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Keyword Research ProSEO Boston - Kate Morris


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  • 1. Keyword Research
    Taking it to the Next Level
    Kate Morris
  • 2. KWR is Sexy Too …
    And impacts your goals!
  • 3. Tools
  • 4. Check the Diigo link for updates
  • 5. Social Media
  • 6. Understand the Buzz for Social Search
  • 7. Capture the Top Trends
  • 8. Write the Content and Link
    Use the keyword ;)
  • 9. External Marketing
  • 10. Email is not Dead.
    of Holiday Shoppers chose an online retailer
    because of an email
    of retailers were chosen because of Social Media
    What Marketing Channel influenced your
    search-to-sales last year?
  • 11. Influence Using External Campaigns
    Special K did it using Television
    Rand said this too!
  • 12. Just Ask Them
  • 13. Competitive Research
  • 14. Investigate but don’t copy mistakes
    There is a fine line, but knowledge is power.
    Justin talked about this yesterday
  • 15. Scrape for Optimized Places
    The key is to focus on what sites use to optimize the page.
    Title Tag
    Alt Tags
    H Tags
  • 16. Site Navigation
  • 17. Choices, Choices, Choices
    1 2 3 4
  • 18. First, faceted navigation, do what?
    Put simply, it allows people to search for a product with filters
    Because we all hate falling in love with a dress to find out it’s not in our size, right?
  • 19. How Low Do You Go?
    Remember that for the best indexation, you have to focus on the most important pages
    But what variations do you index?
    Not always necessary to index
    Best Practice:
    Staying within three levels if possible
  • 20. Images Site
  • 21. Check Out your Top Pages (you’ll need to filter)
    Getting a feel for your top content getting traffic.
    Sorry, can’t give the whole cow away.
    Ducks are better anyway.
  • 22. Compare that with Internal Site Search
    This will give you a look at what people can’t find.
    Focus on those top searches that do not have a specific focus page.
    Then check those for traffic and if your competitors have those pages.
  • 23. They Listened …
  • 24. Example: Nordstrom
    Jackets -
    Sleepwear -
    Size 9m - (canonical)
    Black - (canonical)
    Occasion Dresswear -
    Notice the use of keywords (sometimes different than title) and only the main variations are indexed
  • 25. Use the Google Keyword Tool to scrape the page or just take a glance
    The top results might be too generic, use your instincts to identify the best target with the most traffic.
  • 26. Boys shirts
    Girls dresses
  • 27. Recommendation: Special Occasion
  • 28. And make a Christening and Baptism Gowns page
    What is ranking right now is just one product, and products go away.
    That’s position 22 … no bueno.
  • 29. Content
  • 30. You read my posts right? … Right?
  • 31. Content Shortcomings
    Hey, watch the short jokes …
  • 32. Finding the Needle in the Long Tail Haystack
    The post that just keeps on giving.
  • 33. Excel for SEOs
    Two Months Live
    • Top Content on Distilled
    • 34. Almost 25k Unique Views
    • 35. 8 Minutes Avg. Time on Page
    • 36. 913+ Tweets, 118 Likes
  • How Do You Find These Topics?
  • 37. Bright Edge SEO X-Ray Keyword Opportunity Analysis
    This is a list of keywords your competitors are ranking for but you are not.
  • 38. SpyFuKombat
    Cheaper version
    Also available for PPC terms (those help as well!)
  • 39. $$$$
  • 40. Download Use eHow
    The Answer is 25
  • 41. Let eHow do the leg work for you …
    This can be applied to any content specialist site.
  • 42. Google Docs are Awesome
    Shout out to Ben and Tom!
    Please make your own copy before playing.
  • 43. =CONCATENATE("",$A$1,"")
  • 44. =importxml(A2,"//span[@class='name Heading5']")
  • 45. Using the logic that they have done the research already!
    This isn’t perfect but can give you ideas for a direction.
  • 46. Example: Hot Sauce
    Because some like it hot …
    Remember to sign in to Google or the script won’t work.
  • 47. Don’t copy the content, rewrite, make it better
    Get the traffic that your competitors are paying for
  • 48. What about Distilled?
    Ummm…. cough … Keyword Research?
    • How to Conduct an Effective Keyword Research Campaign
    • 49.
    • 50. How to Use Google AdWordsfor SEO Keyword Research
    • 51.
    • 52. How to Do Free Keyword Research For Articles
    • 53.
    • 54. How to Do Great Keyword Research For FREE - Tips For Newbies ...
    • 55.
  • Get the Focus of Each Article with Google Keyword Tool
    Pay attention to use exact match, check country, and input the website URL
    Don’t go for head terms, we are focusing on long tail
    • effective keyword research
    • 56. google keyword research
    • 57. keyword research free
    • 58. free keyword research tool
  • Develop New Post Ideas or Edit Old Ones
    We didn’t rank for any of those terms …
    effective keyword research
    Effective Keyword Research: The Foundational Key
    google keyword research
    Is Using Google for Keyword Research the Only Way?
    keyword research free
    Is Keyword Research Ever Really Free?
    free keyword research tool
    Doing Keyword Research for Free: The Tools and Methods
    When using keyword research tools to write, always look at the intent of the keyword.
  • 59. Taking Keyword Research Home …
    Capture the RSS Feed of Google Trends. Use the feed to write one post a month.
    Use an external campaign to drive searches, own your niche.
    Investigate your competitors for keyword ideas.
    Check keyword use for your top category page.
    Develop one new blog idea from eHow.
  • 60. Kate Morris
    Now to the firing squad …Got questions? Go!