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Computer melody francisco

  1. 1. Melody C. Francisco
  2. 2. Introduction to Blogging There’s an online phenomeno’77’n that has grown in popularity in the past decade that seemed to herald a shift on online communications. This has changed the way peoplee interact with each other on almost any topic under the sun. Blogging is an innovative way of using an old ( called “journal-keeping”) to meet the present needs of people.
  3. 3. According to blogger>com(2003), “ a blog is apersonal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space.A political soapbox. A breaking news outlet. Acollection of links. Your private thoughts. Memos tothe world.” The many uses of blogging paved theway for people to participate more thus formingmany online communities around the world.
  4. 4. In the Philippines, collaborations among Filipinobloggers established local blogging infrastructures.Three bloggers, Abe Olandres, JayveeFernandez, and Gail Villanueva conceptualized thePhilippine Blog Awards. This project aimed torecognize notable Filipino owned blogs. With thehelp of significant support from thevolunteers, Philippine Blogging Communitymembers and sponsors, the Philippine Blog Awardscame to be and in March 31, 2007, the 1st PhilippineBlog Awards was held at the RCBC Theater, RCBCTower, Makati City with over 200 bloggers andparticipants attending the awards night.
  5. 5. This lesson introduces the stuident to theconcept of blogging, familiarizing them with itstools, guides them to some of itsapplications, and enhances their skillsindeveloping good blog contents. It also makes thetrainees aware of the blogging communitiesavailable to them for collabaration and growth.
  6. 6. THANK YOU !!!!!!!
  7. 7. BLOGGING BENEFITS Different people blog foe different reasons. In the sameway, different people benefit in different ways and levels from it.Haque ( 2011 ) has identified 21 Key Benefits for blogging:1. It refines your writing skills.2. It increases your knowledge base.3. It makes you a better researcher.4. It earns you name.5. It connects you with potential bloggers.6. It motivates you.7. It earns you income.8. It is a powerful tool for real-time discussions.9. It generates back-links.10.It boosts traffic.
  8. 8. 11.It is a low cost marketing device.12.It offers ease of web publishing.13.It is the best CMS.14.It helps you manage your online reputation.15.It keeps you ahead of you competition .16.It is a great tool for relational marketing.17.It is a great social marketing device.18.It gets you media and PR connections.19.It helps you venture beyond your means.20.It helps you aggregate your work.21.It connects you with professionals.
  9. 9. SOMETHINGS YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR BLOG Create Post/s for a specific audience. Create Polls for your class. Create Lessons In Powerpoint and Upload them on yourblog. Create tutorial/s using different tools. MS Powerpoint Wink Mouse Mischief Power Point to video converter Xilisoft
  10. 10. THE END!!!THANK YOU!!!!