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This presentation was developed to introduce a new site design and workflow process for a college website launch.

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No notes for slide
  • Update the group on the project status; mention that I’ll cover all the elements listed with the rest of the slides
  • Home page architecture; has been approved by the Oversight Committee; describe the mid-section areas
  • Home page design (re-describe some areas if need be)
  • What a second level page might look like; describe creation of templates which leads into the next slide
  • No notes needed here
  • No notes needed here
  • Web Presentation for Department

    1. 1. The New Web Initiative: What’s Going On? Kathy Long Project Manager, Student Communications School of Business, Computing and Technical Studies Department Chair Meeting 9.10.03
    2. 2. aacc.edu: Brand, new site Architecture and design are complete Will feature a content management system as a means for posting content Focuses on marketing and enrollment development Narrowing down the amount of content contributors; conducting individual meetings w/each group
    3. 3. Testimonials >> Search our site Anne Arundel Community College Success starts here. Students first. Ask AACC Interested in becoming a student? Get started now! Main Navigation Search for a course go! Full Course Schedule go! Home Page Marketing Message/Features Area What Do We Offer? Subscriber Lists Send me info on…>> Tuition & Fees Academic Calendar Events & Activities Locations & Maps College Directory Secondary Navigation Security & Public Safety Employment Contact Us Hours of Operation Send this page to a friend WAP-Enabled Site Version ADA Site Site Map Privacy Policy Distance Learning Take a virtual tour Library Services Bookstore Business and Community Outreach Why AACC? Current Student? Log onto MyAACC! Self-Assessment >> Home Page Link Messaging Area Fun Fact or Did you Know? Home Page Content – Today @ AACC Student Services College Catalog Progressive Technology Press Releases Global Nav.
    4. 4. Home Page
    5. 5. 2nd Level Page
    6. 6. aacc.edu: Process for Content Contributor Meetings Kathy Long Content Contributor Kathy Long will meet w/each Content Contributor to discuss the following: The new website architecture and where their unit/dept. fits in. How the process will work when the new site gets up. Content for this section (text? graphics? etc.) Kathy Long will architect each section and send out a diagram of what the pages might look like (no graphics; just architecture) to the Content Contributor Ajdfsajfsdajflsdaj;sdajAjdfsajfsdajf lsdaj;sdajAjdfsajfsdajflsdaj;sdaj Ajdfsajfsdajflsdaj;sdajAjdfsajfsdajfl sdaj;sdaj Content Contributor will make comments Ajdfsajfsdajflsdaj;sdajAjdfsajfsdajf lsdaj;sdajAjdfsajfsdajflsdaj;sdaj Ajdfsajfsdajflsdaj;sdajAjdfsajfsdajfl sdaj;sdaj Kathy will revise and put into web development Web developer will program data input screens Web Developer +
    7. 7. A Word about Content Management Pathos – the experience of a virtuous struggle and suffering that leads to success “Anyone who has slogged through the organizational tangle of managing workflow for a content-heavy website is familiar with the feeling of pathos.” edesign, May/June 2002 Paul Biedrzycki and Rich Hoxsey
    8. 8. Next Steps Designate someone from your department to be the Content Contributor Schedule a meeting See Process for Content Contributor meetings slide
    9. 9. Questions?