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benefits of Hibiscus tea

benefits of Hibiscus tea



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Hibiscus tea presentation Hibiscus tea presentation Presentation Transcript

  • (CNN) -- Legendary R&B artist Luther Vandross, whose smooth, silky voice gave soul to songs about life, love and relationships, died Friday. He was 54 years old. © 2013 Sony Music Entertainment. The popular crooner suffered a debilitating stroke in April 2003. He suffered from hypertension and diabetes, which killed two siblings and his father, but refused to slow down until his stroke two years ago. This is such a shattering headline that continually haunts many people.
  • We can control the risks of heart attack and stroke by a simple change of what we drink every day. Blood pressure is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases that cause stroke and heart attack. According to a recent research on Web MD drinking three cups of Hibiscus tea will lower High blood pressure.
  • A habit developed to substitute all the other unhealthy drinks and instead take Hibiscus tea will also eliminate the intake of sugar which is dangerous to a healthy heart and body.
  • I work in a hospital and it is so heartbreaking to know that the greatest number of patients admitted daily suffers from either heart attack or stroke.
  • Young lives have been lost, people devastated and changed permanently by the effects of these nightmares. I conducted this research after successfully receiving testimonies from people who were healed by a change of lifestyle.
  • I will share the wonders of Hibiscus tea and other benefits to the human body and why everybody should start taking it immediately. Knowledge is power. I am now sharing with you power to control your own health and help others who are battling with the same.
  • We are a generation that eats unhealthy foods, work out less and wish for healthy body. Most of the foods we take have more amount of salt, sugar, fat which are very dangerous to a sufficient fettle beating heart and body. There is a call on all media, nutritionist, doctors and life for people to change their lifestyles and embrace eating healthy foods to avoid the risks of being overweight a condition that threatens the entire function of the body. I can confess that we are used to eating what our mouth wants and not what the body needs. In that respect we end up stuffing the body with superfluous junk food which makes us vulnerable to health risk and diseases. Not everyone wants to take even ten minutes to do simple walkouts to inhale fresh air to the lungs, yet the body desires a careful treatment. Soft drinks, caffeine filled drinks are on shelves for sale and not promoting good health
  • According to Web MD replacing our mugs with three cups of hibiscus tea will not only lower high blood pressure but help people to health again.
  • Diane L. McKay, PHD of Tufts University School of Nutrition showed in a recent research conducted in Boston that three cups of Hibiscus tea lowered the systolic blood pressure by an average of 7 points. Saying while a 7 point drop in blood pressure might not seem like much, studies showed that even a small change in blood pressure when maintained over time will reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • The study showed that People with the highest blood pressure at the start of the six-week study benefited the most. McKay presented the study of 65 healthy men and women with modestly elevated blood pressure at the American Heart Association (AHA) meeting. Significantly there was more than the 1-point drop observed in people who were given a placebo in the form of hibiscus-flavored water, McKay says.
  • People may say they are now eating healthy organic foods. I agree but we still take soft drinks, we still use sugar, salt and fat in excessive and deny our body’s regular needed exercise.
  • It is not about blaming ourselves but embracing something worthy to give us less worries and peace now that we know.
  • The drink is made from dried flowers and fruit of the Hibiscus sabdariffa plant that is common in the tropics and available in stores all over the world.
  • How to prepare Boil hot water Add one tea bag of hibiscus tea Add honey to taste( Sugar is not recommended because it is not healthy) You can either take it hot or cold. Enjoy the drink it can be taken hot or cold
  • WebMD
  • A cup full of Hibiscus tea is equal to a lean healthy body. These are the wonder healthy benefits of Hibiscus tea Lowers High blood Pressure Lowers Cholesterol Boosts Immune System-it is full of vitamin C and free-radical fighting antioxidants Fights the Effects of Aging May Aide in Weight Loss Acts as a Natural Body Coolant Reduces the Effects Eye Strain May Prevent Stomach Cancer Detoxifies the Body It is worth trying to see and enjoy the benefits, most people I share with now look for me for more details and just to tell me for once their body feels okay, according to the recent visit to their doctors. This is one of the drinks that can be carried anywhere and taken before and after meals.
  • I have shared very important and jealously guarded information about how we can change our life with a cup of a simple Hibiscus tea. It is my humble appeal for each one of you to pass by the store and grab the hibiscus tea now, and share this information for anyone out there who is in need. Knowledge is power; simple instructions followed bring great change. Say goodbye to heart attack, stroke and blood pressure
  • CITATION: Brooke Anderson and Todd Leopold CNN. Saturday, July 2, 2005 – Web MD Nov 10, 2008 Diane L. McKay, PHD, Nov 10, 2008 National Geographic,Sept 2011