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Did you know????? One in four people over the age 75 have sight impairments affecting their ability to care for themselves safely? What does this mean to health care providers? Find out how HomeSight has enabled providers to effectively deal with the functional deficits from sight loss that can negatively impact your patient's other disease processes, adverse events and outcomes.

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Home sight

  1. 1. Your Vision with Macular Degeneration
  2. 2. Your Vision with Diabetic RetinopathyAs America ages, Diabetes is becoming increasingly more prevalent! As seniors face more andmore uncertainty with cost of medical care, we are seeing an increase in delayed diagnosis,inability to self-administer medication, and poor diet management. All of this results in a lack ofdisease management, resulting in contributing factors to related vision loss!
  3. 3. SIGHT LOSS STATISTICS• Affects 1 in 3 Americans over the age of 75• One of the top 4 causes of falls• Leading cause of long term care admittance• Exacerbates every other disease process• Increased risk of falls, medication errors, cuts, bruises, decreased orientation, and depression As a home health provider you currently have patients on your census that suffer with visual impairment and the functional deficits associated with decreased visual acuity.
  4. 4. HOW DO WE TREAT THE EYE DISEASE?• Environment Modification• Adaptive Devices• Implementation of Compensatory Techniques• Transition to Safety and Independence in Performance of ADL’sPatients with low vision can be identified using an M1200 Report. Thosepatients who score either 1 or 2 are viable candidates for low vision therapy.
  5. 5. • Immediate ROI• Better Evaluations• More Thorough Documentation• Accurate Coding and OASIS Data• Higher HHRG’s• Improved Outcomes• Decreased Adverse Events and Hospitalizations• New and Unique Referrals• Increased Quality of Life for Your Patients!Develop relationships around outcomes and casemanagement with SNF’s, LTACH’s and ACO’s, provingyour agency to be a valuable partner in helping theseorganizations achieve their goals and initiatives.
  6. 6. • Developed by Lisi Coleman, BSN/RN, Agency owner, HomeSight HomeCare CEO,HomeSight and LiveAbility• Supported by More Than 14 Years of Field Research and Development• The Nation’s First Fully Systematized and Integrated Low Vision Program• Creator of New Marketing and Clinical Strategies in Home Care Our team of experienced nurses, therapists, and marketers provide support and coaching for your organization through the stages of Implementation, Adoption, and Success !
  7. 7. • Trains clinicians, administrators, marketers and business office personnel to efficiently treat patients, bill correctly, and develop referral sources within your first 30 days of implementation!• Creates business development opportunities, as well as a specialty service line and a niche marketing program.• Provides unique Medicare referrals and admissions from current as well as new referral sources. Marketers are given entrée to previously unavailable targets as a result of HomeSight.• Empowers patients by improving quality of life, optimizing functional independence, enhancing wellness, and alleviating caregiver burdens associated with care of low vision patients.
  8. 8. • For scheduled dates and times email us at info@liveability.net• To speak to a HomeSight representative call #866-434-6901• Ready to sign with us? Request a pricing proposal : info@homesight.biz• To request pricing and a personal one-on-one consultation: info@liveability.netVisit us at our website and learn more about HomeSight andLiveAbility at www.liveability.net or www.homesight.biz
  9. 9. “HomeSight gave me my life back!” -Teresa LimerickTeresa is a loving mother, adored grandmother, loyal friend, and wonderful neighbor. She is also an 86 year old patient who livessafely and independently with Macular Degeneration in her own home, thanks to the HomeSight program!
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