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Welcome to Community Church Toddlers

  1. 1. Faith Friendship Family
  2. 2. Approximately 250 men, women and children attend The CommunityChurch. We are committed to helping each other grow in our Christianfaith and in our worship and service of God. We believe that all people need Jesus and as a church we have found that faith in Him makes a differ- ence in our everyday lives meet you! This is us. Nice to To be a church that demonstrates the reality of Gods love and power so that we can impact the people and structures of the Royal Borough of Kingston and its locality. · Jesus is our centre · Love is our goal and motivation · The Holy Spirit is our chief resource · Prayer is our key · The Bible is our inspiration · Mission is our expressionThe Community Church is part of Churches Together in Surbiton (CTS)and Churches in Chessington and Hook Acting Together (CHAT), is amember of the Evangelical Alliance and works with the Pioneer Team.
  3. 3. We meet every Sunday at The AssemblyRooms in Maple Road, Surbiton, from 10.30amuntil just after midday.Our meetings are informal, with a lively all-ageatmosphere and include a mix of music*,drama, and teaching. We seek to answer thequestions that many people are asking in aclear and enjoyable way - basing our beliefs onthe Bible.A prayer team is available on Sunday mornings The Assembly Rooms , Surbitonto pray with individuals. This team is identifiableby their badges.Groups meet each Sunday during our main meeting at The AssemblyRooms. These include a crèche for pre-school children and teachinggroups for those aged from 3 to 18. For more info on a Sunday pleasespeak to any of the other parents or the teaching staff when children go out.* Please note. We often use amplified instruments and drums as part of our worship andoccasionally this may mean that volume levels are higher than you may be used to in a churchmeeting.
  4. 4. Alpha is an 11-week course giving peoplean opportunity to explore the Christian faith.It will give you the chance to listen, learn,discuss and discover; where no question istoo simple or outrageous. We encourage everyone in The Community Church to be part of a small group that meets during the week. The purpose of the groups is to build community through friendship and to encourage one another in our journey of faith.Our parenting course offers a great opportunity to shareexperiences, learn from each other and discover someprinciples of parenting. Suitable for parents of childrenaged 0-8 years. This course is designed for any couple wishing to build a strong and lasting relationship. Each evening starts with a meal then there is a talk followed by the opportunity to discuss the topic as a couple (no group work).
  5. 5. An evening of games and activities for 10 to 13 year olds on Tuesday evenings. 6.15 to 7.15pm at St Matthews Primary School.Our midweek meeting for young people inthe Community Church. A group whereyears 8-10 can be equipped, empoweredand mobilised to have an effective gospelwitness in a fun and relevant way. MeetsThursday evenings. A weekly group where parents and carers come and chat, socialize and make friends, while their pre-schoolers play in a safe environment before taking the big step to playgroup or nursery. We meet each Thursday during term-time from 10am-12 noon in the lounge at Christ Church, Christ Church Rd, Surbiton. A fortnightly group for years 11-14.
  6. 6. Release - Counselling for the Community is anindependent charity running a professional counselingservice with qualified Christian counsellors. It is open to all regardless of age, gender, race, faith orsexual orientation. Dads Lads n Lasses runs a year round programme of events and activities providing opportunities for fathers to spend time with their children. ekend sses camping we Dads Lads and LaEvery summer we run a series of eventsat the Fishponds in Surbiton. Each eventis aimed at giving families a free, safe andfun day out. A chance for us to takechurch out into our community. Water games at Summer Breeze 2005 Barn dances, quiz nights, murder mystery dinners and jazz nights. We enjoy putting on high quality events for the Church and for our Community. Great opportunities for us to meet new people. ry dinner 1940s Murder Myste
  7. 7. The Community Church is led by an Eldership team. We also have astaff team of nine people who oversee all the different areas of churchlife. In addition, we encourage everybody in the church to get involvedby helping with church activities. Team leader Ministry oversight Elder Elder New Youth WorkerFinance officer Children’s worker starts in Admin & Events September Manager
  8. 8. Every Sunday Unit 1B Global House 10.30am Red Lion Business Park The Assembly Rooms Red Lion Road Maple Road Surbiton Surbiton Surrey Surrey KT6 7QD office@community-church.org.uk Our offices are open Monday to Friday, 9am until 1pm. You are more than welcome to drop by, have a cup of coffee and ask any questions you may have about the You can also visit us online at · Find out details of forthcoming events · Listen to talks from our Sunday meetings · Read ‘Converse’, our monthly newsletter · Download maps and forms for events Thank you for spending time reading all about us.We hope this has answered some of your questions, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Faith Friendship Family