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Breast cancer affects way too many women. Do your part and take action today to reduce your risk of this disease.

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Big or small

  1. 1. Big or Small, Save Them All!←The American Breast Cancer Society estimated that inthe US in 2012 there will be,← 226,870 new cases of invasive
  2. 2. breast cancer in women← 63,300 new cases of non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer← 39,510 deaths from breast cancer (women).They also noted that the,← chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time during her life is about 1 in 8← chance of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 36.Although these statics are on a downward trend fromyears past, the disease is still inflicting way too manypeople.I can’t speak first hand about the disease, but I canclearly remember the day I got a phone call from myDad about my mother. She had a lump in her breast. The initial diagnoses was breast cancer. But a biopsywas scheduled to confirm. I was in shock and wept forhours. My head was spinning with the thought of“how could this be happening to my mother.”I went with my Mom, Dad and sister to get the resultsof the biopsy. I was in denial and never imaged theresults would come back positive. I was so shockedthat I passed out in the doctor’s office. Here I wasgetting the attention, where it should have been mymother. She was the one with cancer, but I wasn’tprepared to deal with it. I just couldn’t be strong.I have always looked up and admired my mother. Sheraised 5 kids, and we weren’t easy on her, for sure.How could this strong amazing woman be struck with
  3. 3. cancer? I was in total shock and disbelief. Wecouldn’t lose her. We still needed her!As the days past, we went to more doctorappointments. Treatment plans were presented anddiscussed. I took some time off work to be home withmy mother. She was going to have surgery. It wasnow my time to help care for her. I remember helpingher change the bandages and draining tubes; helpingher feel more comfortable; and keeping her companythrough those long painful days after surgery.My mother went on with chemo and raditation. Shehad all the bad side affects you hear about includinghair loss, fatigue, and sickness I’m happy to say it’sbeen16 years since she was diagnosed and she is stillgoing strong.Breast Cancer. I heart felt topic for us all. My family,like many others has been hit hard with this diseaseover the years. Wonderful strong women on bothsides of my family (grandmothers, aunts, and cousins)have battled the disease. Not all survived, but I’m
  4. 4. happy to say that my mother and cousins aresurvivors. I’ve also seen a friend, with young childrengo through breast cancer. Seeing her pain andsuffering, along with the worry on her children’s facesreally hit home and made me pledge to myself to workhard at leading a healthy life.My experience with this disease has scared mestraight. I will always remember my loved ones whohave battled this horrendous disease and worry aboutit afflicting me too. As a mother myself, I worry aboutmy kids growing up without me. These fears havescared me straight! I am diligent with my annualmammograms and actions I can take to help reducemy risk of breast cancer. This fear is one of the thingsthat drives to to exercise, get in shape, eat healthy,and fuels my passion for fitnessI realize that cancer can be hereditary, but I am doingwhat I can to decrease my chances of getting thisdisease. The Mayo Clinic provides some suggestionson how to reduce your risk of breast cancer,including limiting alcohol,controlling yourweight and getting lots of physical activity. If I doget it, I will be as strong as possible when I enter thering to battle it.
  5. 5. I encourage you to reflect on your life, as we celebrateBreast Cancer Awareness Month. Make changes inyour life to reduce the risk of this awful disease. Think about eating healthy, limiting your alcohol andget in shape fast to help decrease your risk. Wearyour pink and support the battle for all women!Kathryn Wong is a Fitness Coach who works with others to help them realizetheir dreams and potential. After years of putting her education, corporate careerand family first, she was unhappy with her life and body. She knew somethinghad to change. Kathryn struggled with exercise and healthy eating for a numberof years, until she found the magic combination that changed everything.Kathryn jumped at the opportunity to dump her corporate career and follow hernew passion of fitness and health, while maintaining a balanced family life. Shenow helps others who lack hope and are unhappy with their current situation. Whether you are lacking energy, drive, motivation, or financial means, Kathryn is
  6. 6. here to help you get the RESULTS you WANT and DESERVE. It’s never toolate! Let’s get in shape fast!