SXSW Interactive 2011 Recap
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SXSW Interactive 2011 Recap



Highlights from Keynotes and Panels

Highlights from Keynotes and Panels



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SXSW Interactive 2011 Recap SXSW Interactive 2011 Recap Presentation Transcript

  • March 9-13, 2011 2011 RECAP Highlights from various keynotes and panels. On the following slides, click on images and links for additional information.
  • Friday, March 11th
    • This is the first year there were more signups for SXSW Interactive than Music.
    • Marketers:
    • Be professional early adopters.
    • Try to create synergy between startups and influential people – don’t get in the way.
    • Related Reading from AdAge: The Over-Branding of SXSW: How Much Is Too Much?
    Help Save SXSW from Marketer Douchebaggery Zeb Dropkin, Nihal Mehta, Ryan Daume, Ben Essen, Emily Gannet Brisk and Instagram Case Study: Great example of a brand partnering with a start-up for SXSW. Speakers: @ Zeb @ NihalMehta @ jrdaumer @ BenEssen @ EmilyGannett
  • Friday, March 11th Block Party Capitalism: Where Analog and Digital Intersect John Gerzema, Jared Hecht, Maura McCarthy, Steve Martocci, Mark Armstrong, Susan Koger Designing and building innovative, sustainable, and beautiful prefab homes. Factory tours offer visitors the chance to see the building process.
    • Start-ups:
    • The best entrepreneurs are creating products that solve consumer problems
    • Love your job!
    • Don’t wait for the funding to come in – start the business first
    • Investors should love your idea
    • Be careful who you partner with
    • First employees should plan to stay on long-term.
    Bringing indie designers, fashion bloggers, and trendsetters together. Designers post sketches before they go into production. Visitors offer feedback, vote on designs and share favorites. Speakers: @ johngerzema @ jaredhecht @ bluhomes @smart @ markarms @ susangkoger The idea that old-fashioned values like provenance, commitment, quality and authenticity are finding renewed commercial and social relevance through new technologies.
  • Saturday, March 12th Flip the Funnel Joseph Jaffe ( @ jaffejuice )
    • Jaffe asks, Is the funnel wrong?
    • Current model: chase strangers and spam people – no after sale support.
    • Marketing is not a campaign, it’s a commitment. Funnel should get bigger over time.
    • 75% of Zappos sales comes from returning customers
    • Get out of the way and let consumers talk – encourage testimonials and ratings.
    • Ideal situation: a product that sells itself.
    • Who owns customer experience? Marketing, Customer Service or PR?
    • Auto business suggestion: during a lease, the loner for the last scheduled service appointment should be the latest model.
    • Invest in human budget vs. production budget.
    • Retention is the new acquisition.
  • Saturday, March 12th Source: The Game Layer On Top Of The World Keynote: Seth Priebatsch ( @ Seth Priebatsch ) The last decade was the decade of social. It took connections between friends, family, and coworkers and put them online. It’s called Facebook. The social layer traffics in connections. The game layer is the next decade of human interaction.
    • Schools: Near-perfect game eco-systems.
    • Customer Acquisition: Free Lunch + Communal Game Play + Countdown + Email List = Groupon.
    • Loyalty: Society extends ownership.
    • LBS -> Acquisition: Big partners, big money, loosen the rules and rewards.
    • Global Warming: Slide or Game? Game! If you win the game, SCVNGR will donate $10,000 to National Wildlife Federation.
  • Saturday, March 12th Five Secrets to a Killer Elevator Pitch Joshua Baer ( @ joshuabaer )
    • Focus on the problem, the pain – get emotional
    • Get on base
    • Everyone in the company – even the programmers – should know the pitch
    • Simplify, use 4 th grade language – no jargon, use the right analogies
    • Use anecdotal data – concrete examples
    • Killer closing
    • Practice – 100x
  • Saturday, March 12th Sausagefest: Getting More Women Into New Media & Tech Rachel Sklar ( @ rachelsklar ) and Alexia Tsotsis ( @alexia )
    • Women aren’t encouraged to become programmers
    • There are career risks - struggle to balance work/motherhood
    • 11 percent of startups are founded by women, 8 percent are VC-funded
    • Many women in the work force have been told to "watch their tone"
    • Participate in the Op-Ed project
  • Sunday, March 13th Radical Openness: Growing TED by Giving it Away June Cohen ( @ junecohen )
    • “ The natural next step is to open up content to the developer community…Every time we’ve allowed people to contribute, people have surprised and humbled and delighted us… We know we don’t have the monopology on good ideas.”
    • Mission flipped; From “ultimate dinner party” to non profit model with one goal: to spread ideas.
    • After TED videos were available online they raised conference rate by 50%. The next conference sold out in one week.
    • Have to let go if you want to get your message out into the world.
    • Find visionary sponsors.
    • April 2011, will include talks recorded in languages other than English.
