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Content Generation - Marketing Festival
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Content Generation - Marketing Festival


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A look at how to come up with great content ideas based on company, campaign, and website goals - find the right personas - and then measure the success of that content.

A look at how to come up with great content ideas based on company, campaign, and website goals - find the right personas - and then measure the success of that content.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Content is King @katemorris
  • 2. The King’s Subjects are Demanding @katemorris
  • 3. @katemorris
  • 4. @katemorris
  • 5. Developing Real Business Content Because we can’t all be Coca-Cola brought to you by… @katemorris
  • 6. Kate Morris Principal Consultant @katemorris @katemorris
  • 7. I’ve worked with over 40 clients. @katemorris
  • 8. What is Content? We are not just talking text. @katemorris
  • 9. Text Content Static – Comments – Blog Posts – Reviews – Product Descriptions @katemorris
  • 10. Images @katemorris
  • 11. Video @katemorris
  • 12. Sound @katemorris
  • 13. Why Content? (What do I get from it spending my time and resources on content development?) @katemorris
  • 14. Traffic #1 253% Increase in Traffic @katemorris
  • 15. Social #2 1.75 million Facebook Likes @katemorris
  • 16. Conversions #3 47% Increase in Conversions @katemorris
  • 17. Trust/Brand #4 Client Competitor Head Term @katemorris
  • 18. But … @katemorris
  • 19. I have a boring industry/product/company. @katemorris
  • 20. I don’t know what to write! @katemorris
  • 21. Everything has been said/done. @katemorris
  • 22. It’s too much WORK! @katemorris
  • 23. Getting Past Writer’s Block Step Away. There are no boring industries. Ask your target market. Running a successful business is hard work. Say it again, but better. @katemorris
  • 24. Developing Content Ideas @katemorris
  • 25. #1 Define Your Audience @katemorris
  • 26. Personas #1 OR @katemorris
  • 27. Example #1 The Independent They are their own boss and help small businesses make it in the big bad world. They create business cards, logos, and pens for realtors. Their home is their office, their pets or children are their co-workers. Inspiration is almost easy but resources are not. Time is seemingly available but in short supply due to the nature of running their business. @katemorris Example Customer Donna Camacho
  • 28. Know them all, focus on one at a time. @katemorris
  • 29. #2 Define Your Goals No, really, this helps immensely with content. @katemorris
  • 30. Goals #2 Company | Campaign | Website $1 million in revenue by 2015 Be the best place for the best people to work Sell the technology/idea in 3 years @katemorris
  • 31. Goals #2 Company | Campaign | Website Sell 100,000 units in the first year. Get coverage in 5 publications. Get 10,000 likes on Facebook. @katemorris
  • 32. Goals #2 Company | Campaign | Website Increase visits by 50% over last year. Decrease overall site bounce rate by 10%. Increase the conversion rate by 5% site wide. @katemorris
  • 33. Example #2 Company: Grow global ** business to 100M users Campaign: Drive brand and product awareness on the web. Website: Increase raw organic search visits by 25% YOY **edited to protect the business identity @katemorris
  • 34. #3 Brainstorming @katemorris
  • 35. “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” John Steinbeck (1902-1968) @katemorris
  • 36. Write Everything Down. Everything. @katemorris
  • 37. Talk to others, you won’t come up with ideas on your own. @katemorris
  • 38. #4 Filtering @katemorris
  • 39. Filtering #4 Adria Saracino @adriasaracino @katemorris
  • 40. #5 Supporting Information @katemorris
  • 41. Check out your competitors and do better, or not at all. @katemorris
  • 42. Competitors #5 Social Advertising Links Press Releases Partnerships Users @katemorris
  • 43. Find Your Own Databases, Survey, Testing, Interviews @katemorris
  • 44. Measure Success @katemorris
  • 45. Measure Start with your goals. @katemorris
  • 46. Do Things that Impact Your Goals First @katemorris
  • 47. Measure Not all content is measured the same. @katemorris
  • 48. Measure Content Type Key Metrics Product/Service Pages Conversions, Visits, Bounce Rate Blog Posts Comments, Shares, Visits Other Resources (Case Studies, Reports) Links, Visits, Shares, Downloads Videos Plays, Shares, Embeds Webinars Attendees, Downloads, Views, Shares Press Releases Total Clips (stories), Visits from stories Images Shares, Bounce Rate Job Pages Visits, Conversion (applications) About Company Visits, Conversion (contact form) Contest Pages Conversions (Sign up, Sales, Coupon Use) @katemorris
  • 49. Thank You Questions? @katemorris