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Minutes of meeting

  1. 1. DE MESA CLAN ORGANIZATION One family. One Clan. One Faith thSUBJECT: 25 Anniversary Reunion and Date and Time: November 26, 2011 and 6:00 PM officers formalizationMeeting Nerissa de Mesa Location: Tagle ResidenceFacilitator: Eduardo Olea Jr.Minutes Kathlyne de MesaPrepared by:Attendees: Kathlyne de Mesa Nerissa de Mesa Fernie Umalay Juan Guillermo dela Cruz Alvin Kenneth de Mesa Elsa Olea Eduardo Olea Jr. Adora dela Cruz Desiree Ramos Romana Tagle Brenda Tagle Noelle Guan Nerissa Guan Jayne Katrin Marcelo Nes Francisco Roderick Tagle Imelda Dungo Leah Sta Maria Doods TagleMeeting 1. Reading of previous minutesAgenda: 2. Continuation of previous discussion 3. Finance contribution 4. Amendments of theme for party 5. Assignment of family coordinators, committees and officers ACTION ITEM REMARKSTHE MEETING STARTED AT EXACTLY 6:00 The presiding officer Nerissa de Mesa and Eoduardo Olea Jr. The presiding officers formally opened the discussion after the prayer 1. Distribution of hard copies of last two Everyone have read and reviewed the last minutes. minutes which happened last Nov 1 and Nov 5 to each representative of the family. 2. LETTER for BRO. EDUARDO V. MANALO Eduardo Olea Jr. opened the discussion Everyone listened carefully to what Eduardo Olea Jr. is and told the attendees that he had reading.
  2. 2. already the initial draft of the letter and read it to everyone. Elsa Olea and Adora dela Cruz want that in the letter it should indicate a request that if possible, Bro. Eduardo Manalo would be our officiating minister in our special worship service Everyone agreed and they are hoping but not expecting because the Church Administration has been always busy.3. LETTER and PARTY rd Last meeting everyone agreed for the 3 Eduardo Olea Jr. said that Romana Tagle is requesting for a th th of January 2011 which will be held in December 30 of 2011 for our 25 Anniversary but Elsa Bellevue Manila Olea disagreed since everyone is busy that time and it th would be no longer a 25 celebration since it will be celebrated on the year of 2010. Everyone agreed to Elsa Olea. Noelle Guan opposed on the said DATE since they are full- time employees like Nerissa Guan and other family members, her concerned is that there are rules and regulations that should be followed regarding compensation and benefits. She suggested that it would be th best if the party would be held on the 6 of January since everyone is still here and students can make an excuse for the school. Leetha Olea, Eileen Caldito and Obet Tagle are still here in the country and available for the suggested date except for Violeta Tagle. But Elsa Olea will just convince her since this is once in a lifetime celebration with the clan. (Let the convincing powers of Elsa Olea prevails  ) Everyone listened to the concerned of Noelle Guan and they agreed later on since most of the family members are working as employees. Eduardo Olea Jr. told everyone that still; the FINAL th DECISION of our 25 Reunion Party will be based on the approval date of our Special Worship Service. And the worst case scenario that we could think is that our reunion party and special worship service would be set in two different days of the month. The party might be held first and the following day would be the special worship service
  3. 3. or either of the two. Everyone is silent and agreed later on.Money TalksContribution of MoneyEileen Caldito, Jasmin Evangelista, Elsa Most of them promised to give their shares by the end ofOlea, and Leetha Olea had already given the month. Ness Francisco was added to the list the willtheir shares. Most of them promised to contribute in the family P5,000.00give their shares by the end of the month thof November 30 .Elsa Olea told everyone that we can get They asked if the food is okay. Kathlyne de Mesa said wemore discount in Bellevue Manila rather chose the cheapest buffet package. Eduardo Olea Jr. saidthan Private E Resort since we have a lot there would be a food tasting.of kids.Kathlyne de Mesa told Leetha Olearegarding what covers and how muchwould it cost in Facebook. PHP905/person.DEADLINES/COMMITTEESSince most of the member in the family is No Reactions.running out of time every member of thefamily in the clan should submit theirphotos in soft copy in CD 3R size and giveit to us on DECEMBER 10, 2011 for thePhoto Exhibit. Doods Tagle is responsible for the LETTER that will be send LETTER for our SPECIAL WORSHIP to the Central Office SERVICE should be submitted by the end of the month of Kevin Deriquito - is responsible for the Video and Photo November. shoot committee Photo Exhibit Video and Photo shoot Suzane de Mesa - Invitations/Promotions committee Invitations Kevin Deriquito and Suzane de Mesa should always communicate with the head of Program Committee Ness Fransisco. Execom, head of committees and family coordinators should always be updated and have a constant communication with each other regarding the party. Nerissa De Mesa Eduardo Olea Jr. Kathlyne Rei de Mesa
  4. 4. Kevin Deriquito Lalaine de Mesa Suzane de Mesa Nes Fransisco Mina Sapico Fernie Umalay Desiree Ramos Darleen Sta. Maria4. LINGAP/OUTREACH LINGAP – Elsa Olea and Rudy Deriquito is Everyone agrees because Leah Sta. Maria said that heading this committee but this needs an everything should be in detailed. While Romana Tagle and approval of the Church Administration Venus Tagle suggested that we can outreach personally st nd Tentative dates: Dec 29 or 1 or 2 Week who are really needy. But there is no final decision yet. This of January 2012 will still need to be discussed for next meeting.5. History and Adjournment History of DE MESA CLAN.All the gathered information will be collected and Everyone was happy, compiled. Desiree de Mesa – Ramos is in charge regarding the history of DE MESA CLAN Meeting was adjourned and parted ways by 9:00 PM Everyone end it with a prayer.