Quentin Leiper ICE Presidential Address 2006 Presentation
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Quentin Leiper ICE Presidential Address 2006 Presentation



Quentin Leiper\'s Presidential Address presentation

Quentin Leiper\'s Presidential Address presentation



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Quentin Leiper ICE Presidential Address 2006 Presentation Quentin Leiper ICE Presidential Address 2006 Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Makingtomorrowa better placeQuentin LeiperPresident ICE
  • Thomas TelfordThomas Telford 250
  • First engineering institutionThomas Telford 250
  • First engineering institution “for facilitating the acquirement of knowledge necessary in the civil engineering profession”Thomas Telford 250
  • Thomas Telford “The profession of civil engineer, is a subject which does not appear to have met with that attention in this country which its importance deserves.” Letter inviting Thomas Telford to take on the role of PresidentThomas Telford 250
  • Thomas Telford “…I am fully aware of the necessity of such an Institution. I approve of the laudable motives and meritorious exertions of the members… …sense of duty and gratitude induce me to accept the office until a fitter person can be selected.” Thomas Telford letter, ICEThomas Telford 250
  • Thomas TelfordThomas Telford 250
  • Thomas Telford Shrewsbury Castle © Mick Knapton, Shrewsbury Jail, ICE WikipediaThomas Telford 250
  • Thomas Telford St Mary MagdaleneThomas Telford 250
  • Thomas Telford Buildwas bridge plans Montford bridge plans Bewdley bridgeThomas Telford 250
  • Thomas Telford 1,000 bridges Over 400 miles of canals Over 1,500 miles of roads Over 30 churches Caledonian CanalThomas Telford 250
  • Thomas Telford Telford was the civil engineer of the dayThomas Telford 250
  • Telford’s legacy Innovative in design Prudent in use of materials Trained, mentored, developed and supervised othersThomas Telford 250
  • Telford Telford, UKThomas Telford 250
  • Telford’s legacy The value of engineering knowledge Delivering sustainable solutions Inspired, supported, mentored and developed the civil engineers of the futureThomas Telford 250
  • Telford Apprentices Joseph Roberts, Scott Wilson, ICE East Midlands Sally Walters, Pell Frischmann Consulting Engineers Ltd, ICE South West James Wallace, Carillion, ICE North West Patricia McElduff, NIHE, ICE Northern Ireland Alex Feretzakis, Halcrow-Yolles, ICE Scotland Trina de Silva, City of London, ICE London Katerina Fytopoulou, Parsons Brinckerhoff, ICE North East Paula Farshim, Hyder Consulting, ICE South East England Chris Jones, White Young Green, ICE Yorkshire & Humber Ben Maltby, White Young Green, West Midlands Timothy O’Brien, Mott McDonald, ICE Wales Katie Symons, Whitby Bird, ICE East of England ICE Australia – to be selected ICE New Zealand – to be selectedThomas Telford 250
  • Thomas Telford 250 celebrations Exhibitions Resources for schools Ambassadors Tours Conferences Lectures Dinners Plaques Publications Thomas Telford 250 © ICEThomas Telford 250
  • ICE total membership 1824 - 2005Thomas Telford 250
  • Spirit of Telford Award Demonstrating the value of engineering knowledge Delivery of sustainable solutions for the benefit of society and the planet Encouragement and development of civil engineers of the futurespirit of Telford
  • Spirit of Telford Award International expert on soil characterisation Introduced compensation grouting Major projects across five continents including Jamuna Bridge Ground breaking researchspirit of Telford
  • Professor David Hight Professor David Hightspirit of Telford
  • Spirit of Telford Award Intellect in engineering and Image of Spirit business of Telford Court of Bank of England and Chairman of Audit award needed Committee Led PFI projects and driven sustainability Chaired and led the Sustainability Procurement Task Forcespirit of Telford
  • Sir Neville Simms Sir Neville Simmsspirit of Telford
  • Spirit of Telford Award Responsible for training at McAlpines Mentored, enthused and developed engineers Motivatorspirit of Telford
  • Mike Mann Mike Mannspirit of Telford
  • Spirit of Telford Award Professor David Hight Sir Neville Simms Mike Mannspirit of Telford
  • Engineering knowledge Value of engineering knowledge to create civilisationengineering knowledge
  • Engineering knowledge Civil Engineers put ‘civil’ into ‘civilisation’ Gordon Mastertonengineering knowledge
  • Glasgow University First university to appoint a Professor in civil engineering Glasgow University © Glasgow Universityengineering knowledge
  • Regius Chair of Civil Engineering James Walker, ICE William McQuorn Rankine, ICEengineering knowledge
