Zoes tecnology


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  • Zoes tecnology

    1. 1. Are birds attracted tocertain colours of birdfeeders when feeding ?
    2. 2. Hypothesis- what we think* We think the native birds will go tored bird feeder because we read in abook that some like red berries!
    3. 3. Test-Method* Make 5 bird feeders exactly the same* Paint the bird feeders red, blue,yellow,brown and green* Put the bird feeders near trees*Make the nectar*Put half a cup of nectar in three of the samecontainers
    4. 4. Materials* Paint red, yellow ,blue green andbrown* Wood for 5 bird feeders* Five plastic milk containers* Super Sticky Glue Sugar/water* 1 cup of white sugar* 2L of hot water
    5. 5. Nectar Recipe*Put 1 cup of white sugar and 2L ofhot water in a bowl*Mix till sugar is dissolved*Put nectar in the containers andput in bird feeders
    6. 6. Results -Nectar Feeders* Out side the classroom 1 Wax eye on the 22/8/12 at 2.20pm by theyellow bird feeder, it ate orange berries off the tree. 1 wax eye seen byMrs de Verne*Week 2 - Zoe T’s garden nothing*Week 3 - Zoe B’s garden No birds came*So We decided to try another place where we knew there were birds*Park by the school: 3 days - NO birds WHY?*Mr Bothwell who lives by the park said the birds would take a longtime to get used to the feeders.
    7. 7. New ideas to attract the birds*We decided to make 2 more bird feeders We made a greenone and a brown one the same colour of the trees*We put bird seed,little bits of chip and some pieces of faton the big feeders as well as nectar to attract other nativebirds*We made 5 smaller bird pudding feeders out of yoghurtpots and hung them in a tree. We painted them blue, red,yellow green, brown same as the big feeders and put the bigfeeders close to the hanging ones
    8. 8. Hypothesis Yoghurt pot feeders*Birds will not be so scared of smaller feedersand will get used to them quicker than the bigfeeders The pots are not as big as the Large Birdfeeders*We think that hanging the pots in the trees willmake them more likely to go to them.
    9. 9. Method -Yoghurt pot Hanging bird puddings*Get 5 yoghurt pots from the green door.*Make bird pudding and put it in thefridge over night.*Paint the pots each a different colour*Red,Green, brown,yellow, blue*Hang yoghurt pots in a tree
    10. 10. Results for the Hanging Pot bird puddings*On the brown pudding 1 Wax eye came at 12:35pm on 29/8/12.*On the yellow pudding at 2:00pm on the 3/9/12 1 Wax eye came.*On the Green pudding at 10:30am on the 4/9/12 1 Wax eye came.*On the blue pudding at 10:30am on the 4/9/12 1 Wax eye came.*On the red pudding at 10:30am on the 4/9/12 1 Wax eye came.*After 1 day there were some pecked bits out of the green and brown pot*After the weekend we checked them again and about 1/4 of the pudding wasgone from 3 of the puddings and the others had been pecked*We checked for 3 more days and each time we saw wax eyes on one of thepots SO THE POTS ARE WORKING*The birds have been feeding from the big feeders too
    11. 11. Tally Chart for the Big bird feeders Red Yellow Blue Green Brown 22/8/12 1 Wax eye at 2:20 23/8/12 23/8/121 Sparrow 1 Cafinch at 1:25 at 8:30
    12. 12. Tally chart for puddings pots Red Yellow Blue Green Brown 3/9/12 4/9/12 1 Wax eye 1 Wax eye 4/9/12 4/9/12 at 2:00 at 10:30 29/8/121 Wax eye 1 Wax eye 1 Wax eye at 10:30 at 10:30 7/9/12 7/9/12 at 12:35 1 Wax eye 1 Wax eye at 10:15 at 10:15 7/9 We can see the cube in the bottom of the green pot It is empty !
    13. 13. Conclusion for bird feeders*Our hypothesis was wrong. The birds are not attracted toRED feeder or any particular colour.*What we found out We found out that Birds take a longtime to get used to big new bird feeder (usually 4 days).They don’t take very long to get used to small hangingpudding pots.*The wax eyes pecked from all the little feeders and alsoate seeds from the big ones when they got used to them.They didn’t go to the red ones first and the colour didn’tmatter when they got used to them being there. The greenand brown pots were pecked at first.