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Song Suggestions

  1. 1. Duplicated from ‘Collective Worship Guidelines for the Primary School © Chester DiocesanBoard of Education 20094.7 RESOURCES AND A USER’S GUIDE TO SONGBOOKS AND HYMNBOOKSCore books Enhancement booksWith cheerful voice (A & C Black) Alleluya! (A & C Black)Come and Praise 1 & 2 (BBC) Everyone’s singing, Lord (A & C Black)Come and Praise Beginnings (BBC) Songs for Collective Worship (BBC)The Children’s Hymn Book (Kevin Mayhew) Kidsource 1 & 2 (Kevin Mayhew)Sing Out 1 – 4 (Gottalife Productions) Songs for every assembly (Out of the Ark) Songs for everyday (Out of the Ark) Songs for everybody (Out of the Ark) Big Blue Planet (Stainer & Bell) Sound Bytes (Stainer & Bell)Seasonal books Church booksCarol, gaily carol (A & C Black) Songs of Fellowship 1, 2 & 3 (Kingsway)Merrily to Bethlehem (A & C Black) The Source (Kevin Mayhew)Sing Nowell! (A & C Black) Mission Praise (Marshall Pickering)Songs for every Christmas (Out of the Ark) Junior Praise (Marshall Pickering)Songs for every Easter (Out of the Ark) Annual books produced for Spring Harvest/NewSongs for every Occasion (Out of the Ark) Wine/Stoneleigh/etcSongs for every Season (Out of the Ark)Carol Praise (Marshall Pickering)Easter! (Alison Carver / Kevin Mayhew)Harvest! (Alison Carver / Kevin Mayhew)‘What’s in a word ‘Harvest’’ (Alison Carver /Kevin Mayhew)‘Too Busy for Christmas’ (Alison Carver / KevinMayhew)CDs (several include music and chords)‘No pianist for assembly, no problem’ series (Kevin Mayhew) – backing tracks to popular hymnsand worship songs selected for CE schoolsLord of the Dance (Kingsway Music)All Thing Bright and Beautiful (Kingsway Music)‘New Children’s Praise Songs’ series (Kingsway Music)Come and Praise (BBC)Websites and contacts for music, CDs, midi-files, song words
  2. 2. A user’s guide to songbooks and hymnbooksHere is a list of many of the current books available for schools. The list is not exhaustive, butit may give you the opportunity to increase your stock and introduce some new and excitingmaterial into your worship.Publisher: A&C BlackA very popular and well-loved publisher who has produced vast amounts of music for schooluse. These books make a useful addition to the ‘core’ books used in a school.Title Type Description Related ResourcesALLELUYA! Enhancement Many songs reflect on Christian Words only edition forISBN: Age 7+ themes such as peace and love. children is available.978-07136199 Well worth a This book contains the ever73 look popular ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ (Paint Box)CAROL, GAILY Seasonal 43 Christmas songs grouped to Sing-a-long CD with clearCAROL Age 4-7 tell the Nativity Story making it piano accompanimentsISBN: (Flexible) useful for Christmas included with the book at978-07136579 An excellent performances as well as seasonal no extra cost44 standard worshipEVERYONE’S Enhancement Good songs for collective worship Enhanced CD with clearSINGING LORD Age 5-11 complete with guidance notes. piano accompaniments andISBN: Really useful Again a mixture of specifically printable song words978-07136637 book Christian and related themed included with the book at23 songs no extra costMERRILY TO Seasonal Christmas songs and carols from Sing-a-long CD with clearBETHLEHEM Age 5-11 a variety of traditions and piano accompanimentsISBN: Probably the cultures but all with a strong included with the book at978-07136675 most used Christian basis. Some unusual no extra cost16 Christmas and interesting examples for songbook performances as well as seasonal worshipSING Seasonal A very good collection of Words only edition forNOWELL! Age 5-11 traditional carols. The carols have children is available.ISBN: Excellent percussion parts, alternative978-07136569 Christmas voice parts and melody54 resource instrument linesWITH Core 100 hymns including some more Words only edition forCHEERFUL Age 7+ traditional favourites such as children is availableVOICE “Morning has broken” and “LordISBN: of all hopefulness”. The collection978-07136176 has been in print for a long time10 and is perhaps a little dated
