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Technology Conner Presentation Transcript

  • 1. NEED OR PROBLEMWhat can we do to stop cockroaches from coming into our cloak bays.
  • 2. GATHER INFORMATION ABOUT PROBLEMWe will be going around classes to see if they have anycockroach problems.we gave out notices to rooms 1,5,9,13
  • 3. DEVELOP A PLANWe are going to build two ideas from the internet3 ideas that we thought of our selfs to build.
  • 4. DESIGN PROTOTYPE 1We made a square box then we put carpet in it and we put aentry point witch was a pipe point that we put vaseline in so theycould not get out and honey and peanut so that they would getstuck and some food would attract the cockroachesHoney and peanut butter
  • 5. DESIGN PROTOTYPE 4First we got some jam jars and put vaseline aroundthe top of the jar so that they would slip and can’tget out and they would be attracted by some food. Food between bottom line.
  • 6. DESIGN PROTOTYPE 5First we got plastic bottles and cut them at the top andthen put one teaspoon of sugar and a little bit of waterto soften the tissue and we put the piece of bottle thatI cut off on the top so that they would fall in the trapand we put a cylinder of black paper so thecockroaches like it dark.Tissue in water.
  • 7. TEST AND EVALUATE• We tested prototype 1/2/3 for 3 days in room and it was alright but all of them did not work so we put them in the propogation shed and still haven’t got any cockroaches.• We also made prototype 4/5 and put them in the propogation shed for a week and a weekend and we caught 6 cockroaches in prototype 4 and none in the prototype 5.
  • 8. DESGIN PROTOTYPE 2Instead of just a putting honey on the bottom of the trapwe put honey all overtop to bottom and the trapdripped so we put some thing there witch was someduck tape and some plastic and it worked.Duck tape Honey in between lines.
  • 9. DESIGN PROTOTYPE 3The peanut butter trap did not have nothingwrong with it. Peanut butter between lines