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  • 1. Child Neglect Agencies Prepared by: Afroza Akhter, Manju Mani, Mehmooda Nadir, Liping Liu, Tanima Rasul, Xiaozheng Wang
  • 2. The Children’s Aid Society of Torontocommitment:• To create an environment that promotes trust,equality, respect, diversity, openness, and honesty;• To keep children and their families safe.
  • 3. The Children’s Aid Society of TorontoMission• Prevent situations that lead to child abuse and neglect;• Protect children and youth from abuse, and neglect;• Provide safe and nurturing care for children and youth;• Advocate to meet the needs ofchildren, youth, families, and communities;• Strengthen and support families of the childreninvolved.Link:http://www.torontocas.ca/main.php/category/out-and-proud/
  • 4. The Jewish Family & Child Service• Serving the GTA since 1868;• For children under 16;• currently caring 94 children.• If a child’s safety and well-being is at the risk, JF & CSmay make the decision to take that child into their care;• To decrease problems, the JF & CS offer preventingprograms to keep families together.• After removing a child, the center works with the familyfor a safe, nurturing home.Link: http://www.jfandcs.com
  • 5. Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Program (SCAN)• Run by The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids);• Serves children under 18;• Offers care, support and assessment to children andteenagers who may have been maltreated.Link: http://www.sickkids.ca/scan/
  • 6. Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Program (SCAN)Services available:• Reviewing and assessing cases of children whoare suspected of being maltreated.• Physically examining children or teenagers to evaluateconcerns of child maltreatment.• Providing children who have been maltreated and theirfamilies with support and referrals.• Providing a psychosocial, forensic assessment ofsexual abuse concerns.
  • 7. Native Child and Family Services of Toronto• Serve Native families and children in the Toronto area, including First Nations, Métis, Inuit and all those with Aboriginal heritage.• Committed to offering the best service possible.• Founded in 1986 by concerned members of Toronto’s Native community.
  • 8. Native Child and Family Services of TorontoServices include:• The largest Aboriginal Head Start program in the Country;• Summer residential and day camps;• An Ontario Early Years Centre;• The Toronto Aboriginal Care Team (Addictions);• Youth programs including the Native Learning Centre and 7th Generation Image Makers;
  • 9. Native Child and Family Services of TorontoServices include:• Children’s mental health services and case management;• The House of Ghesig, our Scarborough branch;• Developmental services;• Youth outreach services including transitional housing.Link: http://www.nativechild.org/links
  • 10. About Durham:•Durham Children’s Aid Society has been workingsince 1905.•Provide services under the age of 16 and thefamilies who live in Durham.•Receive funding from the Ontario Ministry ofChildren and Youth Services.•The Vision is “building hope and opportunities withchildren, youth and families”
  • 11. Services include:• Investigate allegation and protect children who have suffered from abuse or neglect.• Placing children in foster homes depending on the legal status of the children’s need.• Recruit, develop, educate and support foster and adaptive homes.• Placing children for adaptation. Link: http://www.durhamcas.ca