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VirtualArtsTV turns the performing arts into an interactive, global event

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  1. 1. Turning the Performing Arts into an Interactive Global EventPresented to Crowdfunder, May 15, 2012
  2. 2. Business Overview • Re-inventing the performing arts for a wired twenty- first century audience so that it is Global, Interactive and Live Thereby… • Introducing new revenue streams to the $14 Billion performing arts industry In comparison, Americans spend ~$20 billion on sports admissions & ~$10 billion on movie box-office tickets. Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of CommercePresented to StartUpOneStop, May 15, 2012 pg 2
  3. 3. Opportunity: Performing Arts Market 14 Billion Dollar Industry in Crisis •  Audiences are in decline •  Employment lowest since 1990 •  Administrators struggling to raise funds •  Industry grappling with how to: •  Cultivate new audiences •  Create new revenues •  Create more arts jobs •  Incorporate new technologies Source: 1982, 1992, 2002 and 2008 Surveys of Public Participation in the Arts Presented to Crowdfunder, May 15, 2012 pg 3
  4. 4. Insights: Related Media Markets Online Video   •  Ad-spending expected to increase to 7 Billion by 2014 (eMarketer)Live-Streaming Social Media Digital Performing Arts•  Viewership grew 650% •  Reaches  nearly  80%  of   in 2010 (Comscore)" •  More Americans view or listen ac&ve  U.S.  Internet  users   to broadcasts & recordings of arts •  1.4 billion+ minutes on events than attend live (NEA) * •  Frequent arts major publishers (, •  ~40% used the Internet to view, attendees are most USTREAM, Livestream, LiveVideo & listen to, download, or post likely to be influenced Stickam) artworks or performances (NEA) by social media (LaPlaca Cohen)•  Expected to double * live theater is sole exception as it is rarely revenues in 2012 available in broadcast or recorded form" Online Culture •  78% of U.S. adults and 95% of U.S teenagers use the internet (PewInternet 2012) Presented to Crowdfunder, May 15, 2012 pg 4
  5. 5. Conclusion: The audience isn’t in decline, it’s online VirtualArtsTV   First producers of interactive, live-streamed video plays   A new model of online entertainment   Multi-camera productions of live-streamed performing arts tailored specifically to a social, online video experience equal parts -   traditional performing arts   online video   social media   live-streaming event Presented to Crowdfunder, May 15, 2012 pg 5
  6. 6. Proof of Concept First Live-Streamed Interactive Video Play Better Left Unsaid TV– January 2011Click play to be taken to highlights from Better Left Unsaid TV (1:38) • 3 performances – 50,000 unique live viewers • No marketing budget • Global, interactive audience • Viewers chose to pay more than they pay for a month of HuluPresented to Crowdfunder, May 15, 2012 pg 6
  7. 7. VATV Competitive Advantage•  A passion for the performing arts & digital media that has lead us to bootstrap innovations on live-streaming platforms since inception•  Repeatedly produced successful firsts on the live-streaming platforms•  Track record of bringing "impossible" projects to fruition Team Expertise Creative ProductPresented to Crowdfunder, May 15, 2012 pg 7
  8. 8. Management TeamKathryn Jones – CEO David B. Cohen – Chief•  Innovator on the live-streaming platforms Marketing and Sales Officer since their inception in 2007 •  20 Years in Advertising Industry•  Produced first ever live-streamed web series, webathon and interactive video-play. •  Former Communications Planning Director at OMD working on the Lowe’s, ING & Wachovia•  Former VP business development for online accounts video start-up (brands include Panasonic and Dice.Com) •  Former Partner, Group Planning Director at Mindshare on American Express & Bristol•  Worked in online video since the industry’s Myers Squibb accounts beginnings •  Consultant for AlphaSights, Digital Trends, the•  Professional actor for 20 years Neighbor Agency, Mindshare USA, Good Crush & Random Dorm (Dogpatch Labs/ Polaris•  Theatrical producer since 1998 Venture Partners) & Zenith Optimedia•  New media consultant •  B. A. Montclair State University•  Speaks about online video and social media at meet-ups and conferences throughout the •  Digital Media Marketing Professional Certificate, New York University United States•  B.S. Northwestern UniversityJoey Brenneman - CVO Erin Bigelow – VP Broadcast•  Former artistic director of the award winning Design and Technology STAR Theater/ The NiteStar Program •  11 years working in live television production•  Award winning director of both theater and •  4 years at ABCNews with the Director of video "Good Morning America•  20 Years professional stage and commercial •  Former TD/Director of CN8-The Comcast actor Network -, “Backstage with Barry Nolan”,, “Out•  Theatrical producers since 1996 of Bounds”•  Writer and director of Better Left Unsaid the •  TD/Director and Production Coordinator of the first live-streamed video-play. local NBC affiliate in Flagstaff, Arizona•  BFA, New York University •  B.A. Electronic MediaProduction, Northern Arizona State University
  9. 9. Next Steps1. Further establish VATV as go-to destination for streaming of live- performance2. Create a proprietary live-streaming platform uniquely tailored to streaming performing arts3. Enable performing arts companies and schools from around the world to VATV’s next live-streamed video play is harness the global reach of the Abstract Nude, by Gwydion Suilebhan nascent live-streamed performing arts industryPresented to Crowdfunder, May 15, 2012 pg 9
  10. 10. Business Model Four immediate sources of Year 1 Year  5   revenue: Income Income $(MM)   $(MM)   Sponsorships $0.30 $7.40 Work-for-Hire $0.30 $1.70 Ticket Sales $0.02 $0.80 Consulting $0.08 $0.20In descending order of volume
  11. 11. Competitive Analysis•  There are 5 classes of direct & indirect competition•  Companies included in our analysis include GoSeeDo, NewPlayTV, The Camden Fringe Festival, Hamlet Live, TheMet:Live in HD, San Francisco Opera, Joe’s Pub and Broadway Near YouPresented to Crowdfunder, May 15, 2012 pg 11
  12. 12. Financing OverviewKey elements: •  Plan to move to ticket sales after Year 2 •  Increase to 5 projects in Year 3 & up to 10 by Year 5 •  Added staff would include CFO (or other) & CTO (or other)Presented to Crowdfunder, May 15, 2012 pg 13
  13. 13. Thank You!