Welcome To Career E Folio Minnesota!


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Presentation given to HR managers about eFolio Minnesota.

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Welcome To Career E Folio Minnesota!

  1. 1. Welcome to Career eFolio Minnesota! Enhancing hiring and career development processes using eFolio
  2. 2. Obviously, qualified employees are essential to a company’s success….
  3. 3. Human resource managers want to retain talent and help employees reach their full potential…
  4. 4. Advances in technology can seem overwhelming and complicated…
  5. 5. What is an electronic portfolio? -An electronic portfolio is an online, interactive collection of artifacts that demonstrates a person’s skills, talents and competencies. • E-portfolios • Web-folios • Digital portfolios
  6. 6. Career eFolio Minnesota • Minnesota eFolio project is supported by the MnSCU System and Avenet, a MN based software company • First statewide electronic portfolio system in the nation • eFolio has received national recognition for innovation • eFolio Minnesota has over 100,000 users • Rapidly growing user-base of students and career- seekers
  7. 7. Career eFolio Minnesota • Enhance economic development • Grow e-portfolio use in education • Assist workforce agencies in matching job seekers with employers • Aid Minnesota businesses with recruitment, hiring and career development processes
  8. 8. Enhance economic development
  9. 9. Grow e-portfolio use in education
  10. 10. Assist workforce agencies in matching job seekers with employers
  11. 11. Aid Minnesota businesses with recruitment, hiring and career development processes
  12. 12. Recruitment •Display present company information •Develop a pre-qualified candidate pool •Search for qualified Minnesota employees •Opportunities to network and build relationships •LinkedIn •Ladders
  13. 13. Hiring •View multi-media examples of previous work and talents •Gain a deeper understanding of a job candidate’s skill set, accomplishments and abilities •Discover real examples of a job candidates work quality through multi-media documents
  14. 14. Career Development •Manage employee skill sets by tracking certifications, continuing education and career development •Use as a tool for performance reviews and advancement •Adjust privacy settings to keep company information save and confidential
  15. 15. “Chances are good that up to 66% of your company’s hiring decisions will prove to be mistakes in the first 12 months.” -Peter Drucker
  16. 16. Hiring Generation Y • Short term employment (not loyal) • More lifestyle driven than money driven • Need flexibility Hiring decisions are more crucial today then they were 10-20 years ago…
  17. 17. Can a resume SHOW you a job candidate’s talents and accomplishments?
  18. 18. …or an interview?
  19. 19. Resume/Cover Documentation eFolio Interview Letter    Work experience    Education, training or certifications    Skills Written reflections of past experiences and   accomplishments   Organization skills Multi-media examples of applied skills,  projects and accomplishments   Personality assessment  Strong Presentation  Average Presentation N/A
  20. 20. How will eFolio electronic portfolios benefit your organization? • Reduce attrition • Retain talent • Experience easier hiring • Improve recruitment processes • Match employers with job-seekers
  21. 21. How can you learn more about implementing eFolio in your organization? • Attend future workshops • Participate in a focus group • Communicate ideas and needs for improvement • Develop your own professional electronic portfolio • Create an eFolio for your company • Help create eFolio portfolio checklists and standards • Ask for them!
  22. 22. Questions? Lisa Kvas Kat Gritzmacher eFolio Program Manager eFolio Specialist l.kvas@mr.mnscu.edu k.gritzmacher@mr.mnscu.edu (218) 780-3274 (218) 780-0218
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