Live streaming Interactive Theater Workshops for Students


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How do we ensure that the Theater stays relevant, engaging and inspiring to today’s wired generation?

Immerse your students in the the real time evolution of theater by experimenting with new theatrical models, born of today’s technology.

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Live streaming Interactive Theater Workshops for Students

  1. 1. Theater, technology and social media in aYouTube connected world.Online Interactive workshopsexploringthe role of technology in the theater oftomorrow. 1
  2. 2. 2The Problem:How do we ensure that theTheater stays relevant, engagingand inspiring to today’s wiredgeneration?
  3. 3. 3The Solution:Immerse your students in the the realtime evolution of theater byexperimenting with new theatricalmodels, born of today’s technology.
  4. 4. 4Better Left Unsaid TVproudly presents…3 interactive, live streamedworkshops exploring the confluenceof theater, technology and socialmedia.All workshops taught by thefounders of Better Left Unsaid, thefirst of it’s kind interactive livestreamed play.
  5. 5. 5What is Better Left Unsaid? Better Left Unsaid is a new theatrical paradigm. A cross between a play, an online video and a live streamed event, Better Left Unsaid is poised to break new ground in the way that it merges theater, technology and social media. Performed in front of a live audience, Better Left Unsaid will be shot with multiple cameras, mixed in real time and streamed live to the internet so that anyone, anywhere in the world can watch the show, live, and interact with it. January 21st- February 6th, 2010 Center Stage NY, and a computer near you
  6. 6. 6"the theater community will be watching closely" - -The American Theater Wing (producer of The Tony Awards) on twitter
  7. 7. 7 Why The Workshops?In producing this first of its kind hybrid experience, we have learned an enormousamount about merging technology and theater. We are excited to share these insightswith students actors, directors, producers and designers through three live streamedworkshops: Workshop 1 - Jumpstart Your Acting Career Online Workshop 2 - The Internet and the Student Producer Workshop 3 - Live-Streaming for Student TD’s and DesignersThe interactive workshops will be streamed directly to your classroom or theater fromCenter Stage NY.All workshops will be taught by Kathryn Jones, Joey Brenneman and Erin Bigelow,veteran online producers, actors, and writers and pioneers in live streaming narrativeevents. (for bios see page 13)
  8. 8. 8"...there’s no question that Better Left Unsaid ….could signify a revolutionary moment in terms of what “live theater” really means”-The Clyde Fitch Report Shared on Facebook over 100 times
  9. 9. 9Jumpstart Your Acting Career OnlineWorkshop 1 How Students Can Use The Internet To Green Light Their Acting Careers Topics covered will include • How can the internet can help you to create the career of your dreams • What you need to know when you are producing your own work online • Social media marketing for the actor - Technology basics- YouTube, Facebook and twitter for the actor • What to look for when you are offered a role in an online production • 15 minute interactive question and answer session
  10. 10. 10The Internet and the Student ProducerWorkshop 2 How todays technology can help you grow your audience and redefine what the term theater means. Topics covered will include • What are the biggest challenges to streaming a live production to the internet • How to navigate the unions when working online • What crew positions do you need to fill, and how are they different from crew positions in the traditional theater • Glossary of online streaming terms • How social media can help you expand your audience base and build PR • 15 minute interactive question and answer session
  11. 11. 11Live streaming for Student TD’s and DesignersWorkshop 3 Everything you need to know to design and facilitate a live streaming theatrical event Topics covered will include • What technology do you need to implement a live streamed theatrical event • Video Hosting services and CDN’s • Bandwidth and Access • Cameras • Switchers • Lighting • Audio Including and in-depth walk thru of the newest NewtekTricaster, the TCXD850.
  12. 12. 12Additional Info…Every Workshop will be an hour in length and include a 15 minute interactivequestion and answer session. Students can interact via chat, twitter or video.Each student attending a workshop will receive a ticket to a live streamed,interactive performance of Better Left Unsaid, limit 60 tickets.Cost is $800 per school.BetterLeftUnsaid.tvllc has 501 (c) 3 status via our sponsorship with The Field.Workshops are available on Wednesday, January 26th, Thursday, January 27th andWednesday February 2nd, at 1:30, 2:45, and 4:00 pm.For information on a workshop tailored specifically to your school’s curriculum or production scheduleplease contact us at
