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  • Technology plants Joel

    1. 1. Need or Problem How can we keep ourpot plant alive while we are on holiday?
    2. 2. Develop A Plan/ CriteriaDesign a water feeder for our ‘Peace’ pot plant.It has to last for at least a week.It has to let the water out slowly.It has to be safe so it doesn’t flood or make a mess.It has to be put in the light and not let the waterevaporate.Find out what evapotranspiration means.
    3. 3. MATERIALS NEEDEDPROTOTYPE 1 MATERIALSPlastic Bottle Screwduct tapepipewoodTOOLS I NEEDDrill
    4. 4. NOTES FOR PROTOTYPE 1I think as the water empties the pressuremakes the water come out quicker.I needed to make a stand to make it sit abovethe pot plantI needed to make a holder so the plasticbottle wouldn’t tip over
    5. 5. IMPROVEMENTS FOR PROTOTYPE 1 wood Instead of just a box I made a stand for it that holds my bottle up. I needed it higher than the plant and pot Instead of using a plank like this wood I used a block of wood like this. I used a felt pen stub and stuck it into the end of the pipe.I found out that the felt tip made my water drips slower and made my projects water last longer.
    6. 6. Test results with screw 0 turns 13 minutes 8 seconds Problem! Water going out too 2 turns 13 mins 47 seconds quickly The water still drips too fully turned -1 15 minutes 21 seconds fast Better but still it won’t fully turned 1 hour 14 seconds last 1 weekfrozen water in bottle un-tested white board tip 48hrs improvement test
    7. 7. MATERIALS I NEEDPROTOTYPE 33 ice cream containers3 pieces of pipeGlue What tools do I needDrill
    8. 8. Observation NOTES Prototype 228/8. Oh no . My glue that holds the pipe snapped off prototype 329/8.Today I found that the glue Mr . Western put on had gone soft and released andthe pipe came off...AGAIN!!!4/9.The prototype 3’s glue that I put on last night needed time to set but I needed totest so I didn’t let it dry and it got moved after I had put the water in and the pipe hadgone on a horizontal angle and...SNAPPED AGAIN!!!
    9. 9. IMPROVEMENTS FOR PROTOTYPE 2IMPROVEMENTSI used a special glue that turns into rubber becausethe ordinary glue goes soggy and releases the lowestpipe
    10. 10. Test Results For Prototype 2 glue TEST 1 snapped glue TEST 2 snapped glue TEST 3 snapped It lasted 3-4 TEST 4 days.
    11. 11. How successful are my Prototypes P M I * Glue falls off if you don’t use a* Prototype 1 has a stand strong waterproof one* Easy to make * Hard to take bottle out of the *The prototype 1 white board tip* Plastic bottle free stand to put it in the freezer test lasted FOURTY EIGHT* Recycled materials * Took longer to make HOURS. It slowed the dripping* No mess *Counting the drip ratePrototype 2 I don’t have a stand for You need to use strong* Cheap to make* Use recycled materials p’type 3 waterproof glue
    12. 12. CONCLUSIONMy best feeder was prototype _1_ It lasted for48hrsWhat next? I could try doubling the length of thefelt in the end of prototype 1. This and by usingfrozen water would make the feeder last longer. Iestimate 4 -5 days
    13. 13. Could other people use it?YES.It is safe and it does not leak.It is good for people that go on holiday and havebig inside pot pants