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How Do We Manage Multiple Online Profiles
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How Do We Manage Multiple Online Profiles


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Published in: Design, Career

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  • 1. How do we manage multiple online profiles? Kate Ho @kateho /
  • 2. This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while ... But still not quite figured out
  • 3. But before we start ...
  • 4. What you should do: Interactive talk – i.e. shout out, or post on twitter Purpose: Looking for ideas and start a discussion Just to differentiate, I’m talking about Personal rather than Business
  • 5. Social Networks are amazing
  • 6. They allow us to share links, give our opinions, connect with people that we do know and we don’t know
  • 7. So whats the problem?
  • 8. Multiple Social Networks Lots of social networks:
  • 9. Problem 1: There are different etiquettes associated with different networks
  • 10. IMO: Twitter expects more updates than facebook statuses
  • 11. Problem 2: They serve different audiences
  • 12. Serve different Audiences Blogs Twitter Youtube Linked In Facebook Public Broadcast/ “Friends” and Business and Friends Public Public Professional Public Private Open networks Closed networks
  • 13. LOSE WIN! LOSE Intended Audience != Intended Audience == Actual Audience Actual Audience
  • 14. Problem 3: They serve different purposes
  • 15. Facebook/ Twitter Linked In Youtube Blogs Bebo Sharing with Short Providing an Sharing video Long(ish) friends comments Online CV content pieces of (providing prose valuable links / content, brief A form of news journalism broadcasts)
  • 16. This is an increasing problem ... Especially in the Future
  • 17. For example: Opinions change Your opinions when you were 13 will be different from when you are 23 ... Or 33 ... Or 43 ....
  • 18. So the big question is
  • 19. How do we manage multiple online profiles?
  • 20. What are the solutions?
  • 21. Solution 1: In your head and be Disciplined
  • 22. Step 1. Make Coffee Step 2. Sit down and write down the social networks you’re in Step 3. Set down some rules about what you want to do, where Step 4. Publish your rules and Stick to it
  • 23. But thats hard work
  • 24. Solution 2: Social Aggregators
  • 25. 3 types of Aggregators
  • 26. 1. Force you to have a unified profile and push that out
  • 27. Facebook Bebo YOU Twitter
  • 28. 2. Collating content that you have on the different profiles
  • 29. 3. Helps you keep track of your friends (Friend Feed)
  • 30. But I’m still not satisfied by this
  • 31. And I think we can do better
  • 32. How?
  • 33. Want to design a better social network aggregator
  • 34. What would the feature list include?
  • 35. Some ideas ...
  • 36. Grouping similar tasks Sharing items on similar platforms (e.g. photos on Facebook and Bebo) But excluding others
  • 37. Having multiple updates Fast moving (Twitter), slower moving ones (Facebook)
  • 38. Group Social Networks by similar functions Linkedin for Business, Bebo for Personal
  • 39. Any more?