  • William McQuorn Rankine Rankine, ICEengineering knowledge
  • Rankine’s published papers Civil engineering Soil mechanics Elasticity Energy Thermodynamics Structures Ship propulsionengineering knowledge
  • Rankine’s publicationsengineering knowledge
  • Geotechnical engineering greats Bishop Terzaghi Casagrande Glossop Skempton Peckengineering knowledge
  • Hugh Sutherland Former Vice President, ICE Professor Hugh Sutherland, Former Vice President ICEengineering knowledge
  • Rankine lecture Most prestigious geotechnical lecture in the world Audience of 750 every year at Imperial College Published in Geotechniqueengineering knowledge
  • Rankine lecture Delivered by leading practitioner Seminal work with latest thinking Networking and learning eventengineering knowledge
  • Rankine lecturers Professor John Burland Dr Brian Simpson 1990 1992 Professor Peter Vaughan Dr David Hight 1994 1998 Professor David Potts Professor Robert Mair 2002 2006engineering knowledge
  • “It is the Telfords of today who will make tomorrow a better place” Professor Quentin Leiper, ICE Presidentengineering knowledge
  • Engineering knowledge is… crucial to the success of our profession crucial to the success of all our organisations crucial for the success of our societyengineering knowledge
  • Sustainability Use of knowledge and skills to influence and deliver the sustainability agendasustainability
  • Sustainability “Meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” Brundtlandsustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility equal opportunities health & safety compliance with laws & regulations behaviour beyond basic legal compliance responsible behaviour economic customer loyalty Corporate Social Responsibility social motivate staff environmental reputation with stakeholders The responsible organisation does three things: Recognise its Takes account of economic, Benefits by working in impact on society social & human rights impacts partnership with otherssustainability
  • “Situation normal” “Situation normal” is not an optionsustainability
  • Key impacts for industry and profession Sun III diagram © Carillionclimate change
  • Climate change “Climate change is the biggest global issue we face” Sir Nicholas Sternclimate change
  • Climate change What are we doing to reduce carbon emissions? What are we doing to understand our own carbon footprint or the carbon footprint for the projects we construct?climate change
  • Climate change Cut emissions by 60% by 2050 Engineers have a part to play – in design and in operations ‘How do you do it?’, poster © Carillionclimate change
  • Quick wins Reduce energy consumption in our offices Reduce energy consumption on our projects Reduce travelclimate change
  • “Better for the planet and better for our profitability” Professor Quentin Leiper, ICE Presidentclimate change
  • Building design - BedZED UK’s largest carbon neutral eco-community BedZED © BioRegionalclimate change
  • Energy use - Carillion 25% reduction in head office energy costs in two years £500k savings in car fleet costs CO2 savings in vehicle selection and reduced mileageclimate change
  • Health and safety The construction industry kills around 60 people per year in the UK Target Zero campaign © Carillionhealth and safety
  • Health and safety – what can we do? Commit to and achieve zero accidents Lead by example Improve employee involvement and engagement in health and safetyhealth and safety
  • Health and safety – best practice Health and Safety Excellence Model © Carillion Target Zero campaign © Carillionhealth and safety
  • Resource use From Carillion’s ‘Be the change’ poster campaignresource use
  • Resource use ”…the true cost of waste is generally around 15-20 times the disposal cost” “…average savings of 3% of build costs, or 20% of material on site, and these can be achieved without significant investment costs” Sustainability Forumresource use
  • John Radcliffe Hospital Eliminating waste in design and procurement 90% + of all waste is recycled Less than half a tonne of waste is taken to landfill a month John Radcliffe Hospital © Carillionresource use
  • Resource use “Massive savings in waste through efficient design, procurement and construction” Professor Quentin Leiper, ICE Presidentresource use
  • Greatest influence Asset as a profession Asset for our organisations Asset for our nationour people
  • Sustainability impact It is people who will design better build with less resources and develop communities reduce emissions and improve our safety performance help with disaster relief, support the needy and homeless and alleviate poverty protect and enhance our environment make the difference we want to see in the worldour people
