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Kathalaya's Story

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Kathalaya - Our Story

  2. 2. The Story of Our Birth
  3. 3. The Story of Our Birth
  4. 4. The Story of Our Birth
  5. 5. From the ‘house of books’ To the ‘house of stories’
  6. 6. Kathalaya’s VisionMake a positive change in education
  7. 7. Kathalaya’s Mission• To create effective Teaching-Learning curricula using stories as a foundation and tool in education.• Research and Revival of Storytelling traditions and ancient knowledge systems• To locate the traditions of Storytelling in their correct social and historical perspective• Establish an Academy of Storytelling with regular Certificate and Diploma Training Courses
  8. 8. Academy of Storytelling • To create visionaries in the field of education • Train story educators for schools Basic & Diploma courses • Integrate innovative techniques for quality education
  9. 9. Academy of Storytelling • To explore the strengths of the participant both as an individual as well as a story teller • Courses affiliated to Scottish Storytelling Centre, UK
  10. 10. Teacher Training Workshop • The importance of storytelling in education • Narratives, plots & genres • Folklore traditions in the contemporary context • Integrating stories with concepts
  11. 11. Teacher Training Workshop • Learning how to become a storyteller • Listening, Voice modulation, • Body language, Story structure • Creativity, How & Why Stories • Childhood Stories, Presentations
  12. 12. Elements of Teacher Training • Picture Stories • Mime • Voice Modulation
  13. 13. Elements of Teacher Training • Shadow Play & Toy Theatre • Masks • Puppet Theatre
  14. 14. Curriculum & Consultancy • Curriculum & training for B.Ed. & M.Ed. teachers • Integrating storytelling into Arts Education • Setting up story rooms, customized curriculums for schools with different teaching philosophies
  15. 15. Workshops for Children • Inculcate love for stories & stimulate reading habits • Introduce to rich cultural diversity, folk arts, tradition • Bridge communication gaps • Stimulate curiosity , learning and imagination • Exposure to values
  16. 16. Workshops for Children • Storytelling • Related activities – like puppetry, mask making, chitrakatha, music, songs and role play and voice modulation
  17. 17. Weekly Story Classes in School • Integrate stories with curriculum • Making learning fun, interesting and permanent
  18. 18. Weekly Story Classes in School • Connecting concepts to stories • Research , Reference & Reading • Preparing lesson plans, Story cards and Story kits • Worksheets & Activities
  19. 19. Story Plan Topic EVSStory Title Dew Drop StoryConcept The Living WorldLesson Plants around us: their colors and characteristicsStory Dew Drop StoryObjective Know flowers and their characteristics.Method Flannel Board 3 Questions to introduce story with possibleIntroduction answersFollow up • Name few flowers and their colorActivity • Draw flowers, and scene from the storyMaterial Story, flannel board
  20. 20. Outreach Program • Rural / Municipal Schools • NGOs • Special Needs Kids • Cancer Patients
  21. 21. Storytelling Festivals
  22. 22. Kathothsava
  23. 23. International Collaborations
  24. 24. Our journey in milestones2012 Launched India’s first Diploma course in Storytelling Introduced Storytelling as Educational tool at Denmark, Norway, Germany &2011 Austria Organized Story wood, the first international festival at Sweden based on2010 Panchatantra Recognition by UNESCO as International coordinator2009 Started Consultation for story based curriculum for science and English2008 Introduced story telling as a Cultural tool at Sweden University Started Programs for Language and Literacy Development and Learning Centers for2007 Tribals2006 Introduced storytelling at University of Germany , Started Academy courses2005 Organized First story Festival in India, entered The Limca Book of Records2004 Inauguration of the Story Museum at Poland, Started Corporate Training Affiliation with international Storytellers USA (Jonesburg TN), Started workshops2003 for NGO’s2002 Cultural exchange programs with Japan, Singapore, South Africa2001 Started workshops for parents2000 Introduced international faculty from USA for teacher’s training in India1999 Started Story Labs for Rural Schools1998 Started Kathalaya trust with storytelling, teachers training and stories on wheels
  25. 25. Recognition & Acceptance
  26. 26. Our reward: happy children…
  27. 27. …and engaged teachers
  28. 28. Our story has just began