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  1. 1. Prepared by: Group 1
  2. 2.  Nowadays a lot of chemicals are used to produce toys that lead parents and older siblings to worry about their child or younger sibling’s safety. We’ll we decide to make this experiment for ourselves, we who has a younger sibling or cousin that worries about their safety in playing. Kids are always being kids. They will play and play and often they bite on their toys which are really harmful because the toy may have poisonous chemicals that may risk the kids’ health. But how could? How could we forget all this worries? Well this experiment really helps us and will give you fun in playing.
  3. 3.  First, in every experiment we need to secure our safety. We need to use safety goggles for our eyes, gloves for our hands and wear our lab gowns to avoid splits to our clothes in making this experiment.  Assemble all your materials. Materials: water, borax, cornstarch, glue, glitters, food coloring, measuring spoons, beaker/s, stirring rod, spoon, evaporating dish and dropper.
  4. 4.  Follow the Procedure a. Put ½ teaspoon of borax to a beaker.
  5. 5. b. Next, add 2 tablespoon of warm water to the same beaker.
  6. 6. c. To the borax mixture, we will add 5 drops of food color of our choice. (if you’re not sure that you will have 5 drops of food color you could use evaporating dish and dropper like what we does. I’m not sure if the count of drops of the food color is important but we rather chose to follow the procedure.)
  7. 7. d. Then, we’re going to stir it using the stirring rod.
  8. 8. e. After making the borax solution, we’re going to set aside it. f. On a mixing bowl or beaker, put 1 tablespoon of glue.
  9. 9. g. If you want, you could add glitters onto your glue. h. Get 1 teaspoon of borax solution and put it into the glue.
  10. 10. i. Add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. j. Then stir using spoon.
  11. 11. k. Once it become hard (the mixture), you could pick it up and form into ball. l. Once you have a nice round shape, you could set aside the ball and let it dry. Wait for a few minutes. m. After 5-10 minutes, you could play your safe bouncy ball.
  12. 12. After hearing about this activity, I really don’t understand on how my group and I will perform this. We have chosen a lot of products but I prefer to have an investigatory project that is so easy. We’ll for me, as a leader and have a group mates that are all boys, I know we will have a hard time in making a project that is quite hard. I also chose this bouncing ball to really have a ball with no chemicals added and that 100% safe. Before making this project, I taught it was easy making the bouncing ball. Yet, when we’re making it, we’ve faced a lot of problems. First, we need to have warm water; I taught it was ok if we use water that is direct to from the faucet. But then, ken discovered that the borax on the solution was still in there.
  13. 13. There are white bubbled things floating in the beaker. It was the borax because it was the only thing that is mixed on it and white on it. So we need to heat water first to have that warm water. We eventually succeed in that step. The other thing that we’ve face in making the ball is by shaping it. The mixture is sticky to the gloves we used and are not shaping into a ball. We add more and more corn starch yet it remains to be like that. Until, Sir Ram told us that the corn starch is not enough. Well I haven’t told you that we’d make 2 mixtures to make 2 balls, and the both really didn’t result to a ball but a sticky. So we added 1 1/2tablespoon to the other mixture. From there it resulted to a rocky one. So we added the rocky mixture, to the sticky mixture. Well, it was successful from there, though we’ve create a little bouncy ball. It was bouncing!! 
  14. 14. In every activity, teamwork is the most important. And when we’re about to start, I’m afraid to don’t have that. But then when we’re starting, I was really shock seeing them interested in the project. From there, I could say that we really have that teamwork; we actually help in making this, in preparing, in the procedure, and in cleaning. Another thing that we’ve learned is that in all the materials that may contain chemicals, it has a ‘replace’ material that is 100% free from toxics. Like the ball played in the jackstone, it actually has dangerous chemicals, but what if we replace it with our bouncy ball. The one, who is going to play jackstone, will be free from the chemicals. Another thing is when I heard about my friend’s project. They create modeling clay that really doesn’t have any toxic chemicals and that the color is not transferring in the hand, which is one of the concerns of the authority. It also doesn’t have any unpleasant smell and really soft, that will make children or even us easy to play.We’ve learned that we could have our own
  15. 15. replacement to the materials containing chemicals and toxics. In just simply searching and applying, we could live a life far from harm and worries from this toxics and chemicals.
  16. 16. Like what I’ve said lately, this bouncing ball will really help lose our worries in the chemicals contained in toys. And this ball also doesn’t have that expensive materials needed, you just need to look at your kitchen. This bouncy ball is safe to taste, to play and to use and you’re the one who could choose for the color and design you want. This is also not hard to make yet really useable especially for like us, who have cousins and younger siblings that worries their safety in playing. We could also play this ball. And you both, making this bouncing ball, will also have the quality time together and will really have a great time creating and playing.