Internet Marketing For Your Business
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Internet Marketing For Your Business



A comprehensive overview of Internet Marketing aimed at amateurs. Includes definitions of Internet marketing terms, tips and examples.

A comprehensive overview of Internet Marketing aimed at amateurs. Includes definitions of Internet marketing terms, tips and examples.



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Internet Marketing For Your Business Internet Marketing For Your Business Presentation Transcript

  • Internet Marketing for your Business
    Kat Gritzmacher
  • A bit about me…
  • The Internet & Business
    63 % of Adult American households have broadband (up 8% from last year)*
    74% of all Americans use the Internet*
    7% of all adults cut back or cancelled online service due to the recession while 22% of adults cut back TV or cell phone service*
    2009 Facebook: 276% growth among 35-54 year olds**
    Over 55% of American adults buy stuff online
    *Pew Internet & American Life Project
  • Just Having a Web Site is NOT enough!
    Is your web site just ‘hanging out?’
    Why would anyone want to visit your web site?
    How will people find you?
    How do you capture them when they do visit?
    Do your other communications drive traffic to your web site for more information or to purchase a product?
  • Terminology & Definitions
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)—part of internet marketing that refers to visibility on SERPs (search engine results pages)
    Organic Search—unpaid listings; natural search, FREE
    Paid Search (PPC)—paid inclusion in search engine results
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic via organic or natural search. SEO can target different kinds of search: image, local or industry specific (vertical search engines: i.e. is a job search engine)
  • Local Search—refers to searches specific to a geographic location against a database of local business listings. Example: Ely MN Resorts
    Geo-targeting—the process of limiting paid inclusion to searchers in a specific location. Example: you are a print shop and only want to advertise to people in Minnesota
    Web Analytics—software that measures web traffic including visitor tracking, navigation patterns, etc. Google Analytics, Clicktracks
    Banner ads—graphical ads that display on web sites
    SERPs—Search Engine Results Pages
  • PPC—Pay-per-click—the most popular form of web advertising (pay per impression, pay per action)—Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing
    Impressions—how many times an ad is shown
    Click Through Rates (CTR)—number of times an ad is clicked
    Landing Page—also known as a ‘lead capture page’ is a page that appears when a customer clicks on an ad or SER link; used to measure effectiveness
    Conversion Rate—percent of visitors who completed a desired action
  • Social Media/Social Networking—online content created by people. People share, information, comment and interact using social media platforms. A ‘fusion of technology and sociology.
  • RSS (real simple syndication)—also called a ‘feed’, it’s the process of publishing frequently updated content in a standardized format. Usually ‘feeds’ are aggregated in a ‘feed reader’ such as Google Reader.
  • Think like a Search Engine
    Keywords—nobody searches for ‘Home’
    Research keywords related to your product or service—Adwords keyword tool, Wordtracker
    Choose the right keywords
    Optimizing your web site (SEO)
    What makes your site relevant to searches?
    Content is KING—search robots read and analyze TEXT
    H1 Headings
    Title Tags
    Anchor TEXT
    Link Building: If no important web sites think you’re important, you’re not. Page Rank
  • Examples Best GOOD (1st page Google) OK (4th page Google) BAD GOOD (1st page Google) Um… let’s look
  • Local Search
    Ely MN Outfitters
    Using local search to boost traffic
    Google Local Business Results
    Yahoo! Local
    Merchant Circle
    Other directories…
    The percentage of mobile searches that have local intent will increase from 28 percent in 2008 to 35 percent in 2013.
    Currently there are 54.5 million mobile Internet users in the United States, representing 25 percent of online users.
    Approximately 15 percent of iPhone applications are local. *
  • PPC—Paid Placement on Search Engines
    What you don’t get in ‘organic’ results, you can supplement with PPC
    Getting started with PPC
    Create a budget & estimate ROI
    Choose keywords
    Write ads relevant to keyword targets
    Be sure your landing page has supporting content AND Conversion Measures are in place to measure your ROI
  • Conversions
    WHAT desired action do you want the visitor to take when he arrives at your Landing Page?
    Subscribe to your email newsletter
    Download a brochure
    Fill out a form for more information
    Register as a member
    Buy a product
    DON’T just send everyone to your home page and expect them to search your site RELEVANCY
  • SEO and PPC: Create a Balance
    SEO is not a ONE TIME process—ongoing
    What you can’t achieve organically, try to supplement with Paid Placement (PPC)
    Trial and error
    Track conversion rates and analyze traffic patterns and behaviors
    Check Analytics frequently
    Calculate ROI
  • Email Marketing and RSS
  • Dos & Don’ts
    Permission marketing: Your customers WANT to get your information
    SPAM is illegal
    Use an email marketing program so you can track your efforts
    iContact or Constant Contact
    Measure opens, clicks and subscriptions
    Provide USEFUL information—don’t try to hard sell or they’ll unsubscribe
  • Make it easy to subscribe—don’t require a ton of personal info and be sure to have a privacy policy
    Use FEEDBURNER if you update your content frequently; subscribers only get one email/day for any updates made that day
    Enable RSS on your site
  • Creating your Message
    Don’t give away the farm!
    Use as a traffic driver—give them a reason to click
    Content in newsletter should ‘tease’ them
    Have fun and be sincere—know your target audience
    Don’t write a book—people don’t READ emails, they scan them
    Visit: for tips on writing for the web, iContact
  • Gaining Subscribers
    Make it EASY to subscribe and create the subscription area on several pages
    Tell people what they’re going to get
    Tips & tricks
    Sale notices, etc.
    Send confirmation email of subscription
    Opt-in and Double opt-in..I go for single 
  • Blogging
    What should you talk about?
    Why bother?
    Provide useful information to your audience
    Are you a mechanic? Teach them about warning signs and tips on saving money.
    Public Relations—keep people informed about what’s happening in your company
    Communicate news, trends or experiences
    Become an authority about your business
  • Don’t write a book: keep posts short and use sub-headings to make it easy to scan info
    Focus on keywords and search phrases related to your business
    Blog CMS are easy to set up and manage—like using Word
    Add on to current web site
    Software is FREE!
    Wordpress (recommended)
    Moveable Type
  • Social Media
    Just have a conversation…
  • Social Media
    Use social media platforms to connect with your customers and drive traffic to your web site
    Create goals and objectives
    It’s free but takes time to do correctly
    Don’t try to push or hard sell—you don’t have to talk about yourself all the time
    Share ideas with others in your industry
    Don’t be lame—it’s ok to be fun and real; no cheesy sales pitches
  • Don’t try to do it all yourself: get co-workers you trust to help out but have a content policy
    Consider social media advertising—very targeted and similar to PPC on search engines (but a little expensive)
    Dave’s Pizza
    Eveleth 4th of July
    Labovitz School of Business
  • Developing your Strategy
    Set Goals & Measurable Objectives
    What do you want to achieve with your internet marketing?
    Permission marketing
    How does IM work with your traditional marketing?
    Know your audience
  • Choosing your tactics
  • Resources
    Books I recommend:
    Search Engine Marketing, Inc. by Mike Moran & Bill Hunt
    SEO for Dummies, PPC for Dummies
    Blogs to Read:
    Online Marketing Blog (
  • Contact Me
    Kat Gritzmacher
    Thank you!