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The attached presentation demonstrates some of the many service capabilities that the Shepherd Agency has to offer. Additionally, the presentation provides a sample of the some of the healthcare related projects in our portfolio.

We provide highly professional, creative services at a price that is extremely competitive in today’s challenging healthcare, biotech/pharmaceutical and diagnostic markets.

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Shepherd capabilities presentation

  1. 1. Our Mission T o s a v e t h e w o r l d f r o m t h e b l a n d a n d b o r i n g , p e d e s t r i a n a n d i n e f f e c t i v e m a r k e t i n g t h a t t h r e a t e n s t o n u m b c o n s u m e r s t o d e a t h o n a d a i l y b a s i s .Shepherd ©2011
  2. 2. Why Us? Because Of Us. We’re a group very different by background and experiences, by personality and specialties, but a group of people who just click together, and with our clients. What sets us apart from other agencies is our attitude. Our idealism. And our belief that when you work with great people, then great things happen. We have a natural chemistry that started over 26 years ago when Robin Shepherd walked away from a safe and successful career at the biggest agency in the Southeast. He felt creativity should play a larger role in marketing, and he had the vision, passion, and courage to pursue it. And that philosophy and mentality unites and drives our agency to this very day.Shepherd ©2011
  3. 3. A Creative Engine 26 Years Strong We’ve had tremendous success in the following categories – but we’ll be the first to tell you that experience isn’t everything. New ideas are. That’s why although we’re very proud of our past, you’ll never catch us resting on it.Shepherd ©2011
  4. 4. AviationBanking/FinanceB2B Davids, Goliaths, And Everything In Between.Consumer Services Some of our clients are colorful, and others more traditional. Whether they’re smallRetail upstarts, charities or Fortune 500 blue-chippers, well-known brands or respectedRestaurantsSupermarkets category players, we offer each and every company the same thing:Package DesignReal Estate A commitment to listen and learn, to push, challenge, and create ideas that will work forHealthcareEducation you, and that you can be proud to put your name on – because our name’s on it, too.TransportationAmusementSports Marketing Shepherd ©2011 Shepherd ©2011
  5. 5. America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses Creative and Analytical PharmersAmeris Bank Healthcare marketing has been a part of our agency’s DNA since practically Day 1.Anderberg Guitars We were there for the launch of Vistakon and have been launching, or re-launching,Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida healthcare products and services ever since.Centex HomesCSX Transportation With a strong background in healthcare marketing, we take great pride in our abilityFidelity Investments to provide a creative edge to everything from direct-to-physician advertisingFlorida Times-UnionJacksonville Zoo and Gardens campaigns and collateral materials, to sales rep events, detailers, in-office promotions,Lowe Development patient awareness campaigns – all the way down to sample kits and discount coupons.Merial PharmaceuticalsMurray Bros. Caddy Shack For all the recognition our creative work has generated over the years, we know it takesNational Vision more than just sharp-looking materials to succeed. We know YOUR business and yourPGA TOUR audience and can provide the resources to measure the return on YOUR investment.Sweetbay Supermarket From forecasting through targeting and segmentation, to measurable, strategicallyUniversity of Florida Proton Therapy Institute developed campaigns, Shepherd can assist you every step of the way with peer-to-Unison, A GE Company peer marketing support and smart, successful strategy and creative development.World Golf Hall of FameWorld Golf Village Shepherd ©2011