  13. 13. The BLU Team 13Kathryn Jones – Producer Joey Brenneman – Producer Erin Bigelow – Assoc. Tom Concordia –Kathryn is the founder of Joey was the director of The NYC Producer Director of, the first company Fringe 2010 show, “The Timing Erin has worked in Live Tom is the officialto stream a live scripted web of A Day” , winner of the 2010 Television for 9 years in every photographer for thedrama. Kathryn has conceived of Fringe Award for “Best Overall aspect of TV, from Victoria’s Secret Fashionand produced many live streamed Ensemble”. camerawoman to Station Show, Style360, Julian Louis,and on-demand video events, Manager. She’s directed plenty Tuleh, Marc Bauwer, FYIincluding Women Respond to Joey is the founder and co- of big name bands and productions, as well asPalin and Question of the Week. producer of Above the Bridge, a interviews in Boston. She is a continuing to be a frequentThe former VP of Branded live reading series for writers member of the Directors Guild contributor to Getty Images.Entertainment for well known who live in Washington Heights of America and currently worksonline video company FYI, and Inwood. In 2005, she co- with the Director of Good Tom recently directed theKathryn has produced online produced her original play, Of Morning America at ABC in short, “Love Or…”. and is thevideo for clients that include Loss and Grace at Theater 5 in Manhattan. Erin’s directing director and producer of thePanasonic and NYC. credits also include Assistant web series “Making the Shot” Directing the Full-Length Indie which chronicles behind theKathryn has spoken at online Joey spent many years with Film, “Mortal Arbitratus” (2005), scenes activities of fashionvideo and social media STAR Theater/The NiteStar and Directing “The Vagina photographers. Tom has justconferences throughout the Program as the Artistic Director Monologues” in 2004. This is started pre-production of theUnited States, and has both where she created and directed a her initial attempt at Associate 12 part documentary ofproduced and appeared in theater repertory season of educational Producing a play, though she is “Lucumi Now” the story ofthrough out the US and as far theater. confident in her abilities to Afro-Cuban ritual migration toafield as Edinburgh, Scotland. spread the good word about the Americas for PBS Seattle. this magnificent one-of-a-kind production!
  14. 14. The Play 14 8 Lives, 8 Secrets. How Well Do You Know The People Who You Love?Better Left Unsaid, by Joey Brenneman, is a complex roadmap of a play that beginsin Central Park on a strangely warm, foggy day in November. We follow eightcharacters as their paths twist and turn in unexpected ways.Better Left Unsaid is a story about how our lives are affected by the pieces ofinformation that we choose to withhold from the people we love. Sometimes thesame secret that protects one person damages another.Better Left Unsaid has a multi-cultural cast of diverse ages and explores theuniversal themes of family, love, relationships, parenthood, honesty and fidelity.
  15. 15. 15The History"Theater people: We need You”-New York Times Digital Media Critic Virginia Heffernan in her review of “35”Better Left Unsaid follows on the heelsof Kathryn Jones’ first live streamedproduction, “35”. A first of it’s kind livestreamed web series, “35” was shot onthe tiniest of budgets but was coveredby The New York Times, The Wall StreetJournal, Mashable, blogs from aroundthe world, was featured on iTunes andhad well over 100,000 views.
  16. 16. 16Why is Better Left Unsaid Important?Better Left Unsaid….• Is breaking entirely new ground in the way it merges theater and technology• Is interactive in ways that few videos, and almost no theater pieces can be• Is written, directed and produced by women, bringing a much needed female point of view to the world of online video, a world which is almost entirely dominated by content created by men• Will more deeply engage a 21st century audience
  17. 17. 17Why is Better Left Unsaid Important? Cont….• Will allow our audience to literally become a part of the creative community via Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms and video.• Harnesses the inherent interactivity of the web• Combines the excitement of live theater with the community of live streamed video events• Is a new dramatic paradigm that could launch an entirely new dramatic form born of today’s technology• Is a funny, smart, play about how our lives are affected by the pieces of information that we choose to share or withhold from the people we love the most
  18. 18. 18Sponsors and Partners oneforty is the premiere destination on the web to help you discover thousands of tools that help you do more with your business, career or life using Twitter. Founded by @pistachio ( Change By The People® is an Apparel Company that cares about people. CBTP is proud to present its new line of Positive Messages and Positive Sayings Apparel, Hats and Accessories. "Anythings Possible" if you "Believe" in yourself and that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve. In January of 2011 Better Left Unsaid will be producing an hour long live talk back with the FringeNYC which will be marketed to the 75,000 members of the Fringe community. The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) is the largest multi-arts festival in North America, with more than 200 companies from all over the world performing for 16 days in more than 20 venues.
  19. 19. 19 For more information please visit us at BetterLeftUnsaid.tvTo register your class for a workshop contact us at 917-992-2217