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  • Harry science

    1. 1. Need or problemPlastic bags are a problem to the community.
    2. 2. Background infoWhy it’s a problem Plastic bags kills sea creatures It pollutes ocean and air It doesn’t rot down until 100’s of years later
    3. 3. Develop a planMake more bags made out of paperFind out what is already aroundDecide on the shape of the bagDecide on the sizeFind a box about the same sizeOpen it up to get a pattern net to traceTrace it and fold into shape
    4. 4. Design a prototypeMaterials I needNewspaperThin cardboardStringTapeGlue
    5. 5. CriteriaIt will need to be... STRONG have handles look good don’t rip easily
    6. 6. PrototypesI first made a VERY bad one from newspaper that you could barely even open, and I made it by just stapling a bunch of paper together and now I will improve that...Then I made a egg shaped one by paper mache. I made another egg shaped one but it was miniature. After that made two one big, one small out of only 1 piece of newspaper each.
    7. 7. How I made themI got a weet bix box and took it apart andcopied the pattern.Then I put it together with tape and glueAfter that I made handles out of paper bygetting strips of paper then folding themup and taping them onto the sides of thebag.
    8. 8. How I made thempaper macheOn the round ones I made paste out of flour and water.Next we blew up a big balLoon and a small balLoon.Then we the used paste to rap newspaper around the balLoons,so then we had to wait for a day for it to dry up.One day later I popped the balloons with paper wrapped roundthem, so now they were shaped like bagsSo now all I had to do was put handles on.
    9. 9. How it worked Plus Minus Interesting It didn’t It can’t hold take very It was very as much long to light heavy stuffh make
    10. 10. How it worked paper mache Plus Minus Interesting it was interestingh paper mache is paper mache that if you rap strong and it takes a long paper around a can hold more time to make. baloon and pop the baloon it will be stuff shaped like a bag
    11. 11. Test and evaluateWe went to the shop and tested the bags and they worked wellI put light things in . Tissues, cereal box, and small things. None brokeNext time they might need to be wider to fit wide things in.FUTURE- I could see if anyone else wants to usethem. Probably shops would like the Rectangle onescause they are easier to make and easier to put things in.
    12. 12. IMPROVEMENTS to my final prototype Strengthened the round bag by paper mache HANDLES- I Added strong handles that looked good too and stretchED WHEN YOU HOLD THEM I added an edging around the top to make it stronger at the top and to make it look better.