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Kathleen sparks unit 5 blogs

  1. 1. Social Media Web 5.0 Kathleen Sparks Kathleen Sparks IMKT120-1304B-01: Media Design Concepts Professor: Terry Powell November 13, 2013 Unit 5 Project Social Media and Web 2
  2. 2. Social Media Web 5.0 Kathleen Sparks The objectives of the research conducted with the differing resources from the editorial calendar is to create a successful social media and content for a business. What constitutes a successful social media site is by using the most innovative trends and differing resources of social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are several new tools that are created in social media that can increase your chances of selling your product and having increasing a solid viewer base. What’s important first is to develop your solid content, and then use the innovative tools to assist the viewer base. A solid marketing strategy is import for the layout of the content:  Create an innovative process  Develop your customer base or buyer profile  Map your content  Create your brand story  Develop your plan After the development of your content strategy, then you are ready to put together the content and create your social media site, or page. You are ready to use the new innovative tools in the differing social media spectrums for the increase of viewers, or customers. Another way to create a strong customer following is by giving free samples, contests, and by giving out branded items such as T-Shirts. This motivates customers to keep following the social media page. There are several new tools in social media that can assist you on expanding your customer base through marketing, to increasing your logistics of your marketing development. These are new tools in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to help you grow a solid customer base. Twitter has been adding media rather than having just text. There is a 6 second video application call “Vine” giving you the ability to Tweet pictures directly. On Twitter you are able to target promoted posts just to smartphones, so you can target a smartphone audience. Facebook has several tools that can be used for companies to create a unique page. The Facebook products offer a variety of services for your business with a fee. The applications range from being able to sell your products and gather stats for improvement, to creating a unique looking page that have applications that go beyond the basic abilities of the Facebook page capabilities. On Facebook you can add promotional codes, send updates on deadlines for competitions etc...
  3. 3. Social Media Web 5.0 Kathleen Sparks Linked In you can create lists of “tagged” groupings. That way you can send relevant information to your contacts rather than doing an email blast. In YouTube You can easily get more views by creating compelling thumbnails to videos. Now you are able to create your own marketing strategy, and utilize the tools of social media to increase your customer/viewer base. What’s important to keep in mind is that it may be good to limit your social media use until you have been successful in one then join another. It’s better for business to be successful in one rather than failing in several all at once.
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