The Four Season Art Show: Kindergarten


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Art Education at its finest.Happy to be a Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning School with a terrific Art Coach!

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The Four Season Art Show: Kindergarten

  1. 1. Seasons of Moab By HMK Kindergarten Helen M. Knight Elementary School Moab, UT
  2. 2. Four Seasons You can count them one, two, three, four There are four seasons, there are no more! Each one has it’s own special treat You’ll see it in our art, it’s really neat! We all picked a special one To paint and draw, lot’s of fun! So look and listen, and sit back Our art is great and that’s a fact!
  3. 3. Winter To draw the arctic fox We traveled to the north With blue paper and white pencil We brought this animal forth
  4. 4. Our Inspiration Picture
  5. 5. Spring Rain and rain storms Clouds and flowers Nature is awakening Her nurturing power
  6. 6. Our Inspiration Picture
  7. 7. Summer Cactus blossoms Bright and merry But of their spines Let’s be wary
  8. 8. Our Inspiration Picture
  9. 9. Fall Cooling breezes Lightning too Leaves turning colors A beautiful season just like you
  10. 10. Our inspiration picture
  11. 11. Here’s a sample of the children at work -
  12. 12. Drawing Arctic Fox coincided with the winter curriculum of habitat and hibernation. Kindergarten children require drawing from life (or photo) skills in order to excel in all areas . As a class we reviewed several photos that would have us learn about NEAR and THE OTHER SIDE legs, fins or wings. To simplify we drew with white pencil on blue (ice or snow) paper. This was a guided drawing with the children being asked to see and discuss shapes and line of each animal part before we drew them.
  13. 13. Spring Rain presented the opportunity to work with the wet on wet technique of watercolor and the understanding that water will go where it wants to go. To work with watercolor you must give up your sense of having total control and WORK WITH the water. We often state that the artist works with the brush, the paper, and the color to make a painting like this. Each of the elements has something to say!
  14. 14. Summer Cactus invited the children to repeat shapes for cactus pads and then to carefully blend the select colors inside their shape. Cacti buds and flowers were painted with use of a special tool – a Q-tip! It was tipped in paint and then rolled or dabbed on the paper for effect!
  15. 15. Fall Aspens introduced us to the concept of the PAINTER’S PALETTE. Each artist, including nature it seems, carefully chooses the colors she wants to WORK WITH. The smart artist steps back at some point and lets the colors do their work! We also used WHITE OIL PASTEL to first make the aspen trunks, knowing that painting over them with color would reveal them and give them their extra texture.
  16. 16. Music by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) Concerto No. 1 In E Major, Allegro From The Four Seasons performed by the Jacques Loussier Trio
  17. 17. With thanks to the Kindergarten teachers Teacher Deb Mrs. Guerrero Ms. Koon Mrs. Crane
  18. 18. Art Instruction & Slide Show by Art Coach Bruce Hucko HMK Elementary School Moab, UT We are proud to be a Beverley Taylor Sorenson – Arts Learning Program School
  19. 19. thank you