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Itec final

  1. 1. Mobile Learning Synthesis Kathy Huang
  2. 2. Learning Preference• In the beginning of this class, my scores for the learning preferences survey was: reflective (1), intuitive (3), visual (1), and global (1).• As the class progressed and by the end of the semester, my thinking changed about my my learning preferences because before this class I never thought about how people have different learning preferences. I agree that we all learn in a specific way and that what may work for me may not work for someone else. It does make a difference in my personal studies now that I know about the learning preferences that people may have. Kathy Huang
  3. 3. Learning Pathway• In the beginning of the course, I choose the Mobile / Personal Learning pathway. I thought it was successful being a learning warrior because I have to understand a deeper knowledge of how to use technology to its full advantage. I understand how to use my iPhone to improve my learning during this semester. I used my iPhone to study music for my Music for Children class and it helped me understand how important and relevant music can be as a child growing up. My iPhone helped expand my knowledge of different cultural music as well and I felt no need to change my pathway because it worked to my advantage. Kathy Huang
  4. 4. Learning Activities• The activities that were done in the iPads and Tablet Computers helped enhance my understanding about what technology can do for me. It gave me a broader perspective that learning can be done anywhere at anytime. I thought the 3D brain gave me deeper understanding of how to use a mobile technology because it showed me how intuitive and simple technology could help me. I could learn about the simple key elements of a brain without sitting in a room and listening to a lecture. I think that iPads and tablet computers is the best way a group can learn together because it is portable and it could be used to learn with multiple people at the same time. Kathy Huang
  5. 5. Mobile Technologies Explored:Social Bookmarking• Before this class, I never heard about the Technology Quest: Social bookmarking and I discovered that it was an essential tool for learning because it pinpoints what I am looking for. Social bookmarking is straight forward about the information I am looking for and it was something new that I want to continue on using for my future classes. Social bookmarking assisted my learning preference as an intuitive learner because that it helped me become more organized with my thoughts and what I wanted to present to my peers in class. Social bookmarking gave me new concepts that I wanted to share with my peers. Kathy Huang
  6. 6. Mobile Technologies Explored:Screencasting• The Technology Quest on screencasting helped me explore a learning tool I alway needed in learning because many classes require presentations and this technology quest helped sharpen my presentation skills. I believe that screencasting accommodate my learning preference as a global learner because there is a method, and there is no need to jump into conclusions without seeing the beginning and middle of the presentation. It also helped assist me as a reflective learner because I was able to control what I wanted into a presentation. I believe that screencasting is an essential tool in learning because it gives both verbal and visual learners a better understanding when it is being presented. Kathy Huang
  7. 7. Mobile Technologies Explored:Multimedia• The Technology Quest on multimedia made me discover a different kind of technology that is being used to research ideas and methods through another perspective through keywords, or “tags”. Microblogs accommodated to my learning preference as a global learner because it provides straightforward details. As a global learner, I prefer to read and skim through paragraphs and get to the main point. Microblogs are perfect for my learning preference because they are direct and I do not need to jump around paragraphs. It helped my learning preference because I have found a different technique of researching ideas and methods for classes and for my future classes. Kathy Huang
  8. 8. Synthesis• During this semester, I found the mobile technology that interested me the most was social bookmarking because it gave me new concepts that I wanted to share. It made me want to look up articles more on websites like than Google because it leads me to information that I needed for learning and education purposes. The mobile technology that surprised me the most is using multimedia because it actually helped me improve in one of my classes. It challenged my learning skills and gave me a connection to my theater class as a performer. The mobile technology that did not seem to work as a learning tool was using a podcast for learning. As a visual learner, it was hard for me to learn and follow along even though I knew I could rewind. It was hard to keep up while I was trying to absorb the information at the same time. The mobile technology that I want to explore more to improve my learning is using by using multimedia because it is a innovative way to take advantage of the technology we have and use what others are sharing. Kathy Huang
  9. 9. Synthesis (cont.)• The mobile technology that worked the best for my learning preference is using mulitmedia. I am a visual and global learner and I thought that multimedia helped improve my learning in many ways. As a global learner it helped that everything that could help me learn better is through Tumblr or YouTube videos. There are many sources that can have input on what they think is correct and being a global learner, I was able to skim through what I believe was right and what I thought fit best for my learning. The benefits of having visuals like images and graphs gave me the advantage to improve and enhance learning further. Kathy Huang
  10. 10. In the Future• Within the mobile learning strategies that I have learned throughout this course, the mobile strategy that has become a learning tool for me is using social bookmarking for learning which also improved my learning. Before this class, I never knew that social bookmarking can be use to search up information while storing them into a personal space. I can see myself using social bookmarking outside of school to keep tabs of important and beneficial links to my personal goal of becoming a teacher. Many sources and websites could be useful information on child development and learning techniques for younger children. Kathy Huang
  11. 11. In the Future• The mobile technology that I will continue using for learning after this class is the multimedia because I can absorb multiple information by different sources everywhere. Multimedia can continue helping me learning about various subjects that I may come across next semester and throughout my lifetime. Multimedia can be used outside of school when I need to research on the importance of a the job. As I get closer to my future career as a teacher, I want to understand my importance being an educator, and I can understand through other’s perspective. The mobile technology that I will use for non-learning purposes is my iPad and overall avoids using it too frequently. I believe that iPads is an add on entertaining technology that could be useful on the go but not necessary. Kathy Huang