  • Sustainability impact “Make tomorrow a better place and a viable place for our children and our grandchildren” Professor Quentin Leiper, ICE Presidentour people
  • Making something happen Motivate members, their organisations and their clientsmaking something happen
  • Sustainability Strategy Model step 4 step 3 step 2 step 1 Identify business & social benefit? Deliver your business objectives? Interrogated our key How do you manage them? performance indicators Interrogate your KPIs Looked at how we managed them Identified their business and social benefits Linked these with the delivery of our business objectives In Carillion…90 minutes x three people, then CEO, Exec, Chairman and Directors of HR, Communications and Strategy…their KPIs, links…their real understanding and buy in!making something happen
  • Sustainability Strategy Model ‘Procuring the Future’, Sustainable ‘Making you plans sustainable: A London Guide’, Mayor of London Development Task Forcemaking something happen
  • Sustainability Strategy Model Understand what we mean by sustainability Understand what we need to do Understand how we can do itmaking something happen
  • Sustainability models Sun I Sun II Sun III Strategy Model From policy to impacts..... to identifying focus areas….. and delivery through targets Ethics, fairness, try ZERO accidents and BITC approach incidents Athletes, public, Energised, competent residents and informed Measure value Regeneration and monitor risk and future proofed Energy design Considerate contractors, no noise, dust, pollution no emmision vehicles Biodiversity Action Plan, cycles and storage, air quality local, WT and WWF input Zero Waste, Resource Use Plans, in design and SPTF Excellence Model construction This will be achieved by respecting people, the community and the environment and by taking less resources and creating less waste Olympic Development Authority : Creating and delivering sustainable solutions and through openness, collaboration, mutual dependency, professional delivery and clear focus on sustainabile outcomes Action Plan Delivering Olympics Sustainability Toolkit History diagram Stakeholder Engagement Biodiversity Framework Community Engagement Delivery Framework Frameworkmaking something happen
  • Five steps to increase sustainability 1. Understand why we need to become more sustainable 2. Engender real ownership 3. Provide guidance 4. Show leadership to motivate others 5. Demonstrate and celebrate successmaking something happen
  • Peabody Trust “adopted sustainability as a central focus of its next annual plan and has developed a detailed sustainability strategy containing wide range and highly aspirational targets.” The Peabody Trustmaking something happen
  • The Peabody Trust – Sustainability strategy Reduce waste by 50% on sites, offices and estates Improve energy efficiency of stock by 20% Produce clean electricity for 700 homes Substitute cars by environmentally friendly vehicles Ecology plan to maximise plants and wildlife A social and economic plan for 40% of estates Community regeneration programme for up to 12,000 residents A rolling programme for investing in staffmaking something happen
  • “To make tomorrow a better place we must develop and enthuse young engineers about the sustainability agenda” Professor Quentin Leiper, ICE Presidentmaking something happen
  • A non engineering perspective How can civil engineers deliver the sustainability agenda?A non engineering perspective
  • Julia Cleverdon Inspire, innovate and lead by sharing learning and experience Impact on key social issues by engaging in collaborative action in areas of greatest need Integrate, manage and measure responsible Julia Cleverdon, leader of Business in the business in practice CommunityA non engineering perspective
  • Jonathon Porritt Accelerate changes everyone must make Jonathon Porritt, co-founder and director, Forum for the FutureA non engineering perspective
  • A non engineering perspective Creating and delivering the change you want to see in the world Julia Cleverdon, leader of Business in the Community Jonathon Porritt, co-founder and director, Forum for the FutureA non engineering perspective