  • Sunday, March 13th Bend Over? Surprise! Agencies Are Screwing You Lucia Mancuso (@ lulula ) and Meghan Warby ( @ withoutayard )
    • Community managers should actually tweet/blog. They need to drink the social media kool-aid before walking through the door for an interview. Hire based on what they do not just what they say.
    • Educate clients on Social Media Strategy and train them to maintain it well.
    • Help clients create content.
    • Brands knows the brand best.
    • Social Media Measurement should based on how many people come back after the campaign.
    • Rock one channel – don’t suck at them all.
    Adrants: Age Old Battle Between Agency and Client Continues
  • Sunday, March 13th The Art of Enchantment Guy Kawasaki ( @ GuyKawasaki )
    • Likeability - smile, equal dress, shake it. Achieve trustworthiness - default to yes.
    • Conduct a pre-mortem, analyze a hypothetical failure.
    • Enchant all the influencers.
    • Invoke reciprocation - let people pay you back.
    • Customize the introduction, use salient points and pictures to illustrate ideas.
    • Sell your dream. Engage fast, many and often.
    • Prototype quickly – deliver bad news early.
    • Perfect scenario: Apple’s product apple, Virgin’s likeability, Zappos’ trustworthiness.
    Source: Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions
  • Sunday, March 13th Keynote: Christopher “moot” Poole (@Moot / @4chan )
    • The traditional message board has never changed.
    • Anonymity is authenticity. Fluid identity is a big part to 4chan’s success. No login necessary, content is not archived. 12 million monthly unique visitors.
    • Many popular viral videos, phenomena and memes get their start on 4chan.
    • Don't poke around unless you know what you're clicking on, on 4chan
    • Canvas is all about a shared experience and collaboration. Fun to upload your picture and come back later and see what others have done to it.
    • Check out the beta version of Canvas .
  • Monday, March 14th Keynote with Felicia Day ( @ feliciaday )
    • Felicia Day link bundle:
    • Key Points:
    • TV/Movies aim to please everyone. In digital, each site is like a different channel.
    • Internet community is more savvy to product placement and advertising.
    • Learn to find the art in your science.
    • Ask yourself, are you saying something unique to the web? Unique to yourself? And, who is your audience?
    • You can say what you want about women gamers and women in tech. But, this is what I do - I lead by example.
  • Monday, March 14th Quotes from The Thank You Economy: "People embraced social media because communicating makes people happy; it's what we do. It's why we carved pictures into rocks. It's why we used smoke signals. It's why ink won. And if someone ever develops a tool that allows us to communicate telepathically, we'll be all over that, too. How businesses will adapt to that kind of innovation, I have no idea. But they will, I'm sure. At least the ones I am associated with will." “ In the 1940’s, we’d have found out about the progress of our neighbor’s new wall papering project or model during run-ins at the bus stop or the Piggly Wiggly. In 1990 we might not have known about these projects at all. And in 2010, we cannot only know about them, we can see pictures and video chronicling their progress and get information about the retailers and service providers involved.” The Thank You Economy Gary Vaynerchuk (@ garyvee )
    • Summary Points
    • 1. Communicate the dream of the luxury brand
    • 2. Digital as a piece of the larger puzzle
    • 3. Tell a great story
    • 4. Be a cultural tastemaker
    • 5. Provide a trusted guide to lifestyle enhancement
    • 6. Use history as a way to push forward
    • 7. Encourage the spirit of competition
    • 8. Talk to younger luxury consumers
    • 9. Offer incomparable service
    • 10. Use digital to convey exclusivity
    Source: Digital Strategies for Luxury Brands Tuesday, March 15th The Luxury/Digital Paradox: Taking Luxury Brands Digital Marci Ikeler (@ marciikeler ) and Phillip Jackson (@ PhilAugustaJ ) Leverage digital to define luxury, curate content, and develop a world of aspiration. Audi: Release the Hounds
  • Source: Building a Connected Brand Tuesday, March 15th Real-time Marketing in a Connected World Adam Lavelle ( @ ALavelle ), Angela LoSasso ( @ AngelaLoSasso ), Siobhan Quinn ( @ siobhanquinn )
    • Social shopping will be driven more and more by your networks purchasing behavior.
    • Owned, influenced and observed content strategy mix required
    • Brands need to develop a toolkit for their strategy first, then execute in a real-time context.
    • Consumer opt in is key to building trust in real-time marketing
    • Authenticity is key to humanizing the brand.
    • As long as people know you are working to fix problems, customers are much more forgiving about issues. Humanize the brand.
    Today, brands, media and audiences are equal participants in an ecosystem where each party is both a content creator and distributor.
    • If you enjoyed the Barnes & Noble bookstore, check out the list of featured books .
    • SXSW twitter list of notable attendees .
    • See you soon!
    • Thanks! Katherine J Garcia | @ KatherineJulia
    Final Thoughts…