  6. 6. Case StudiesHEALTHCARE EXPERIENCEAlereAmerica’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses www.alere.comBlue Cross and Blue Shield of FloridaCollege Park IndustriesUniversity of Florida Proton Therapy InstituteW. Lorenz SurgicalLuitpold Adequan For patientsMerial with complicated pregnancies,National Vision Alere is always on call.PharmadermPhysician Sales & Service Alere is the only national obstetric nursing company forSolvay Pharmaceutical high-risk pregnancies that’s on duty 24 hours a day, every day. A Campaign with Clear Focus: VISTAKON When your high-risk patients require extra support, turn to Alere. One year after Shepherd launched ACUVUE®Vistakon A dedicated team of obstetric nurses, dieticians, pharmacists and other specialists is here to help give your patients the answers – and the care – they need, any time of day. Alere even offers a thorough range of genetic testing and counseling services. and SUREVUE® lenses, Vistakon became the #1 What’s more, Alere’s insurance authorization specialists can handleMayo Clinic the entire approval process, so you don’t have to. maker of contact lenses. To learn more or refer a patient, call 1.800.950.3963 and use code: AJOG06.St. Luke’s Family Birthplace © 2010 Inverness Medical. All rights reserved. Alere and The 24/7 Obstetric Nursing Company are trademarks of the Inverness Medical group of companies.Flagler Hospital Building Physician Allure: AlereUF & Shands (hospital) To help resuscitate a mature diabetes product aimed at high riskBaptist Hospital pregnancies, we launched a fact and opinion-finding mission among OBGYNs. We took the findings from our IDIs and e-surveys and createdNSMC (North Shore Medical Center, Massachusetts) a direct-to-physician approach that included a Referral Kit, Case Study, Sales Aid, and Patient Status Report Detailer. The results? Our work generated a 40% year-over-year growth in revenue.
  7. 7. A Cause with a Heart: Heartworm Awareness Month With the number of dogs and cats being left unprotected from heartworm disease seemingly on the rise, Merial and the American Heartworm Society tasked Shepherd with creating a consumer awareness campaign. Launched this past April, the campaign drew the participation of overTaking Florida by Storm: FRONTLINE 15,000 clinics nationwide, nearly doubling initial forecasts.Shepherd’s consumer awareness campaign drove salesof FRONTLINE brand products up 106%, and eclipsed the market shareof the brand’s main competitor in Florida.
  8. 8. Born Marketers: The Family Birth Place at St. Luke’s Hospital Selling to the Sales Force: SolvayAfter discontinuing maternity services 11 years earlier, St. Luke’s Hospital was preparing to open a new Solvay Pharmaceutical, now part of Abbott, was introducing asingle-room maternity center. Their competitors had 100% of the market, so St. Luke’s needed to build new technical platform to support the sales force. We workedawareness, preference and create demand among consumers and providers. with the company on launching the brand, complete with an introductory video, collateral, and promotional ideas.After spending time developing a deeper understanding of expectant mothers and insurance decisionmakers, we created the positioning, “There’s No Better Place to Come into the World.” The programwas wildly successful – and The Family Birth Place remains one of North Florida’s top birth centers..
  9. 9. Health & Pharmaceutical PortfolioPharmaceutical marketing is a science unto itself. Our experienceand expertise in the category, combined with our creativity, allows us Photo provided by Dr. Stephen deliver our clients’ messages loud and clear – and to generatethe results you’re after. What makes this even harder to take that this is so easy to take. 1 HEARTGARD® is well tolerated. All dogs should be tested for heartworm infection before starting a preventive program. Following the use of HEARTGARD, digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. For more information, please visit Heartworm Awareness Month HEARTGARD Plus What better way to raise the awareness Unconventional, unflinching – and a highly about the dangers of heartworm disease compelling way to build share. This ad in pets than to go right after the pet reinforced the need for heartworm prevention,PUREVAX owner’s heartstrings? Our materials strengthened the brand’s key attribute (ease ofPowerful Delivery. Pure Potency. helped the number of veterinary clinics compliance) and won Merial Pharmaceutical’sNot every product can be a simple sell, not every ad expected to participate in our “April is Global Ad of the Year honors.can be directly to the consumer. The medical Heartworm Awareness Month” promotioncommunity doesn’t usually go for cute. Fortunately, more than double.we know how to make the technical tasteful.
