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  • 1. Indian wedding traditions Jekaterina Gortalova Julija Kekla 10-3 klass
  • 2. Bride and groom Highly exotic, intricate patterns decorating the bride’s hands and feet with henna is called mehandi. It is believedthat the deeper the color the stronger is her love for her husband.
  • 3. The groom will wear aDhoti, which is an unstitched garment, and a shirt. Onarrival at the brides house he will change into another similar outfit. He will coverhimself with a sheet and wear the topor (paper mache headdress).
  • 4. Baarat (Wedding Procession)Bride and groom arrives for the wedding along with his family and friends in a procession. They are then received by the brides family and friends. At the actual wedding ceremony the groom’s father and all other relatives are present. The groom’s mother does not attend.
  • 5. Gath Bandhan (Tying of the Nuptial Knot)The scarves placed around the bride and groom are tied together symbolizing their eternal bond. This signifies their pledge before God to love each other and remain faithful.
  • 6. Parental BlessingThe parents of the bride and groom give theirblessings to the couple. The couple touches the feet of their parents as a sign of respect.
  • 7. Satapadi (Seven Steps)This is the most important rite of the entire ceremony. • the first step to nourish each other • the second step to grow together in strength • the third step to preserve our wealth • the fourth step to share our joys and sorrows • the fifth step to care for our children • the sixth step to be together forever • the seventh step to remain lifelong friends
  • 8. Questions • How are exotic, intricate patterns decorating the bride’s hands and feet with henna called? • How many times does the brides change her outfit during the wedding? • The bride’s mother does not attend the wedding procession, does she?• What does it mean when the couple touches the feet of their parents? • How many steps does the couple do?
  • 9. Kasutatud materjalid• .htm• tradition/hindu/• indian-wedding-ceremony.html
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