Democratic citizenship


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Democratic citizenship

  1. 1. Democratic Citizenship Kaitlyn McClaflin
  2. 2. What Does it Mean to Live In aDemocracy? Definition of a democracy: government by the people, rule of the majority
  3. 3. What Does it Mean to Live in aDemocracy? Our country is a democracy. That means it is run by the people for the people. Citizens in our democracy have rights  Right to speak freely  Right to practice our religion  Right to vote Citizens in a democracy also have responsibilities  Choose our leaders  Keep informed about what is going on with our government  Help make their community a good place to live A democracy needs active citizens in order to work.
  4. 4. Reinventing Democracy- Shift ofPower from Corporations andGovernment to OrdinaryAmericansVoter Initiative: Problem: Citizens have few opportunities to take the idea of bring issues to public attention Solution: Citizens may enact or reject laws directly through the voting booth rather than through the voting booth rather than through elected officials How this works: Citizens gather a specified number of signatures on a petition. An initiative then appears on the ballot, and is enacted or rejected by popular vote. Why this is a good idea: Citizens can propose new laws, state constitutional amendments, or city or county charter amendments.
  5. 5. Reinventing Democracy- Shift ofPower from Corporations andGovernment to OrdinaryAmericansReclaim the Public Airwaves: Problem: Private broadcasters control what is the public owns. In return for free licenses to use taxpayer property broadcasters give us a steady stream of increasingly coarse, redundant, superficial programming and exclusively decide who says what on our public airwaves. Solution: Congress should create a new broadcast vehicle, a national, non profit, nonpartisan membership organization, Audience Network would be granted one hour of prime time television and one hour of drive time radio on every commercial channel each day How this works: It would function as a separate licensee, airing diverse programming shaped by the membership, which would be open to all citizens over age sixteen for a nominal fee. Why this is a good: This would redress the long standing disenfranchisement that millions of viewers and listeners have suffered under the current authoritarian government.
  6. 6. What is Your Role as a Citizen? Definition of a citizen: a person owning loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation Patriotic Children Citizen Action
  7. 7. Patriotic Definition of patriotic: feeling, expressing or inspiring by love for one’s nation• Need to know the great cause of American and why this country is worth fighting for• Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.• Progress of this country is a result of what citizens have done when gotten together and have created a social movement
  8. 8. Children The right of children to participate in society including the right to education, to diverse sources of information, and the freedoms to associate, assemble and to express opinions. Children as activists  The lives of the young people who participate in these events were changed forever  Every child is entitled to participate in making their world a better place to live
  9. 9. Citizen Action In all that is happening in the world today- how involved should citizens be in trying to actively make a change? Everyone’s voice matters If we all work together on a certain issue we can make a difference Good citizens obey laws and vote at election times  What people do between elections is what decides weather elections are meaningful.
  10. 10. Sources Democratic Revolution in an Age of Autocracy Civics Education: Patriotism or Skeptism? Children: Toward Their Civic Skills and Civic Involvement Introduction to A Public Citizen’s Action Manual