  3. 3. Publisher: BBCThe Come and Praise books can be found in the majority of primary schools and are tried andtested as the best ‘core’ resource. Some hymns are a little dated and some are short of a directChristian message – but nevertheless, a good ‘standard’.Title Type Description Related ResourcesCOME AND Core “The most popular school song CD recordings of songsPRAISE Age 5-11 and hymn book ever!” 149 being performed to singCombined traditional and contemporary along with or listen to.Edition hymns and songs including useful Instrumental music editionsISBN: seasonal sections. Many good are available. Words only978-05633458 specifically Christian songs and books available. Collective17 others more general in nature. worship activity books now Some are a little dated. published.COME AND Core or 60 songs arranged according to CD recordings of songsPRAISE Enhancement popular worship themes such as being performed to singBEGINNINGS Age 3-7 Praise, People, Creation, The along with or listen to.ISBN: A good Bible and Festivals. Words only books978-05633747 standard for Accompaniments are easy to available.63 ‘Early Years’ play. Suitable for younger Activity Book also children. As with “Come and published. Praise” it is a mixture of specifically Christian and more general items.SONGS FOR Enhancement A new collection of fun songs Activity book and CDCOLLECTIVE Age 5-11 which focus on a wide range of available.WORSHIP RE and PHSE themes commonly The words areISBN: covered in collective worship. photocopiable978-05635156 Not all the songs are Christian in16 nature but are useful to go with a specific topic such as sports day, community or rules.
  4. 4. Publisher: Kevin MayhewAnother reliable and long established publisher. The resources are all well presented with anexcellent range of Christian based hymns and songs. Kevin Mayhew also publish a wide range ofvery good collective worship resources.Title Type Description Related ResourcesNO PIANIST Core As the title suggests this is an all Top 20 extracted CDFOR Age 5-11 inclusive resource for schools in collections are alsoASSEMBLY? An excellent need of a complete solution available if you need toNO PROBLEM ‘core’ book when no musician is available. provide a less expensive(Non Catholic Includes 166 of the most popular resource for when theEdition) old and new hymns and songs pianist is away!ISBN: sung in collective worship.978-1840039290 (Wordsbook)THE Core Includes 166 of the most popular Words only book isCHILDREN’S Age 5-11 old and new hymns and songs. available.HYMN BOOK Accompaniments areISBN: straightforward and are pitched978-08620994 for children’s voices. Particular35 care has been taken to address the issue of inclusive language and to avoid manipulative, archaic or pious words and phrases.KIDSOURCE 1 Enhancement A collection of 400 praise and Words only edition forISBN: Age 5-11 worship songs for children. Many Books 1 & 2 combined is978-18400331 of the songs are more available.06 confessional in nature and are all specifically Christian. Some very useful new songs and ideas included but must be used with care and consideration in an inclusive worship context.KIDSOURCE 2 Enhancement The sequel edition with an A words only edition forISBN: Age 5-11 additional 406 songs. Keys are Books 1 & 2 combined is978-18400384 again selected for children’s available.53 voices.
