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Katniss's diary

  1. 1. (Just before the Start of theHunger games)Diary of Katniss Everdeen Slideshow dairy (Multi media for The Hunger Games)
  2. 2. Monday (day before the Reaping)Sigh, today was another day in district twelve. Gale and Iwent hunting again, we had a pretty good catchtoday, enough to buy both our families something good afterthe Reaping tomorrow.I literally shudder at the thought, the hunger games has beengoing on since who knows how long! I’m still thinking if Ishould be nervous or yea…. My family could use the grainsrations that the tributes get. But is it really worth it? I can’tleave my family to go for the games, what if mom leavesagain? Who’s going to take care of prim? Uggg…. So manyquestions anyways Im still nervous about tomorrowsthought, I hope Gale doesn’t get chosen…
  3. 3. Tuesday (Reaping day)I can’t believe any of this had really happened. I got chosenfor the hunger games… well actually I volunteered for Primbut I can’t watch my own sister fight to the death with kidsmuch old than her!The made tribute was Peeta, I know him… from pastexperience I would say. Anyways I don’t think he’ll be much ofa problem.I can still see Gale’s face when I got chosen. To tell the truthnow I’m really scared to go, I’ve seen the hunger games onTV for several years now and none of the fights were pretty, Ican’t believe I have to join it. I’m going to miss everyone, justhope my family can benefit off my death…
  4. 4. After the opening ceremonyI can’t believe it! How could Peeta do that and embarrassme in front of the whole of Panem!? He said he hadalways had a crush on me… IN FRONT OF THE WHOLEOF PANEM! I really don’t know what to think of him rightnow. Yes, we got pretty popular with the crowd whichwould mean I probably have one more day to live. Yet Idon’t think I can trust him compeltely, what if it was just ashow? I can’t think so much now I’m going to have toperform in front of the game makers tomorrow and if Idon’t get them to like me, I may as well be dead beforethe game even starts. And to do that I’m going to need allthe luck I can get… Star crossed lovers… pshh….
  5. 5. (After meeting the game makers)AHHH! I’m as good as dead now, I may as well just jump ofthe building now. I really don’t care about living anymorereally. I shot an arrow at the people who are literally incharge of my life.We made a pretty big impression for the crowd this night. Ithink we were a bit rebellious though… nerver mind that, I’llshow the Capitol they’re not in charge of me!Yeah! I can be the rebelious one, show the Capitol whatwe’re made of. I don’t care about my life anyways, since theHunger games begin in a couple of days…
  6. 6. Right before the gamesI’m standing on the platform ready to head into the arena. I justhope there are trees, then I can at least live a little longer. I feelso numb right I’m surprised I can still write. Actually what Ireally should be doing is writing my will. But I’ve got a plan inmind, not a good one but pretty direct. I’m going to stay alivethe best I can, I have to do this for district twelve, mymom, Prim and Gale. They’ll be cheering on the sidelines nowand it’s my turn to take the stage. I also want to thank Madgefor the mocking jay pin she gave me.Oh and that reminds me, and while I’m at that I’m going toshow the Capitol they can’t take my freedom.
  7. 7. PicturesI’m actually lucky I have somepictures from home, and one Itook here the one of Madgespin.I guess real mocking jays aredifferent from man made ones…I’m going to be theMocking Jay for districttwelve!
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