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  • 1. My new room.
    By Kate Cyrus
  • 2. I am 13, and I want a more adulterated room with furniture that can last forever.
    When I was 9, you allowed me to purchase large, bulky wood furniture. The access to my room in the new house is now smaller, and I am craving more space!!!
    I am now searching for a new headboard, and a desk.
    First the Schematics
  • 3. The Budget is $330.
  • 4. Furniture fitting well with space
    My problem with the old furniture is that it takes up my whole room! I want sleek, new furniture that can complement the color of the walls, grey. The graph shows the percentages of space with the new, and old furniture.
    New is good with house.
    Old is good with Apartment.
  • 5. In conclusion to receiving my new furniture, I would like a headboard. The headboard I want is at Target. For $101. It is sleek, silver and metal. The next slide shows a picture.
    The headboard
  • 6.
  • 7. This does only come with the headboard, so I will have my share of foot room. I have heard that it is unreasonably fit for my bed.
    Budget: $330-110=
  • 8. All I needed for my room, but I have chanced upon an opportunity of a 3 piece office set! With desk, bookcase, and storage cabinet. They may seem small, but all of my things I have fit in my closet as of now, so I do not necessarily need the extra space, but it is nice. It is a black, wood finish and is SUPER stylish. There is a picture on the next slide.
    The Next item is the desk
  • 9.
  • 10. As you can see, this is a beautiful furniture set, and is deeply wanted.
    Budget 220-75=
  • 11. Now you may ask yourself, what will she do with this extra cash? Well, I have 2 things in mind… A desk organizer, to keep me clean. And a PRETTY ORANGE YOGA MAT!!!!!! The total of those together comes to
    Organizer= $20
    Yoga Mat = $20
    Total = $40
  • 12. Budget= 145- 40
    + All tax ~ $50
  • 13. And I still have money left over!
    Thanks for watching!
    Bye! <3