  10. 10. “I have worked with many agencies in mypharmaceutical career. Shepherd has developedthe best creative for Nitrolingual Pumpspraythat I have seen in the last 6 years. This especiallyspeaks volumes when one considers the agencieswho have previously worked on the brand.”Ed Schutter, President & CEO, Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(Former COO of Sciele.). Familiar Brand, New Face: Arbor Pharmaceuticals & Nitrolingual Pumpspray When Arbor Pharmaceuticals took on Nitrolingual Pumpspray, they wanted to reintroduce the product with a new A Sleeker Sales Tool: Gulf South Medical Supply campaign that highlighted its innovative Gulf South, a medical supplier for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospice and Long-Term Care formulation. Our campaign materials providers, offers a wealth of services to current and potential clients. When they asked Shepherd focused attention on the product’s distinctive to help them develop a brand-new sales tool, an interactive, customizable iPad application was packaging and strong messaging, and gave the perfect fit. Shepherd designed and built the multi-layered application, which is made to the sales force a strong foothold in new and pinpoint each client’s particular operational struggles, and offer custom Gulf South solutions. existing markets. The Robin Shepherd Group ©2010 The Robin Shepherd Group ©2010
  11. 11. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Advertising 1.Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida has Know the brand. Know the audience.multiple stakeholders, products and sales Knowing how to connect the two is whereinitiatives. Our work caters to the individual Shepherd shines.objectives of each while upholding theoverall brand values. 1. The Florida Times-Union added a snarky new section with daily doses of entertainment and irreverent news to its daily paper. The campaign targeted younger readers. It was featured in Communication Arts’ October 2007 Exhibit. 2. Anderberg Guitars is a high-end custom guitar manufacturer. Given the price tag and product, we targeted Boomers instead of young shredders. 3. Woody’s Bar-B-Q sauce is delicious, but messy – which is part of its appeal. 4. THE PLAYERS is the PGA TOUR’s signature tournament. This outdoor series sold the larger-than-life excitement of seeing the Flagler Hospital TOUR’s biggest stars swinging for history. Before we begin a project, we take the time to understand all of the objectives for the brand and deliverable. The more we know, the more relevant our work is – as was the case with our Web site redesign. Shepherd ©2011
  12. 12. 1.2. 3. Advertising 1. CSX recently developed a new branding campaign, positioning this transportation powerhouse as a champion for the environment, the future and their customers‘ bottom lines. This ad speaks to the automotive industry. 2. Fidelity Investments has a new corporate presence in North Florida. They’re facing some brand confusion (the city is already home to a major employer called Fidelity National) and a tight job market. This ad targets the region’s large military population. 3. SurfRider and John Tully Surf Camp are 2. two agency favorites; no surprise given the number of surfers who work here and the creative opportunities they offer. Surf Mom was featured in an AdWeek4. column as proof of the fading significance of the Soccer Mom demo. SurfRider was honored with a National Gold Addy and was selected for the Print Annual. Shepherd ©2011 Shepherd ©2011
  13. 13. Advertising 1. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens enjoyed record attendance each year since handing marketing chores over to the agency. The outdoor boards have been especially popular – and were selected by Communication Arts to be featured on their3. Web site. 2. Jacksonville Film Festival also enjoyed record attendance after hooking up with the agency. 1. Shepherd ©2011 Shepherd ©2011
  14. 14. Design You won’t find a house-style shoehorned to fit every client or category here. Shepherd designers bring a wide variety of influences to the table and know how – and when – to wield them. The result is a department equally at home working on corporate and edgier fare. 1. Logos. Ameris Bank, HEARTGARD 20th Anniversary, World Golf Championships, Earth Day, mark for Elemental Construction, Beaches Gallery Tour2. Shepherd ©2011 Shepherd ©2011