  5. 5. Publisher: Out of the ArkEver increasing in popularity, not least because of the excellent music and accompanying CDs,these books provide a valuable extension to the basic repertoire. The Christmas and EasterBooks are particularly recommended but all the books represent excellent value for money andinclude useful material. Out of the Ark also publish a very good selection of musical playsincluding high quality nativities.Title Type Description Related ResourcesSONGS FOR Enhancement Songs with a wide variety of styles Supplied withEVERY Age 5-11 and positive themes and catchy tunes performance andASSEMBLY which, using the accompanying CDs, accompaniment CD.ISBN: are very easy to learn.978-09519116 Some songs are specifically Christian31 whilst others are more general but still valuable.SONGS FOR Enhancement With lively music and varied styles Supplied withEVERY BODY Age 5-11 these songs focus specifically on “The performance andISBN: Body!” and relate to PHSE in accompaniment CD.978-19019805 particular.61 A few songs included are specifically Christian.SONGS FOR Seasonal Perhaps the best and certainly one of Supplied withEVERY Age 5-11 the most popular from the “Songs for performance andCHRISTMAS every…” series. accompaniment CD.ISBN: Most songs included are specifically978-09519116 Christian and whilst a few are55 eminently avoidable the vast majority are excellent.SONGS FOR Enhancement Another great selection based on Supplied withEVERY DAY Age 5-11 useful themes including some performance andISBN: curriculum areas, thought provoking accompaniment978-19019800 and good to sing.73 A few songs included are specifically Christian.SONGS FOR Seasonal As with the Christmas collection this Supplied withEVERY EASTER Age 5-11 is a valuable resource with some performance andISBN: excellent songs of varied style. accompaniment CD.978-19019800 Most songs included are specifically66 Christian.SONGS FOR Seasonal This covers a wide range of key Supplied withEVERY Age 5-11 school events in the school calendar performance andOCCASION such as Christmas, Remembrance accompaniment CD.ISBN: and Mother’s Day. Again very useful.978-19019803 Most songs included are specifically70 Christian.
  6. 6. SONGS FOR Enhancement Exciting songs that captivate the Supplied withEVERY Age 5-11 mood and colour of the changing performance andSEASON seasons in a variety of musical styles. accompaniment CD.ISBN: A few songs included are specifically978-09519116 Christian.00A COMBINED Age 5 – 11 A super new book with a great range Supplied withHARVEST of harvest material, written by a performance andISBN: number of songwriters, and drawn accompaniment CD978-19019809 together in one useful resource.05SONGS FOR Age 5 - 11 Another ‘Out of the Ark’ gem. A must Supplied withEVERY for happy singing and useful songs. performance andSINGING accompaniment CDSCHOOLISBN:978-1901980820SUNDAY’S Ages 5 - 12 A compilation of songs from the Supplied withCOOL ‘Songs for EVERY…’ series which have performance andISBN: been used successfully in primary accompaniment CD978-19019807 schools, plus 2 extra titles unique to07 Sunday’s Cool.
  7. 7. Publisher: Stainer & BellA lesser known contributor to the world of music for collective worship, this publisher’sresources are none the less worthy of consideration.Title Type Description Related ResourcesBIG BLUE Enhancement A collection of songs for young children CassettePLANET Age 5-11 to share with each other and with containing 22ISBN: people of all ages. It was prepared by a songs is available.978-08524982 group representing the main churches79 in Britain. Covers traditional Christian festivals and more contemporary themes.SOUND BYTES Enhancement A new collection of 94 songs for the Words edition andISBN: Age 8-11 21st century intended for children aged Cassette978-08524985 8 and above in school and church. Also containing 226X prepared with an ecumenical team. songs are available.Publisher: Gottalife Productions. ( Gottalife Productions was founded byhusband and wife team, James and Sally-Ann Wright in 2001. Their work is modern and verychild-friendly. A must for the school repertoire.Title Type Description Related ResourcesSing Out Core An excellent and refreshing series of CD backing tracksA series of Age 6+ books which give a whole range of and photocopiablebooks 1-4 Well worth a look modern songs to be used in school words.No ISBN worship.number – seewebsite.Sing out at Enhancement Lively new songs with a strong CD backing tracksChristmas. Age 6+ Christian message. A collection of and photocopiable An excellent twelve new songs. words selection of festive Christian songs
