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  • Facebook is fundamentally about relationships. The people who like your Page are saying that they want a relationship with you. This connection allows you to build and deepen relationships with your most loyal customers and allows them to spread the word about your brand to their friends. Because of the information people share about themselves on Facebook, you can create highly custom and personalized experiences to drive engagement and loyalty over time.
  • Facebook Business Pages

    1. 1. Soci@lite Facebook Business Pages by Katherine Hanson Soci@liteThe only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about (Oscar Wilde)
    2. 2. Soci@lite is the nation’s Social Media Sweetheart! UK’s most popular social network - 49% of us have a Facebook account 500 million hours will be spent on the site every month during 2012 Over 50% market share of all visits to Social Networking sites 29% of Facebook users are aged 35 to 44 – not under 18! 56% of consumers will recommend a brand after becoming a fan 3.5 billion+ pieces of content are shared every week 800 million+ active users with 200 million+ new users in 2011 alone Over 300,000 businesses have a Facebook presence - 1/3 are small businesses Facebook Business Pages are becoming ‘second homepages’ for many businesses(Sources: Mashable, Hubspot & Social Media Examiner)
    3. 3. Soci@lite
    4. 4. Soci@liteThere are really only THREE STEPS:BUILD Find people interested in your products or serviceENGAGE Capture information with an ethical bribe for name & email address Stay in touch and create a valuable exchangeAMPLIFY Post content not adverts, e.g. articles, blogs, comments, etc.
    5. 5. Soci@lite Why a Facebook Business Page? Long-term marketing asset - more Likes & Comments mean more newsfeeds appearances Ask questions and obtain instant feedback from customers, peers & prospects Be seen as a ‘trusted adviser’ and an authority in your industry (thought leadership) Build loyalty and strengthen relationships Create a permanent audit trail of activity - crucial for testimonials & referrals Capture new leads & increase your following - 85% of fans are not local to their businesses Generate awareness, leverage recommendations and word of mouth Reach markets you may not otherwise have access to The more active your business appears to be the more you will be seen as open & honest(Source: Facebook 2012 - Facebook: Building Essential Connections)
    6. 6. Soci@liteDifferences between a Page and a Profile? Pages offer more robust features for businesses & brands Pages have Likes not friends Likes only count from an individual NOT a Page You may only create Pages for organisations of which you are an authorised representative Fans cannot see your Profile (unless you make yourself a Featured Administrator) Pages are not separate Facebook accounts, merely different entities on the site You can add Administrators to help you manage your Page (with a separate log-in)
    7. 7. Soci@liteTake advantage of tools & features that Profiles don’t offer Treat your Page as a stand-alone website and build on it via participation Set up a welcome section so people know what they can expect from following you Enable followers to sign-up to your Newsletter/contact list Create Facebook events - invitations will not be restricted to just your existing contacts Utilise Facebook’s free widgets and Apps (e.g. Like/Share buttons) Facebook Adverts – you can set an infinitesimal daily budget for this Express your identity with features like Cover Photo and Page timeline Reach & Engage your audience on the web and on mobile Respond to people in a more personal way
    8. 8. Soci@liteWhat should you Post to Facebook? Like all Social Media, Facebook interaction is ultimately about solving readers problems Posting wins when it’s full of passion and helpful information Make personal stories into lessons - People do business with People Resources your customers find helpful, such as reviews and links Tutorials or ‘How To’ articles Calls to Action/Ethical Bribes, e.g. Download free e-book or attend a webinar Frequently asked questions Reviews of industry trends Products/Service price comparisons
    9. 9. Soci@liteTypes of Facebook Pages
    10. 10. Promote your Page & encourage Likes in as many ways asSoci@lite possible:e.g. Email Signature, Business Cards, Newsletter, Social Media Channels, before viewing your Site:
    11. 11. Soci@lite Cover photo – use one that captures the essence of your brand & showcases your product or service – use a logo that people associate with your business Use a consistent profile picture that scales well from 180x180 to 32x32 pixels. Your profile picture follows your business on Facebook as a thumbnail image in newsfeed stories, ads & sponsored stories Your photos, events, and custom apps are now easier for people to findAlways include your website urlat the start Followers can sign up for your Newsletter direct from Facebook
    12. 12. Make your Page posts visually engaging. While a diverse set ofpost types is important, posts including a photo album or picture Soci@litecan generate 2x more engagement than other post types. People can see how their friends are engaging with your Page Post regularly on your Page to reach your audience & drive engagement Anchor the most important story to the top of your Page for up to 7 days Highlight important stories and hide stories that aren’t as engaging or relevant
    13. 13. Soci@lite Include a Call to Action here List up to 4 websites here Feature Page Owners here so fans knowAlways include your website url at the start who the person behind the business is
    14. 14. Soci@liteValue of ExchangeThe relationship between your brand, employees & consumers which is more than justa single transaction or subscription 9. You will be seen as an expert 8. Offer your products & services 7. Builds trust 6. Increases familiarity 5. Creates visibility 4. You can demand higher prices 3. Builds new relationships 2. Increases referrals 1. Makes you credible
    15. 15. Soci@liteSocial Media success! 9. You will be seen as an expert 8. Offer your products & services 7. Builds trust 6. Increases familiarity 5. Creates visibility 4. You can demand higher prices 3. Builds new relationships 2. Increases referrals 1. Makes you credible
    16. 16. Soci@liteSummary Facebook is online word of mouth (like all Social Media) Content is King - the more you post the more you will be found Facebook provides free PR & instant feedback People trust online recommendations over advertising (Amazon) Spreads messages to those who want to hear what you have to say Value Of Exchange rather than Return On Investment Engage and share with customers and peers Grow your Likes via Facebook Ads & Social Networking The more active you are on Facebook the more likely it is users are seeing your brand & content Doing business with people that know, like & trust you will make money - Social Media is merely the platform!
    17. 17. Soci@lite Thank YouTo discuss Social Media in more detail or for or a copy of this presentation please email katherine@social-ite.info or contact me below www.facebook.com/socialiteconsultancy www.linkedin.com/company/social-ite www.twitter.com/so_cialite www.yoursocialmediator.wordpress.com