  15. 15. 1. Design Collateral 1. Mission House didn’t have the budget for photography. Fortunately, they did have an appreciation for a creative solution. 2. CSX poster highlighting the company’s mission statement.1. 3. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens annual spring promotion puts a special emphasis on the “and Gardens” part of the zoo. Compassion by the Sea: the Mission House Story 3. 2. Shepherd ©2011 Shepherd ©2011
  16. 16. InteractiveIguana Brand Pepper Sauces are a favorite Robin Shepherd launched the web departmentof the ever-growing hot sauce subculture. while other agencies were still trying to see ifThe illustrations are all done in-house. this Internet thing would last. The in-house team includes programmers and designers who work together to create sites that combine form and function, and function flawlessly. is a site we created for Richard Skinner & Associates. The clean look, easy navigation and use of bells & whistles that only enhance the experience instead of complicating it is something we bring to all web endeavors. Shepherd ©2011 Shepherd ©2011
  17. 17. Interactive Public was created to leverage The agency takes great pride in its creative heritage, and applies it tothe popularity of a character we created for every discipline. Take PR. Where others are content to rest on their mediaUnison Industries. Annie, a tribute to the contacts, Shepherd thrives on creating platforms that build brands andbomber nose art made famous in WWI & II, generate publicity – not just writing press releases.was introduced to out-heritage the heritageof Champion Spark Plugs famous bow-tie Murray Bros. Caddyshack hosts an annual charity golf tournament. Inicon. It worked. Our brand went from 3% 2006, we connected with American Choppers to create a chopper tributemarket share to 35%. to Bill Murray’s infamous Carl Spackler character that could be auctioned off at the event. The collaboration was featured on Discovery Channel and picked up by media outlets all over the country. (Bill Murray ended up winning the bike.) Shepherd ©2011 Shepherd ©2011
  18. 18. Public Relations FauxrillaAmerica’s Best Contacts In this day and age, creating a marketing& Eyeglasses was looking campaign that doesn’t just rely on theto generate awareness expected – and thus, the avoidable – shouldfor their Chicago area be a traditional part of every program.stores. To get it, we Fauxrilla is our way of applying guerrillatied this promotion to marketing’s attention-getting sensibilities toOpening Day with traditional media vehicles and non-advertisingdemonstrations outside outlets. Unlike guerrilla marketing, it’s paidWrigley Field and US for and more predictable – and completelyCellular Field. As a perk, legal (i.e., faux-guerilla).Chicago umps from littleleagues to the majors TaylorMade This is something we presentedwere given free exams out at TaylorMade’s Carlsbad headquarters.and glasses. They dug it and saw how it could really capture their audience’s attention in airportsWorld Golf Hall of Fame and sporting equipment stores. ExecutionInduction is a crowning is still pending.achievement for aprofessional golfer’s Sweetbay Supermarket recently begancareer. We work with the offering Genuine Black Angus BeefHall’s staff on managing products. We looked beyond the meatthe event and coordinating department for ways to promote it, andinternational publicity. came up with this grocery store divider as a way to tempt shoppers one last time before checking out. (It’s just a sticker on a clear acrylic bar.) Shepherd ©2011 Shepherd ©2011
  19. 19. Beware the 26 . The Florida Times-Union wanted everyone, especiallyadvertisers, to know that 74% of the market read the printed and onlineversions of the paper. So, with a few “pirated” TV and radio spots, a fakestreet preacher, a mysterious Web site, and billboards that appeared tobe vandalized, we put out cryptic warnings about “the 26” – which we laterexplained to be the 26% uninformed people who didn’t read the paper.The campaign quickly captured the imaginations of the community – everymedia outlet in town did a story on “the mysterious commercials” afterbeing bombarded by inquiries from viewers. That meant they ultimately hadto do follow-up stories after we revealed the TU to be the brand behind themystery, essentially selling their competitor’s product on-air at no cost. Formore, please see the case study on T h a n k y o u . 500 BISHOPGATE LANE | JACKSONVILLE, FL | 32204.4111 904.359.0981 | FAX 904.359.0808 | WWW.TRSG.NET GWINNETT COMMERCE CENTER | 3700 CRESTWOOD PARKWAY, SUITE 370 | DULUTH, GA | 30096 770-295-2314 | FAX 770-295-2321 | WWW.TRSG.NET Shepherd ©2011 The Robin Shepherd Group ©2010