  8. 8. Other Publications to ConsiderThese books are not intended specifically for use in schools but do contain some useful items ifyou have access to them. In addition it is worth consulting with the local church to find outwhich books they make regular use of in worship, particularly if you are to be involved incombined events.Title Type Description Related ResourcesSONGS OF Church Wide ranging collection of Christian Combined wordsFELLOWSHIP songs and hymns, many with highly edition availableBooks 1, 2 & 3 confessional words and not designedPublished by for use in schools. However there areKingsway some useful items and these may beISBN: of use dependent on the nature of978-08606593 the school, the local church and the58 relationship between the two.ISBN:978-0854767700ISBN:978-1842911310CAROL PRAISE Seasonal / This provides a surprisingly useful Words only book isISBN: Church resource for a wider range of carols available.978-00072281 in a variety of styles. Whilst not64 designed specifically for schools it has some very good material with more complex accompaniments.MISSION Church/school Some excellent songs and hymns Words only book isPRAISE A must for school which are directly Christian in nature. available.Published by who would like A common book to be used inMarshall to link their churches. It contains many ‘classics’Pickering church/school which can be part of the schoolISBN: music repertoire.978-0007193448JUNIOR Core A book of good standards, well loved Words only book isPRAISE A really good and varied. available.Published by bookCollinsISBN:978-0007259779CHILDREN’S Core Melody line, guitar chords and word No CD backing tracksPRAISE AND An excellent ‘all sheets for many new and well loved but simple chords forWORSHIP rounder’ songs. the guitar.Published byKingswayISBN:978-18429106
  9. 9. 58
  10. 10. Top ten listsSong Title SourceADVENT AND CHRISTMASMake way, make way Kidsource 1There isn’t any room Carol Gaily CarolNow light one thousand Christmas lights Carol Gaily CarolUnto us a child is born Songs for Every ChristmasChild in a manger Songs for Every ChristmasMidnight Songs for Every ChristmasCalypso Carol Merrily to BethlehemCowboy Carol Merrily to BethlehemCaribbean Carol Merrily to BethlehemRiding Out Come & PraiseMary’s Boy Child Carol PraiseCome and join the celebration Carol PraiseLENTLord, I pray Songs for Every OccasionTo everything there is a season Come and PraiseGive us hope, Lord Come and PraiseMake me a channel Come and PraiseEASTERHosanna! Songs for Every EasterCelebrate! Songs for Every EasterEaster Jubilation Songs for Every EasterThank you for loving me Songs for Every EasterGo tell it on the mountain Come and PraiseA man for all the people Come and PraiseFrom the darkness came light Come and PraiseTrotting, trotting Come and PraiseNow the green blade rises Come and PraiseThere is singing in the desert Come and PraiseColours of day Come and PraiseHave you heard? Songs for Every OccasionHARVESTAutumn days Come and PraiseThink of a world Come and PraiseWhen you father made the world Come and PraiseLord of the harvest Come and PraisePears and apples Come and PraiseNow the harvest is all gathered Come and PraiseNow we sing a harvest song Come and PraiseI’m going to paint Come and PraiseHarvest hymn Songs for Every OccasionHarvest samba Songs for Every OccasionBeautiful World A Combined HarvestEverybody Praise Him A Combined HarvestHarvest Time has Come A Combined HarvestSing a Song for Harvest A Combined HarvestHarvest Song Songs for Every SeasonPaint Box (Cauliflowers Fluffy!) Harlequin (AC Black)
  11. 11. Church Hymns suitable for teaching to These hymns are in most modern books.children Again the list is not definitive, but the crucial element is ……Do the children enjoy singing it?Shine Jesus ShineI the Lord of sea and sky (Here I am Lord.)Servant KingAs the deer pants for the waterBe stillYou are the vineAbba FatherAll heaven declaresBeauty for brokenness (Christian Aid)Father, we adore youHosanna, hosannaCome on and celebrateJesus put this song into our heartsAll things bright and beautifulLord Jesus ChristLet there be love shared amongst usLike a candle flameLord Jesus ChristJubilate everybodyMajestySeek ye firstShalomSpirit of the living GodWe are marchingWhen he comesYou shall go out with joyYou are the king of gloryLord of the dance