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Online Reputation Workshop for Car Dealers
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Online Reputation Workshop for Car Dealers


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Online Reputation Workshop for Auto Dealers--Strategies for Securing Your Reputation and Building Your Social Store. Southland Motor Car Dealer Assoc. 8-10-11

Online Reputation Workshop for Auto Dealers--Strategies for Securing Your Reputation and Building Your Social Store. Southland Motor Car Dealer Assoc. 8-10-11

Published in: Automotive, Business, Technology
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  • I’ve spent my life in the car business...New thinking, Social Media connects all of it.
  • Pre-recession: fun - Post-recession: Social MediaWhen I sold cars & managed dealerships....
  • Internet has changed everything.Technology shift. Car buyers trustworthy info“Spectacular” = Blah, blah and blah
  • Facebook conversations
  • Twitter conversations
  • LinkedIn conversations
  • Yelp Social network
  • Google Places: SEO and Social
  • Google Places shift away from 3rd party site reviews.Customers are looking for good dealers. Give quality info, engage them – feel comfortable - they buy.
  • How we succeed at selling cars today. Welcome with Facebook page = Upping themCommunicate the great experience you deliver
  • Shoppers spend 11 hours online researching their next car.
  • Buyers spend most time on 3rd Party sites.
  • Most influential source for shopping= Internet2nd most: Word-of-Mouth. Social Media is word-of-mouth.
  • Speedy delivery of referring buyers.Social is buzz, people talk
  • Changes were driven first as a generational reaction to traditional marketing
  • Where Baby Boomers rejected conformity, GenY rejects pretense. Their BS-detectors are highly-sensitive and calibrated with Social feedback.
  • Tried & true selling methods that worked as recently as 2 years ago....We have to step up our game – build a community of savvy shoppers – want to buy from us
  • Interconnectivity.Have to deliver ALL that our marketing materials promiseClaims of biggest and best mean nothing when....Alignment: buyer & seller – shared values & perspectives
  • WHO You Are
  • eMarketer: 84% of Americans say online reviews influence their decision to purchase
  • Meet customer where they are. Build relationships, establish trust and convert leads to sales.
  • Handle operational changes to make Social Media marketing a success?
  • Budgets re-purposed to support managing Social Media & Online Reputation Mgmt.Cohesiveness with your team.
  • “I’m not on Social Media”. Conversations - with or without you.
  • Leverage staff contributionEngaging staff increases Social Media success ten-fold. Raving Fans
  • In-house or outsourced, Social is not a “launch it and leave” proposition.Designate a “Community Manager” Social Communication--Switchboard
  • 2minimum platforms to manageStrategy is the same
  • Next we’ll talk about HOW and WHEN to respondStory: $181.25
  • When Social Media attacks, fight back with kindness and understanding
  • Biggest challenge todayFrontline personnel first—then whole team
  • Online Rep Mgmt requires grassroots participation from your staff. Communicate consistent message7-step Strategy: Integrate
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • Online Rep Mgmt requires grassroots participation from your staff. Communicate consistent message7-step Strategy: Integrate
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • I’ve developed7 Steps
  • Embrace the fact: Employees already on Social Media.With all employee initiatives, guidance with specific policy is vital.
  • After 3 decades in the car biz and the worst recession in my life timeExciting to see Social Media bring – opportunity - create bonds with customers like never before. You can create a community of sustained relationships.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Managing your dealership’s
      Online Reputation
      Strategies for Securing Your Reputation & Building Your Social Store
      Kathi Kruse
      Kruse Control Inc.
    • 2. Change
    • 3. “I don’t like talking to a screen. I like face-to-face.”
    • 4.
    • 5.
    • 6.
    • 7.
    • 8.
    • 10. Selling Cars 2011:
      • Targeted Marketing
      • 11. Relationship Building
    • 12.
    • 13.
    • 14. Social Media is:
    • 15. What’s Driving These Changes?
    • 16.
    • 17. Consequently....
    • 18.
    • 19. Today’s customer doesn’t just buy what you sell...they buy WHO YOU ARE.
    • 20. How do you buy?
    • 21. Relationship
      = Trust
      = Sales
    • 22. The Social Shift: Daily Operations
    • 23. Culture:
      Social Dealership
    • 24. Be Proactive.
      Be Consistent.
    • 25. Staff =
      “Brand Advocates”
    • 26. Online Reputation
    • 27. Optimize:
    • Optimization:
      • 100% Complete
      • 29. Name, Address, Phone
      • 30. Website Address & Test the Link
      • 31. Load 10 Photos & 5 Videos
      • 32. Set “Service Area” Beyond Default
      • 33. Implement Process for Reviews
      • 34. Spend $25/mo for Google Tags
      • 35. Google Adwords Express
    • Optimization:
      • Claim your Business, Get Verified
      • 36. Complete Your Profile
      • 37. Load Photos & Owner Bio
      • 38. “Yelp Us Out” Process for Reviews
      • 39. Yelp For Business Owners:
      • 40. Ads
      • 41. Slideshow
      • 42. Yelp Deals
    • Negative Review
      ...Positive Experience
    • 43. When to Respond:
      • You genuinely need to make amends
      • 44. They’re missing the facts
      • 45. When the review develops legs
      • 46. The person is angry with you, not just life
      • 47. When someone else reads it & is
      offended for you.
    • 48. How to Respond:
    • Online Reputation
    • 54. KEY:
      Buy In from “Brand Advocates”
    • 55. 7-Steps to Integration:
      Train Frontline Personnel
