Killer Tips to Master Social Selling (Digital Dealer 15)
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Killer Tips to Master Social Selling (Digital Dealer 15)



How to Leverage Social Media for Traffic, Leads and Sales

How to Leverage Social Media for Traffic, Leads and Sales



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Killer Tips to Master Social Selling (Digital Dealer 15) Killer Tips to Master Social Selling (Digital Dealer 15) Presentation Transcript

  • 10 Killer Tips to Master Social Selling How to Leverage Social Media for Traffic, Leads & Sales Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • What is Social Selling? Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • •Laser-Targeted Marketing •Digital Relationship Building •Self-Published Content Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Social Selling Goes Mainstream Study: 78.6% of salespeople who use Social Media as a selling tool outperform those who don’t. Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Study: Why Aren’t You Using Social Media? Root Cause: Lack of Formalized Training Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Consideration Stage See Think Do Audience People who buy and service cars. People who buy/service cars & are thinking they need to. People who buy/service cars, think they need to & are ready to buy right now. Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 10 Killer Tips to Master Social Selling Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 1. Cultivate a Presence Starring YOU! Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 2. Design Reflects Who You Are Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Complete Profile Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 3. Customer-Centric Marketing Don’t Sell Something, Solve Something! Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • “Giver’s Gain” Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 4. Solid Content Strategy (What you’re going to post, tweet, write about) Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • What is Content Strategy? Your mindset, culture & approach to delivering your customer’s information needs in all the places they’re searching for it, across each stage of the buying process. Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • “See” Customer “Think” Customer “Do” Customer Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • The Right Mix • 70% Personality • 20% Brand • 10% Products/Services Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Key: Staff Participation Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Awesome Tools to Save Time & Money PostPlanner Promo Code: KRUSECONTROL Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 5. Develop Your Personal Brand Who are YOU? (Why Buy from YOU) Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Who is My Customer? Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • What are My Goals? Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 6. Promotion Strategy (How you’re going to continually increase your fan base) Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 5 Tips to Grow Your Network: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Create posts that inspire people to share. Advertise on Facebook Add Social Plugins to Blog/Website Email signature Business card QR Code Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Get Followers • • • • Follow strategy Unfollow strategy TweetAdder ManageFlitter Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Keep Followers • • • • Tweet Relevant Content Often Converse Share Klout & Kred Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Know the #Fail • • • • • • Only Tweeting a URL Only # of followers matters Broadcasting Facebook ->Twitter & vice versa Lack of conversation Auto Responders Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 7. Engagement Strategy (How you’ll respond to fans & build community) Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Every Sale Starts with a Conversation Listen  Ask Questions  Support Build Relationship  Foster Leads & Sales Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • LinkedIn Groups *Consider LinkedIn Paid Version Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Spend 20+ Minutes/Day Interacting (Prospecting) Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 8. Conversion Strategy (How you’ll turn your fans into customers) Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Facebook Organic Leads Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Paid Leads using Custom Tabs Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Capture Leads: Lead Generation Landing Page Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Twitter Prospecting Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 9. Blog for Business •Likable Expert •Engagement •Influence •SEO (Visibility) •Staff Participation •Generate Leads Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Google Knowledge Graph & Hummingbird Update • • • • Next Generation of Search Knowledge (not just information) Contextual Meaning (User Intent) Word Relationship “Semantic Search” Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Local Search & Online Ratings Google Yourself! Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Best Blogging Platform: Wordpress Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Characteristics of Successful Blog • Catchy Headlines • 250 to 500+ Words • High-Quality Optimized Content • Frequent Updates • Relevant Image/Videos • Staff Participation (Crowdsource) • Comments • Contact Form Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • What Do We Write About? (Content Strategy) • • • • • • • • Customer FAQs Spotlight Local Happenings Employee Milestones Legacy Stories Dealership Causes Video Blog Customer Reviews Inventory Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Once Your Post is Published • • • • • • Syndicate on Social Media Social Bookmarking Seek out & Comment on Other Blogs Share Your Post with Target Customers Email RSS Feed & Newsletters Convert Posts to eBook Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Convert “See” & “Think” Customer with Content “See” “Think” “If a potential customer has read 30+ pieces of your OWN content, you have an 80% better chance of closing the sale.” Marcus Sheridan Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Convert “Do” Customer “DO” • Facebook Ads • Custom Tabs & Landing Pages • Conversations: Facilitate the Buy Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • 10. Measure & Analyze (How you’ll establish ROI) Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Did You Meet Your Goals? Measurement is about more than just results. It must tie back to your objectives. Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • “See” “Think” “Do” 10 Best Practices to Drive Leads & Sales 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Cultivate a Presence Starring YOU! Design Reflects Who You Are Customer-Centric Marketing Solid Content Strategy Define Your Personal Brand Promotion Strategy Engagement Strategy Conversion Strategy Blog for Business Measure & Analyze Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Be the 79% Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Check how your Facebook Page measures up! Facebook Page Self-Assessment Worksheet Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Thank You! Q&A Kathi Kruse Social Media Marketing, Coaching & Training 714.251.6440 Facebook: kathikruse Twitter: @kathikruse LinkedIn: krusecontrol Kathi Kruse @kathikruse
  • Kathi Kruse @kathikruse