Recruiting on linked in made simple order now 2013


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Recruiting on linked in made simple order now 2013

  1. 1. Recruiting on LinkedInMade Simple!© Kathy Bernard, 2013
  2. 2. You will receive a 6-page Take Action! Guide• To easily implement the action steps• Quickly improve your profile• Immediately recruit more effectively on LinkedIn
  3. 3. About Kathy Bernard• 27 awards for communications excellence• 1,100+ LinkedIn skills endorsements• Creator of to help job seekers find YOU and to help YOU find them• Specialist: Complex concepts into powerful action steps• LinkedIn maximizer for recruiters and job seekers
  4. 4. For your eyes only• The following presentation is copyrighted and proprietary• Do not forward or copy the presentation or Take Action! Guide• A recorded version is available on• A live webinar presentation with Q&A can be scheduled
  5. 5. LinkedIn: Essential for recruiters• World’s largest professional network• 200+ million members in 200+ countries. 40% in U.S.• Active seekers and passive candidates are on LinkedIn• Your competition is using it and perfecting their game Eradicate post and pray. Through LinkedIn, you can find the right candidates ... and the right candidates can find you.
  6. 6. Here’s what I mean …• 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to successfully fill positions (Only 19% do on Facebook | 13% on Twitter)• 82.6% plan to spend more on LinkedInSource: Bullhorn (2012 statistics)
  7. 7. Informal recruiting works …• 27% of U.S. jobs are filled informally• 86% of $100,000+/year jobs are filled informally• The higher the salary the more likely it will be filled informally (through relational recruiting)Source: North Carolina State University, 2013
  8. 8. Assumptions• You have a LinkedIn account Upgraded to premium (I will discuss general benefits first)• Basic understanding of LinkedIn (If new to LinkedIn, request LinkedIn Boot Camp webinar)• General understanding of how to grow your network … but want your network to be a lead-generating machine (Top candidates, candidate referrals and potential clients)
  9. 9. Today’s Focus• Maximizing your use of LinkedIn to … o Find/engage qualified candidates o Announce the types of candidates you seek o Get unknown candidates to contact you o Build/strengthen relationships with passive candidates o Post jobs that drive response o Attract new clients o Impress current clients
  10. 10. Aspects we’ll cover include …• Pumping up your profile• Finding top candidates• Using LinkedIn groups• Building your network• Benefiting from your premium account and free tools• Using your Status Update box in powerful ways• Maximizing your LinkedIn company page
  11. 11. Throughout, I will share …• Why to take such actions• Best practices from top recruiters• “LinkedIn Star” tips that will set you apart
  12. 12. Let’s get started! Recruiting on LinkedIn Made Simple! View the full presentation as a recorded webinar for $79 per personSchedule the presentation as a live webinar with Q&A for $129 per person To order contact Kathy Bernard 314-620-1184 |