      Email Mktg & Gmail Customers
      “Brand Advocates” & iPads
      Motivate, Recognize & Reward
      Customers & Vendors
      Video Testimonials
    • 56.
    • 57. CASE STUDIES
      How a single unhappy customer can devastate your reputation...
    • 58. CASE STUDIES
      Used Car Nightmare
    • 59.
      • Over 130,000 views
      • 60. Over 200 comments
      • 61. How did this happen? Is it Mossy’s fault?
      • 62. Put together by consumer group
      • 63. Arbitration is the agenda
      • 64. Was car disabled for the video?
      • 65. Flood vehicle?
      • 66. $8000 car
      • 67. Mossy had 3 years to make this go away
    • Effects a year and a half later…
      • YouTube video still on Google page one
      • 68. Website on Google page one
      • 69. Links on dozens of consumer sites including
      • 70. Hundreds of articles online
      • 71. Reviews on Yelp, etc.
      • 72. Customer active on social media sites
      • 73. Dealer lost 250 plus DealerRater reviews on Google Places, now shows 2.5 star Yelp rating
      How much did that $8000 car cost the dealer?
    • 74. CASE STUDIES
      • Fake Reviews
    • 75.
      • Story picked up by hundreds of sites
      • 76. Story shows on page one results
      • 77. Noted on review sites
      • 78. Fake reviews still show up on review sites
    • Potential Liability for Fake Reviews
      • FTC Guidelines:“Endorsements must always reflect the honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experience of the endorser.” and “companies are fully responsible and liable for all inappropriate actions of their employees, their vendors, and any advocates they recruit”.
      • 79. Google Guidelines: “Google reserves the right to suspend access to Google Places or other Google Services to individuals or businesses that violate these guidelines, and may work with law enforcement in the event that the violation is unlawful”.
      I Got Screwed at a Honda Dealer!!
    • 80.  
      • Picked up by thousands of sites
      • 81. Trashed dealer and complimented competitors
      • 82. GM had opportunity to rectify situation
      • 83. Potential discrimination claim?
      How NOT to Respond to an Online Review
      • Payment packing claim – told alarm and etch were a few dollars a month, was actually $25
      • 84. Went back to dealership to discuss but was told alarm couldn’t be removed because it is “locked to the remote”
      • 85. Customer called alarm company and was told that Finance Manager lied
      • 86. Posts review on RipOff Report
      • 87. Guest Relations Rep responds 3 weeks later, but well done
    • Same day, this response is posted:
      "I have worked for this company for many years.  I am not only insulted by this posting but am actually embarrassed for the individual that wrote this.  This is a great company, ran by wonderful, honest and caring people!   I have never seen anything of this nature done.  I feel after reading this posting it was written by either an ex-employee or an employee that has no idea of what they are talking about.  Get the facts and don't assume!  How dare you.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  If you had or have any should be man enough to discuss your concerns and not hide behind a fraudulent posting.  No company is perfect but I do know that the owners of this company would welcome your concerns and would work with you or towards some type of resolution.  I am remaining anonymous...FOR NOW!"
    • 88. The Rest of the Story:
      • Dealer Principal responds next day and apologizes - it was not a fake review!
      • 89. Dealer now has questionable reviews: example, one reviewer purchased 17 vehicles between November 2010 and June 2011
    • Legal issues are no longer secret. 10 years ago, the Gunderson Chevrolet case was the exception. Now most legal claims hit the web.
      Hundreds of cases show up online and on news reports yearly and become viral very quickly – recent examples:
      Backdated Contracts
      Hidden Finance Charges
      Doc Fees
      Advertising Violations
      Harassment & Discrimination Claims
    • 90. 10 Common Complaints on Review Sites
      1. Bait and Switch
      Against federal and state law
      Ads must be pulled within 48 hours
      2. Not Honoring or Hiding Advertised Price
      California law states that vehicle must be sold at lowest advertised price regardless of consumer knowledge
      3. Broken promises
      Pearson Ford case
    • 91. 10 Common Complaints on Review Sites
      4. Finance Issues – Payment Packing, Forced Service Contracts, etc.
      Tremendous legal liability in California
      5. Rude or Arrogant Behavior
      6. Mechanical Problems with Vehicle
      7. Overselling in service department
      Potential BAR claim
    • 92. 10 Common Complaints on Review Sites
      8. Improper diagnosis, not repaired correctly
      9. No communication from staff
      10. Customer attempted resolution but unacceptable or no response from dealership
    • 93. Dealing With Customer Complaints
      Have neutral party handle customer complaints
      Listen carefully to your customer
      Empathize – let customer know you understand
      Apologize to the customer, even if you feel that you have no part in the problem
      Decide what you will do to resolve the problem, and let the customer know
      Don’t delay. The longer you wait, the more frustrated the customer will become
      Check your ego at the door. If necessary give customer a concession, even if complaint has no merit
    • 94. Dealership
      Social Media Policy
    • 95.
    • 96. Kruse Control Blog
    • 97. Dealer Compliance Consultants Blog
    • 98. .
      Q & A
    • 99. Thank You!
      Social Media
      Coaching & Training
      Facebook: kathikruse
      Twitter: @kathikruse
      LinkedIn: krusecontrol
      Dealer Training & Compliance Solutions
      Facebook: jimradogna
      Twitter: @jradogna
      LinkedIn: jimradogna