2011 Holiday Events at Spotsylvania Towne Centre


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2011 Holiday Events at Spotsylvania Towne Centre

  2. 2. The 2011 Spotsylvania Holiday<br />Promotional Program<br />Featuring Spotsylvania’s only<br />Million Dollar Light Show<br />Nestled into the gently rolling hills outside Fredericksburg, Virginia, lies The Village at Towne Centre. This Season The Village will be transformed into an outdoor Winter Wonderland, featuring “Concert in Lights”, the areas most unique Holiday lights exhibit set to music; a dazzling, entertaining and memorable Million Dollar LED light show that will draw in the crowds and offer sponsors and tenants an opportunity to ring in a “Record Breaking” Holiday Season. <br />Sponsored By:<br />
  3. 3. The 2011 Spotsylvania Holiday<br />World Record Setting Holiday Events<br />Complimenting the area’s area’s only nightly Million Dollar Light show, The Village Holiday Campaign will also feature, a series of Special Record Setting Holiday Events targeting key sectors of the area demographics. We have partnered with Guinness World Records, to organize attempts to set three official Guinness World Records. <br />Family Focused Special Event<br />Read For A Reason<br />Help Make History by Helping Set The World Record For… “The Most Number of Parents Reading To Their Children in a single location.”<br />Military & Veterans Special Event<br />Military Holiday<br />Help Make History by Helping Set The World Record For… “The Most Number of Holiday Greeting Cards Collected in a Single Location” <br />Female Focused Special Event<br />Girls Night Out<br />Every Wednesday Night is Girls Night Out with celebrity book signings, free Chocolate and great savings on all gift-shopping!<br />
  4. 4. The 2011 Spotsylvania Holiday<br />Multi-Platform Advertising Impressions<br />The Village Holiday Campaign will feature a Day & Night of honorarium for the Men and Women who serve our Country across all Military. The Campaign Flight shall be from November 5th – December 10th, 2011.<br />Print Advertising Impressions<br />PRINT MEDIA Total Impressions – 1 Million +<br />115K Weekly Impressions in Targeted<br />Area Military Newspapers<br />On-Air Radio Advertising Impressions<br />RADIO MEDIA Total Value – Over $150K In Media Value<br />200+ On Air Promos | 100+ On Air Commercials<br />Online Advertising Impressions<br />SOCIAL MEDIA Total Media Impressions – 250K<br />Online Social Media Ad Buys Geo Targeted On.<br />Facebook & You-Tube<br />In-Mall Advertising Impressions<br />IN-MALL MEDIA<br />Over $250,000 In Media Value<br />
  5. 5. Reach Millions of Parents in Key Markets Directly<br />Before & During National School Choice Week<br />Family Focused Special Event<br />Read For A Reason Family Holiday<br />Complimenting this awe inspiring light exhibition, is a jam-packed calendar of special events and one of a kind interactive exhibits, that will surely capture the imagination and heart of every visitor. <br />One such event is our “Read For A Reason” Family Holiday event, aimed at setting The Guinness WorldRecord for most number of Parents reading to Children. Guests can:<br /><ul><li>Meet Captain McFinn and Coral Rose two costume characters
  6. 6. Visit his real Ship, The Unsmashable in the food court. 
  7. 7. Have Photos With Captain McFinn and Friends Characters.  </li></ul>To ensure high participation in this event, we have partnered with B101.5 Radio Station to reach Spotsylvania area schools and parent teacher associations. <br />The purpose of this event is to generate parental awareness about the issue of Bullying. Through these beautifully illustrated story books, Online Store,<br />Sing-a-long Tunes, and Activity<br />Book, parents and teachers can help <br />Increase awareness about bullying. <br />Created by Phyllis Cafaro, Captain McFinn and Friends is an illustrated children’s brand featuring A Black Tip Reef Shark, a reformed Bully, and the new keeper and protector of the reef. Parents will now have the tools to teach kids about key values and Character Traits through the adventures of McFinn And Friends.<br />
  8. 8. The Official Spotsylvania Holiday<br />2011 Concert In Lights Sponsorship Proposal<br />As a Sponsor of the 2011 Concert In Lights Holiday Season, we specifically propose the following:<br /><ul><li>Official Book Partner of READ FOR A REASON and the Attempt to break the Guinness World record for Most number of Parents Reading to Children in One Location
  9. 9. “Brought to You by” rights on collateral.
