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This is 100% safe and we strictly use completely “White-hat” strategies. So, you don’t have worry about getting banned from the search engines or any other undesirable “side-effects”.

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  1. 1. *** Info YOGIS is the largest Internet Marketing Agency inAsia and employs more than 100 full-time professionals.We offer various specialized services related to Internetmarketing, search engine optimization (SEO), brandbuilding, social media, mobile marketing and trafficservices. Check out services below and consider us asyour online marketing agency, just like hundreds of othercompanies all over the world.
  2. 2. Consulting Services,Consult with marketing and SEO experts at info YOGIS and conquer the digitalworld. Our highly skilled expert-marketers will make the web work for you bydeveloping and implementing an effective online marketing plan, customizedexclusively for YOUR business. Search Engine OptimizationOur SEO Experts will take care of both onsite and offsite optimization of yourwebsite, resulting in top rankings for your keywords. We help you gain a biggermarket share by attracting targeted customers to your business while crushing yourcompetition on the way. Internet Marketing ServicesOur Internet marketing services are geared towards establishing your onlinepresence, spreading your marketing messages all over the Net, projecting YOU asan obvious expert and magnetically attract targeted visitors to your business so thatyou get the maximum possible RoI for every buck you spend.
  3. 3. Research and AnalyticsIf you are not in the top 10 rankings for your keywords, someone else is…and making tons of money in your absence! Our research team isspecialized in competition and keyword research. They can guide you withtheir extensive experience in using various web-analytics software. Social Media MarketingAccording to TNS, 46% of Internet users worldwide interact with socialmedia on a daily basis. Our social media experts are trained to make thebest use of the phenomenon to your highest advantage, leading to anincredible online exposure for your business and brand. Facebook-Twitter MarketingOver 750 million active Facebook users spend more than 700 billionminutes per month, reports Ogilvy & Buddy media. Learn how to unleashYOUR marketing messages to this huge audience and skyrocket your brandawareness and traffic all over the Internet. Be seen.
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing ServicesToday, people are looking for brands and businesses using their mobilephones. If your business is not optimized for mobile, you are leaving a bigchunk of your customers and losing money every single day. There are over4.5 billion mobile users worldwide. Check out how we can help. Brand Building ServicesExact Target reports that 64% online users like (or dislike) brands online.We provide branding services that include claiming your brand on morethan 300 online properties, setting up profiles, managing content andgaining precious back-links. If you have a brand, you need this. Packaged Services (popular)Hundreds of businesses in 5 continents trust us with their online marketingefforts. Check out our most popular services that are neatly packaged intomonthly marketing programs. Our experienced marketers take care of allthe back-breaking work, so you don’t have to!
  5. 5. Free Downloads,Bookmark this regularly updated section to find new eBooks, resources, whitepapers andlatest downloads related to SEO, Internet Marketing, Website Promotion, SEO Training,Website Traffic etc.Just fill your first name and regular email address to get your download for free. Yourdownload link will be sent to your email. 100% Privacy assured.Resources,Newsletter SignupPress ReleasesFree DownloadsQR Code GeneratorOnline Business Assessment and Website Audit,Get your online business analyzed by our expert marketers. Includes the most honest,comprehensive and critical audit of your website... carefully checked, researched andaudited by senior SEO and marketing specialists.
  6. 6. Why info YOGIS?*** First and foremost, you will save tons of time, efforts and money by contractingEXPERTS from info YOGIS to take care of your online marketing activities. Your SEO, SEM,Social Media, Mobile Marketing and other crucially important strategies will be handled byseasoned professionals who know what they are doing….!No Employment HasslesPay Less for More WorkA Team of Experts will Handle Your WorkNo Need To Train AnyoneSaves You More TimeFocus on Your “Core” CompetenciesA Manager Will Monitor PerformanceGet a Detailed “Monthly Project Report”Here are some more benefits of having us as your online marketing agency:-Increase in traffic to your business…!Regular, updated fresh content for your websites.High SEO Rankings for even the most competitive keywords.Optimization of your site to make more people buy = larger profits for you!Huge Leverage – Do you want to be the one person working on your business or havedozens of marketing specialists working on your business for you……!More free time to enjoy your life…..!This is 100% safe and we strictly use completely “White-hat” strategies. So, you don’thave worry about getting banned from the search engines or any other undesirable“side-effects”.
  7. 7. Our Locations………………………………………,,,,, North America Info YOGIS Technologies, LLC 105-501 Silverside Road Wilmington, DE 19809 USA T 302-407-0988 Asia Info YOGIS Technologies (P) Ltd. 775/A, 100 Feet Ring Road, BSK 3rd Stage, 7th Block, 2nd Phase, Bengaluru -560 085 INDIA T. 91-80-2642-3500/01 Australia In Association With Fighting Fathers Ministries Pty. Ltd. P.O. Box 701, Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203 AUSTRALIA T. 1800 620 706