  • Presidential team Adrian Long Doug Oakervee 2002-2003 2003-2004 Colin Clinton Gordon Masterton 2004-2005 2005-2006Presidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Quentin Leiper - President Promote the value of engineering knowledge Promote the sustainability agenda Engage with young civil engineersPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Future years David Orr, Senior Vice President Jean Venables, Vice President Paul Jowitt, Vice PresidentPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • David Orr Review business strategy Deliver vibrancy and sustainability Deliver what our members want Bring ICE closer to members around the world David Orr, Senior Vice PresidentPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Jean Venables Promoting new membership structure Promote ways to become professionally qualified High quality communication Build on the success of raising our profile and influence in the media and with government Jean Venables, Vice President Jean Venables, Vice PresidentPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Paul Jowitt International Development Policy Group Continue to deliver Brunel lecture - ‘Engineering Civilisation from the Shadows’ Paul Jowitt, Vice PresidentPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Scott Steedman Analysis of future engineering knowledge needs Scott Steedman, Vice PresidentPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • ICE five strands External Research Best practice Capacity building Networking and eventsPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Scott Steedman “to foster and promote the art and science of civil engineering” ICE’s charitable objectivePresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Scott Steedman Improve the quality, timeliness and impact of our outputs Improve access to the wealth of knowledge we have in the Institution for our members and our stakeholders And improve the accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of the Institution’s employees supporting the Learned SocietyPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Thomas Telford Ltd Thomas Telford Ltd ICE, One Great George StreetPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • David Hutchison Further efficiencies in operations David Hutchison, Chairman of the Finance CommitteePresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Peter Hansford Promoting new grades of membership across the engineering industry Attracting new engineers Peter Hansford, Vice PresidentPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Richard Coackley New international strategy Promote the Institution as a global qualifying body Richard Coackley, Vice PresidentPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • ICE employees Brian Murkin Hugh Ferguson Director Finance and Resources Deputy Director General Anne Moir Director Jon Pritchard Communications Director of Engineering Tom Foulkes and Marketing Policy and Innovation Director General Stuart Crichton Director UK, Regions and David Lloyd-Roach international Director MembershipPresidential team 2006 - 2007
  • Glasgow University University of Glasgow Professor Hugh Sutherland, Former Vice President ICEinfluencers
  • Fin Jardineinfluencers
  • Later influencers “The great and the good found time to talk and to answer questions” Professor Quentin Leiper, ICE Presidentinfluencers
  • Projects Thames Barrier Conwy Tunnel Medway Tunnel Key Sheet piling Alluvial soils fl ow er Riv Glacial clays B Alluvial soils Previous river f low N Previous river flow Scale (m) 0 50 100 150 200 250 sheet piling Pre-diversion river bank Barrage Site A Access Ramp -6 mOD -8 mOD South Island +5 mOD nnel ion cha Divers flow N River Scale (m) 0 20 40 60 80 100 M25 widening Birmingham Five Ways Tees Barrage GCHQ Nottingham Tram Copenhagen Metroinfluencers
  • Organisations CIRIA – Construction Industry Research and Information Association BITC – Business in the Community TNS - The Natural Step BSI – British Standards Institution CRASH – The Construction and Property Industry charity for the Homeless Ground Forum EPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council ISSMGE - International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineeringinfluencers
  • Family Dorothy Leiper L-R: John, Alice and Edward Leiperinfluencers
  • Conclusions Engineering knowledge Sustainability Civil engineers of the futuremaking tomorrow a better place
  • Conclusion Thomas Telford Spirit of Telford Award Telford Apprentices Engineering Knowledge Sustainabilitymaking tomorrow a better place
  • The challenges of today Civil engineers must use engineering knowledge to create the solutions that make tomorrow a better place Civil engineers must understand the sustainability agenda to make tomorrow a better place Civil engineers must persuade more young people to join the profession to ensure tomorrow is a better placemaking tomorrow a better place
  • Makingtomorrowa better placeQuentin LeiperPresident ICE