  10. 10. Books-A-Million Sponsorship mention on extensive Radio, TV and Print promotions
  11. 11. Partnership With Captain McFinn & Friends event activities in the Mall in schools and and the Parade
  12. 12. Books-A-Million booth for subscriptions & promotions outside in The Village on Press Night, Opening Night, and Family Festival.
  13. 13. Rights to co-sponsor with a Publisher and create promotional activity throughout the eight weeks.
  14. 14. Custom Books-A-Million Activities on Girl’s Night Out every Wednesday Night during the Holidays. e.g: Authors for Speaking engagements and Book Signings
  15. 15. eg: Simon & Schuster’s Practical Genius by Gina Amaro Rudan
  16. 16. Simon Spotlight Entertainment: Katie Lee’s New Cook book</li></ul>(media value $250,000 incl. Radio, Print, and in Mall Collateral)<br />
  17. 17. THE 2011 CONCERT IN LIGHTS<br />PROMOTIONAL EVENTS PROGRAM<br />HOPE | IMAGINE | DREAM | BELIEVE<br />For More Information:<br />Spotsylvania Towne Centre<br />For More Information:<br />Concert In Lights Events & Program<br />Amanda Camrody – Marketing Director<br />Spotsylvania Towne Center<br />137 Spotsylvania Mall <br />Fredericksburg, VA 22407<br />T: 540-786-6660 | <br />E: marketingdirector@spotsylvaniatownecenter.com<br />Michael Ferguson – Interim VP Marketing<br />Cafaro Company<br /> 2445 Belmont Avenue <br />Youngstown, OH 44504 <br />T: 330-747-2661 | E: mferguson@cafarocompany.com<br />Kathryn Rolston – Senior Account Director<br />MADA DESIGN & DIGITAL<br />630 3rd Ave, 14th Floor<br />New York, NY 10017<br />T: 917-523-8701 | E: kathrynrolston@me.com<br />Hector V. Herrera – Senior Marketing Strategist<br />MADA DESIGN & DIGITAL<br />630 3rd Ave, 14th Floor<br />New York, NY 10017<br />T: 917-576-3889| E: hector@madadesign.com<br />Sponsored By:<br />
  18. 18. The mission of Captain McFinn and Friends is to inspire children to make a difference by doing their very best. Each adventure of Captain McFinn and Friends shows that by working together and taking responsibility for our actions and our environment, we can make our world a better place to live in, one child (and fish) at a time. <br />About Captain McFinn:<br />The World of Captain McFinn and Friends is the brainchild of Phyllis Cafaro, who since 1991 has been the Marketing Vice President of the prestigious Cafaro Company, one of the largest privately held developers of shopping centers in the United States. In 2006, Phyllis became the driving force behind the creation of the Eastwood Mall Aquarium, which has grown into a proven traffic builder and center-court attraction providing mall wide advertising and marketing opportunities. The success of the Aquarium, coupled with the inspiration of her grandchildren, motivated Phyllis Cafaro to develop the concept of Captain McFinn and Friends. Mrs. Cafaro’s goal is to expand the positive messages that enriches the lives of children, teaching them to respect themselves, others, and the wondrous world around them. <br />The Franchise:<br />Two full color perfect bound, fully illustrated story-books: <br /><ul><li>The Legend of Captain McFinn
  19. 19. Captain McFinn & Friend Meet Coral Rose
  20. 20. One Finn-Tastic Activity Book;</li></ul>Music: <br /><ul><li>There are 3 CD-s with 10 songs each</li></ul>Interactive:<br />The McFinn.com website is launching on October 30th, 2011 and will house the characters, virtual worlds, interactive games and activities for Children. The kids club “CLUB FINN POWER” will launch in November along with an online store.<br />2012:<br />Launching in 2012 is A TV Series and an In-school Captain McFinn & Friends Anti-Bullying Program<br />