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES COMPETITIVE 1. Set up ALL of your Social Media Accounts with Proper SEO and Naming Schema's - Click Here to Start 2. Create a YouTube Channel with an Integrated FAQ - Start a monthly video. 3. Create 3 New Highly SEO's Article/Post Per Week (Compliments will submit to social networks included in your monthly plan) 4. Learn how to maximize results through relationship building on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Integrate your clients, strategic partners and friends. 5. Leave comments on highly trafficed blogs follow CI Blog. 6. Focus on increasing referrals through SEO and SMM.
  20. 20. Follow Compliments Blog Tips Blog - Tips to improve your website performance. Tools Blog - To use... most are free. Social Media Blog - Social Media Marketing Tips. Training Blog - Upcoming training events. Websites Blog - New Website Launch Announcements. Network with other Compliments Clients. Get an accountability partner. Make an appointment to work on your marketing weekly. Set goals.  Monitor Performance. Realize it takes a lot of time and effort to see results. Don't quit... remember, 12 months is when the slope creep changes.
  21. 21. "The Eye of Marketing"
  22. 22. COMPLIMENTS RESPONSIBILITY *****  VARIES BY LEVEL OF MANAGED PLAN  ***** Set Up, SEO, and Integrate Social Media Accounts. Submit 100% of your new posts (new content) to social media networks included in your plan. Review Reports for monthly SEO strategy and changes. Research, analyze and integrate keywords, throughout revolving content (new posts and pages). Research and analyze competitors to revise strategies, keywords, content, descriptions, etc. Develop training programs to support client needs. Provide Support via Ticket System, Forum, Phone, Meet. NOTE: Avg rate = $75 hr. - Work backwards from plan.
  23. 23. COMPLIMENTS RESPONSIBILITY  ******   Monthly Hosting, Maint and Support Fee  ******* Hosting - Upgrades, Monitoring and Modifications Security - Monitor hack sites for malicious attacks Maintenance - Database Hardening and Compressions Upgrades - Upgrade all websites and plugins, monthly Mobile Versions - Redesign website for major mobile devices - Regularly Multi-Browser Compatibility - Keep site working with all browser changes and new browsers Email Management - Manage Security, Spam, Reporting Ticket Support - Assist client with Ticket Managemt
  24. 24. Compliments Support Centers Ticket System - Click Here to Access Questions and Answers Help Form - Click Here to Access Online Basic Training - Click Here to Access Classromm Training - Click Here to Access Webinar and Conference Call Training - Click Here Access Private Workstation/Training center - Click Here to Access Compliments prides ourselves in providing superior value through support, education and technology enhancements.
  25. 25. Compliments Mission Statement...  Compliments International consistently brings superior value and lasting results to our clients through advanced web development, SEO, social media marketing and ongoing training programs. Our customers believe in utilizing social media to expand their reach and advance their business. Our customers are smart, successful and looking to take their business to the next level. They value information and cutting edge technology. They believe in partnering with our team for long term investments verses short term gains. Compliments clients appreciate dedicated support, flexibility, scalability and thrive in a operationally effective environment. Our customers desirer cl arity, focus and a strong execution strategy. Compliments earns
  26. 26. All examples are based on moderate to low competition, client participating at competitive recommendations, literal domain name and client is utlitzing one of the most agressive marketing plans. www.complimentsinternational.com