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2011 trend analysis
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2011 trend analysis


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  • 1. Marketing trends 2011
  • 2. Trends of 2011• Engagement• Emotional Baggage• Take Responsibility• Great Expectations• Consideration• Projection• Mobile Madness• Social Media Maturation• Integration station• E- Everything• Nowism to planned spontaneity• Online status symbols• Social Media merchandising• Web terms and verbs• Simply social• Location, location, location• Commercial Tweeting
  • 3. Sources• Trend analysis from various websites, bloggers, trendhunters and authors 1. Acceleration Media - Digital Marketing Trends 2011 2. Bradley Maseko - 2011 trends: Social medias impact on youth marketing, media 3. Brand Strategy Insider -11 Branding And Marketing Trends For 2011 4. Dion Chang - Fluxtrends: 10 marketing trends for 2011 5. Dreamgrow social media marketing - Social Media Marketing Trends 6. B2C Marketing Insider – Brand and Marketing Trends for 2011 7. Geoff Ramsey - 2011 Trends: Content Marketing Is Critical 8. Gini Dietrich - Communication and Marketing Trends for 2011 9. Jason Fall - Three Marketing Trends 10. Kaleel Sakakeeny - Five Top Social and Marketing Trends for 2011 11. Mike Abel - 2011 trends: Growth of real meaning, real-time value Trendwatching 12. Rob Stokes - 2011 trends: Turning digital interest, momentum into action, ROI 13. Susan Gunelius - Ten Marketing Trends for 2011 14. Yoray Narainpersad - 2011 trends: SEO more challenging in 2011
  • 4. Engagement Will see more more personalised & Push vs Pull? meaningful communication e.g ‘Random acts of kindness’: Having 10‟s of thousands of „followers‟ and „fans‟ is no longer important, its quality of conversations, not quantity “ ”
  • 5. Emotional baggage Differentiation will come from emotional connections More and more are people wanting to understand the story behind a product, rather than its functional use. 2011 will have marketers recognise that connecting with their consumer lies in the way they are emotionally moved rather than the list of product benefits and information. Consumers demand irresistible experiences to attract them
  • 6. Take Responsibility Generation G (enerosity). We will see higher expectations for brands to give, donate, care and sympathise rather than just sell and take. People are more aware of eco-issues, and savvy to „greenwashing‟. Brands can no longer just stand for something, they need to have some form of higher purpose meaning.
  • 7. Great expectations Urbanisation has resulted in people becoming more and more savvy and up- to-date. Urbanites are addicted to change, and to keeping up with the trends. They‟re becoming more daring to try out new products and services. So 2011 will see brands attempt to meet the high expectations for newer, better and faster, especially for the next generation parents and tech savvy kids. “In all categories, consumers are in pursuit of the next best alternative and on-going aesthetics” Trendhunter 2011 Children interacting with Kindle Convenient & aesthetic interior design Translation glasses for the deaf
  • 8. Consideration People are „considering‟ more: Consequences ; each other; and consumption Consumers will ask: 2011 will see People rebel Where is this from? ‘smart’ against our Who makes it? Were workers treated celebs taking inability to fairly? Will it last? the limelight switch off Will I still like it breather. next year? Need vs Want Lohan vs Zuckerberg
  • 9. Projection Brands are using projective display techniques more and more for adverts/ interactive gaming/ visuals - breaks through the clutter Johnnie Walker Green Tesco World Cup
  • 10. Social media trends
  • 11. Mobile madness Culture of mobile dependency = importance of mobile marketing We will see more mobile tools (SMS, mobile display ads, applications, in- game ads, search and location-based services) used to engage, gain and keep customers. It‟s no surprise our phones are becoming like third hands. We‟re beginning to catch on and move toward abandoning laptops for phones
  • 12. Social Media MaturationAs marketers and consumers become more techno savvy, 2011 will see social media will evolvefrom experimental campaigns to social tactics that are focused, engaging and integrated Brands will be faster out the social media starting blocks as they better understand the process, monitor and prepare. They have learnt now that there is nowhere to hide, and transparency is key. “Nike Basketball’s web teaser Research features a social twist: Fans Planning who tweet #mambamoment Measurement can trigger exclusive content & be entered into a draw”
  • 13. Integration StationMarketers biggest challenge in 2011 will be to effectivelyintegrate social media and all other channels, whileensuring the content still adds value to consumerslives. The Old Spice commercial was first a YouTube success, followed by a TV ad, followed by a massive social media response campaign that got the whole world talking. Many channels used to compliment each other, but still build ONE brand message.
  • 14. E-everything „Etailing, Ebooks and Emags‟ are on the up, and as products like the Kindle and iPad make their way into the hearts of the South African market, so too will everything „e‟. Paper based communication is being made redundant, and although consumers go in-store to engage with product, they are choosing to buy online which is often at a reduced price. Etailing is going to continue to grow in leaps and bounds, and online retailers who offer unique experiences will inspire passionate users The number of South Africans with access to the Internet 51% of South Africans who have access to the Internetgrew by 15% between 2009 and the beginning of 2010 from are shopping online and 75% of those have done so in 4.6m users to 5.3m users the past three months
  • 15. Nowism to planned spontaneity Expect to see consumers rushing to sign up to services that allow for endless and Brands that make it hard to buy on the almost effortless mass sharing small screen will suffer. and mingling with friends, family, Instant gratification is colleagues or strangers-who-may- fuelled by more real-time become-friends-or-dates (the services SPONTANEITY part) MXIT BBM APP September 2009: 2 billion January 2010: 3 billion January 2011… Innovative apps let consumers bypass the web for transaction and leisure
  • 16. Online status symbols Online culture still is the culture, so in 2011 well see a rise in online status. New status symbols that straddle the real and online worlds - any kind of symbol, virtual or real world„ – will be used to show online persona and brand BRAND ‘ME’ is your guide to standing out from the crowd on Facebook with funny status updates, upside down statuses, cool profile pictures. is the second site you have to visit to get your daily Facebook fix
  • 17. Social media merchandise Social media merchandise refers to actual, physical objects following a social media theme. The rise of Twitter gifts and physical Facebook finds has increased in popularity within the passed year, signifying the true power of social media
  • 18. Web terms are verbs• This is an industry where acronyms and jargon rule. – Were way past "Google me"; now people say "Facebook me". – People on Twitter "tweet" and "DM" each other. – Blackberry users "BBM" each other. – Social bookmarkers "Stumble" their favourite sites. In 2011, social networking jargon is as sure to grow and evolve as Apples and Blackberries once grew on trees...
  • 19. Simply socialInformation overload is leading consumers to seek simplification in their lives and they will support products that help them achieve it
  • 20. Location, location, location 2011 could be the year that location-based services really take off and start to deliver some interesting options for marketers and advertisers. Location-based social media services like FourSquare and Google Latitude will plot our social interactions in real-time. People are likely to become less worried about revealing their location in 2011. With 6 million registered users, it grew 3,400% last year for some 381,576,305 check-ins broadcast their Consumers locations, offering geotargeted marketing opportunities
  • 21. Commercial tweetingKim Kardashian with five and a half millionfollowers, is paid to promote a variety ofproducts. She is frank about this exchange, andclaims she only tweets about products shebelieves in.Hiring celebrities to tweet about products issimilar to brands trying to commercialise blogs.This is the coveted space, which brands want toinfiltrate; there is immense value in being partof a consumer conversation. It is no longer how many followers but who you follow that matters. Those with influence who Tweet about you or drop brand name, is priceless.
  • 22. thank youOIL Presentation // 10