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  • Story behind SE?
  • SE Home page
  • Customer svc page How to guides Open up the page and have a look
  • Small one-man-band. Lots of content, 1000’s of views
  • Embedded YT video on to their homepage. Cleverly made film which was inexpensive to have made. Watch video
  • Good fun videos. I want to be Jimmy, he’s a bit of a dude.
  • 50% spend increase with embedded video on their website
  • Brad or Angelina? Neither actually...
  • Add pics on next few slides
  • Take our spotlights and reflectors (under my desk)
  • Timings? Locations?
  • 2nd largest search engine around. Cats or quantum physics... it’s all there.
  • YouTube selects the most popular video and shows it here.
  • Faster way to find content in certain categories.
  • These are channels that you have subscribed to. You’ll get regular updates from YT via email letting you know if there is any new content for you to view.
  • Select the file from your computer (like attaching a file to an email) and the upload will begin automatically.
  • Give it a good, catchy title (SEO friendly) Description of what takes place in the film Tags will add categories for your film to group them together and make them more easily found. Choose to auto share (FB & TW)
  • Suggested edits. Experiment with these, sometimes good, sometimes not so good.
  • Complete
  • Take a look at the advanced settings, it gives you a greater amount of control over what you and others can do on your channel.
  • Uploaded now, time to add the final touches. (again, it’s warning me about it being shaky!)
  • Enhancements. Relatively new effects (Similar to uploads via Instagram, Twitter & Facebook mobile)
  • Annotations, add text during the video (can be distracting but at the same time, useful)
  • Features: Take a look around this section to make sure you’re being good and behaving yourself. Monetisation (with ads) of your channel.
  • Advanced but adding branding can work to raise awareness
  • Analytics. Study what works and doesn’t work and repeat the good stuff.
  • Bottom half of the previous slide
  • Limited amount of editing on YT but worth investigating. Link videos together, add photos, music, transitions and text.
  • All clips added to playline, with transitions shows. Text at the beginning and end too. Opportunity to add music here also. Sony Vegas Window live movie maker iMovie (mac) - Final cut
  • Choice of ‘free’ music is limited but vital if you don’t want to break copyright laws.
  • Adding text. Various places it will appear and flow in/out.
  • Log-in to your accounts we’ve set
  • Set up the custom name of your channel just here
  • Initially, your channel will look like this. Add ‘channel art’ or a cover image, list out some favourites (if you want to), follow some channels and see what they do.
  • Really easy to add this.
  • Set up your mobile phone so you can simply upload a video straight to YT without having to download it on to your computer first. Quite fast actually.
  • Add sharing channels on social media. It is automatically connected up to Google plus, which has a massive potential audience (400,000,000 + accounts) but FB & TW are hugely important.


  • 1. 1Getting to grips with YouTube
  • 2. 2Why Video?2
  • 3. 3YouTube• Engaging• 2nd biggest search engine• 1 billion views a month• 6 billion hours watched a month• 50% increase year-on-year3
  • 4. 4For Business• Customer Engagement• SEO• Visual4
  • 5. 5Case Studies5
  • 6. 66200,000 subscribers48,000,000 views
  • 7. 77
  • 8. 88Sitting Spiritually
  • 9. 99Embedded Video
  • 10. 1010Jimmy’s Iced Coffee
  • 11. 1111M&S
  • 12. 1212
  • 13. 1313What makes a good video?
  • 14. 1414Top 5 Tips1) ComfortDiscomfort in front of the camera translates loud and clear. Relax and enjoy it. Be authentic.2) Video LengthKeep your content as tight as possible. 90 seconds is ideal.3) ScriptHave a prepared, rehearsed script. Take the time to write a script and record yourself delivering thewords.4) FocusHold viewers attention by producing a focused, naturally flowing video. If appropriate, make it amusing.5) LightingMake sure your subject is lit properly, it can make all the difference
  • 15. 15151) Poor AudioViewers need to hear your video in order to benefit from it. Audio quality is a common technical challenge.Distorted audio can have a dire impact on your finished video.2) Slow StartGrab attention right off the bat. Viewers wont tolerate a sluggish beginning for more than a few seconds.3) Hard SellingUse your video to pre-sell but avoid blatant, "in-your-face" sales pitches.4) Too Much TextVideo is a visual medium, so dont make us read too much. Text is rarely a good idea, except for very specialreasons and only in selected spots.5) Ineffective TitlesYour title is your "grabber." Make it snappy, sharp, and relevant. Get the click through to your video.5 Top Mistakes
  • 16. 16Equipment16CameraLightingMicrophoneTripod
  • 17. 17Camera• Video camera• smartphone• Camera (digital)• Flip camera• Any others?17
  • 18. 1818
  • 19. 19Lighting• Small lights• Reflectors• Natural light• What works best for you19
  • 20. 2020
  • 21. 21Microphone• Device’s microphone• handheld21
  • 22. 2222
  • 23. 23Tripod• Professional• Small• Flexible23
  • 24. 2424
  • 25. 25Coffee?25
  • 26. 26Planning• Produce a ‘Storyboard’26
  • 27. 2727
  • 28. 2828Exercise time
  • 29. 2929• Pair off• Video interviews• 2 or 3 takes
  • 30. 30Lunch30
  • 31. 3131• Vine• iMovie phone app• YouTube Capture
  • 32. 32The Anatomy of32
  • 33. 33Search
  • 34. 3434Top Rated
  • 35. 3535Category channels
  • 36. 3636Channels it thinks you might like
  • 37. 3737Your channels
  • 38. 3838News
  • 39. 3939Begin to upload
  • 40. 4040
  • 41. 4141
  • 42. 4242
  • 43. 4343
  • 44. 44
  • 45. 4545
  • 46. 4646EnhancementsInfo & Settings AudioAnnotationsCaptions
  • 47. 4747
  • 48. 4848
  • 49. 4949
  • 50. 5050
  • 51. 5151
  • 52. 5252
  • 53. 53Editor53
  • 54. 5454
  • 55. 5555
  • 56. 5656
  • 57. 5757
  • 58. 5858Text
  • 59. 5959Your turn
  • 60. 60Setting up your channel60
  • 61. 61
  • 62. 62
  • 63. 63
  • 64. 64Mobile Upload
  • 65. 65